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Any answers will be of great help.
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with an ssri of ...

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it freaky!!!!...

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also, i'd appreciate it if I'd get more answers to this question

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 I've just thrown my Sky remote control at the wall and I'm well fuct off. I'm ready to explode...

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someone talk me down or i'm gonna flip my fooking ...

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 I will commit suicide next week?
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please tell me the best way to suicide painless!...

 Why is life so f***ing crap?
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Why are people really afraid to die? i mean really?
we are all going to die one day, why being scared if it's going to happen anyway i don't get it, i know that death is inevitable but why be scared, when you grow up your going to die anyway
there's no stopping it i need an answer please!!!! thank you

Fear of the unknown. Lots of people believe in heaven and hell, although we have absolutly nothing to point us to this conclusion, people are still superstitios. Plus every person is the centre of their own world, the thought of themselves dying without leaving an imprint is terrible for their egos, so we invent an afterlife, not being able to bear the thought that maybe one day we won't be around in any form. But living forever? Isn't that also a scary thought? An eternity of existance? xx

most people are afraid be cause they dont know when how or why is going to happen.

It's probably because they think that death denotes the end of life and existence. To them, death is a sign of finality.

because it's a mystery...and for what could happen to them after death like going to heaven or hell

I'm not afraid to die at all, I know I'll be in a better place...I'm afraid of leaving my family and friends behind.

Because of the unknown. There is no way to truly know what happens when you die. Maybe your soul moves on to a new body (reincarnation), you go to heaven or hell, or you just cease to exist. Whatever it is, no one knows, and that in itself is scary enough.

I will say is more of the fear of how would I die, and how long and pain full could be. And to leave those you care the most behind and not knowing what happens to you next? Having that human doubt of what if there is nothing more? like so many believe. As a parent, I am always afraid of living my little ones behind so soon. And so... I pray.

Mighty C
We are pre-programmed to survive.

Death goes against that program.

Tamara J
I'm not scared to die, I just don't want to die right now. In fact I never want to die, even if I'm old and suffering. I just want to live forever and have it all be good forever even though I know that's not reality. Some people just have a hard time letting go.

People are propel afraid to die because it never happen to them before. Like I never sky dive before and I really afraid to do it, but propel after I do it I wont be afraid because I did it before then. Get it now?

Because they don't know what's "on the other side". But if you have been saved by Jesus, you don't have to fear dying, because you can know that you will be with Him forever when you do die. So, don't be scared if this is true of you!

yadayadayada. I used to say the same thing. Then people I loved began to die. Some suddenly some lingered. When I was 14 my favorite aunt died in childbirth with the baby. Later in life, two of my cousins waited for a school bus and two cars came speeding down the highway, one did not make the curve and hit them both killing them instantly. I won't bore you with my two grandmothers. But, I will say it was not fun to watch my mother dying or my dad living with dialysis for 13 years before dying. It isn't death I am afraid of, its' dying.P.S. I had breast cancer.

sandwich eater / ozone saver
they dont know what lies ahead (afterlife)

I think some people are scared to die because they feel that they are not prepared. Most people want to have everything in line before they die, and most don't. People want to have lived life to the fullest before they die, or maybe make ammends with a person they've wronged. I think younger people are more scared to die than older people because they feel as if the have so much more life to experience.

Religion is one reason for people being afraid to die. Many religions teach that there are consequences to be dealt with when you die, ie, if you led a bad life or weren't a good enough person, bad consequences will happen.

Others perhaps fear pain or the act itself.

I personally don't fear death, it is a natural life cycle occurrence, but I don't want to die, I've got a lot of living left to do.

i dont know
r u?

it's not so much as fear of dying, as it is a fear of the unknown. no one really knows what happens after death, so it's only natural to be afraid of something not-so-heavenly taking place.

Anthony F
People are always afraid of the unknown. We don't know what will happen to us when we die, so we are afraid.

i'm scared because I'm not sure of what is going to happen to me.

Gothic Girl
Well i'm not scared of it. i know that i am going to die. but i think people are afraid to die because they probably like to live and don't want to die at all... I don't want to die either but i'm not scared of it

pj h
Death is a inevitable thing and what happens afterward is completely unknown. fear of the unknown is possibly and probably the worst fear everyone has.

Emily Dew
Some people fear it and some don't. I think basically it all comes down to a fear of the unknown, but it seems to me that people who have a good concept of heaven (or some type of hereafter) and really believe they are going there, are much more comfortable with the inevitability of death than people who aren't sure what's going to happen.

dances with unicorns
I think it's because death is the ultimate unknown, and we are "programmed" to fear the unknown. Nobody has ever met a person who has come back from being dead, so we have no idea what it will be like, and that's scary to most people. Just because something is inevitable doesn't mean that it isn't scary.

The reason death scares me is that everything I am, every thought that goes through my head, the way my body feels, the way I love, the way I hurt, the way I live and breathe and everything I am...could possibly end. I could possibly cease to exist for all time. I don't want to not be me anymore. I don't want to be nothing. Into the void...I however believe in reincarnation based on a vision I had years ago and this helps me not be too afraid of what's to come.

I don't think very many people are afraid to die. I can see a child being afraid but most adults wouldn't really be afraid. There's always an exception here and there. If we are a Christian we wouldn't be afraid, but wouldn't really want to rush it if we were young. Older people that I know get so tired just dealing with their everyday necessities that they are actually looking forward to passing on.

Nancy Kay
...not really afraid of death (as in the end of life), but of the manner of dying...afraid to suffer

shirley e
Short answer.............fear of the unknown

It's because we don't what will happen afterwards. The idea of nothing is just too depressing; the idea of heaven/hell is scary b/c no one is perfect and we're all scared of going to hell; the idea of reincarnation is also scary, etc. Like the first poster said, it's fear of the unknown. Plus, even though you're dead and you can't feel it, I think the idea of your physical body being in a corpse, under dirt and getting eaten by creatures is extremely disturbing to most people. Personally, my biggest fear about death is that there is life after death and I will be "aware" and I'll miss all my loved ones left behind.

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