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 People pleeeeaaasee!!!! There must be a help!!!?
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i'm ...

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infringed upon you as a person?
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 Sometiems at night my mom farts on me?
how do i stop it shes eats too many borritots
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 I cut myself last night!!?
im 16 and have known so many people who have inflicted pain upon themselves to "heal" emotional wounds. my father committed suicide when i was 8, we have struggled with money problems, i am ...

 Do colours affect your mood?
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Craig C
Why are women so nuts, and dramatic?
I was just watching Any Which Way But Loose when Beverly D'Angelo almost shoots Clyde the Orangutan because she got scared. The average man wouldnt be crazy enough to do this, but the average woman might. They just make a small problem into a big problem.
Additional Details
I am just using this movie scene as an example.

tree hugger
we women tend to get moody because we get periods.

HORMONES!! We, women can get really excited over little things and some men are very glad we do.

its the men in their lives!

Why are men so clueless and stupid?

Shannon T
Because we are...

Mini Cheeze
Girls aren't crazy and nuts, we're just emotinal and like drama. Some more than others, it'd be better if girls could be way more laid back....

Cheri B
It's our perrogative... and you're lucky I didn't answer you while I'm pms-ing.

guess what?
thanks 4 the 2 points

one word they are WOMEN lol

it's called exagerrating for comic effect. people (both men and women) act like buffoons in movies to get cheap laughs. why would you ascribe a broad generalization to half the population based on the actions of a movie character? that'd be like assuming all men are idiots based on an Adam Sandler flick!

brunnette advise
excuse me, but is that not the typical guy thing to say. Some advise think before you talk to a girl. Just trying to help buddy.

Paul Lee
Well remember that's a movie, not real life.

But everyone knows they are more emotional than men by instinct.

because we have weaker feelings than men do

Mad Roy
I don't really think you should paint all women with the same broad and unflattering brush based on one scene from a Hollywood comedy. Some women (and a lot of guys I know) are nuts and dramatic, but the majority seem to have their acts pretty well together most of the time. I might tend to freak a little myself if I found myself confronted by a 300 pound orangutan!

Someone has to have the nuts around here...

You cant tell me anyone is actually interested in what you just said! watch hollyoaks ! oh the drama!

Women seem more emotional because they're expected to be. Men are expected to be the opposite. That's why you see a lot more women acting out and going 'nuts' and being dramatic. So, a women might be more likely to shoot an orangutan, but a man would be more likely to shoot another man, so who's worse off really.
They also say women attempt suicide more often, but guess who succeeds most of the time? The men.

For 2 reasons, it is the small things that are the big things,, lol

and 2nd, we are sick of dealing with idiots who don't get the first points


hormones sweetie,

I'm a chic & I hate drama.

report me
you watch too many movies bro...

Do you not realise.....its only pretend.......its a bloody film......

its like the films with male heroes in them..phooey and balderdash........like to see them do that in real life.......not all women are nuts.its just an act we put on to enable men to feel better.......lol

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