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Kirby Time !
Whats The Best Way To Calm Down ?
When your extremely mad ? besides hitting a wall and
screaming and squeezing those little stress reliever
things ? , And also how do you know if ur just like
a realy angry person or if your a candidate for
anger mangement ?

please and thank u.

go out and watch the sun set. it'll take your mind off the thing that angers you and you'll have a clear head to think it through.

go into a empty room and scream, hit pillows, swear your head off, take 10 deep breaths and go on.

Put on a Bob Marley cd, you'll be good as gold in no time...

Because you still have to wake up tomorrow and deal with whatever it is.

Good luck!

well if your throwing things and breaking things and if your fighting with others then I would say your a candidate.. get some help before your in trouble......

People have different ways of handling stress. Taking some deep breaths and thinking things through is the smartest safest way.

If you hit people alot when you get mad you might need anger management, or if your so angry you can't control it and it gets you in trouble a lot seek help.

try to smile...

stopping the madness
i work out. it cant hurt but it only benefits

* Nadia *
the best answer i can give you, is to just take some deep breaths. i know i sound like a physiologist, but I'm good at calming people down. if you really need to calm dawn, then i suggest you get a good book, get into your favorite, most comfy pajamas, and read. or sleep. listen to music and sing along, let everything out. i also write poems. like this one time, i was having some issues with this boy (we'll call him Steve). i wrote a poem about Steve and later gave it to him. i don't know what became of that poem, but i still have a copy. it really helped me get my feeling out! so just feel free to try my advice!

Depending on what it is that is setting you off, you can remove your self from that irritation. If you can go for a walk, a run. I was in the service and a lot of the guy(officers normally)would run, or play golf. As for me I would read a book, cook, watch TV, go for a drive,(that is a little costly now days Gas)the work out thing helps. You are getting to shape. Now that I'm retired I pick up cans. Turn them in, I'm walking off a pound and picking up a pound, helps the environment. Not that I nut for that but hey what the ,,,.


I would suggest you try breathing exercises.
It may not seem to be a lot, but it may help you.

There are a lot of different methods that you can look up.
I usually like to do a very simple one that can be done whenever and where ever.

1. Breathe in deeply through your nose.
2. Take 3 short breathes (through your nose) without releasing.
3. Slowly exhale through your mouth.

Do this only once and try to go easy, as you don't want to feel light-headed.

This helps calm me down and I hope it helps you out as well.

Take Care!

Concentrate on your breathing and put on music that you like.
When you're breathing concentrate on going "In, out, in, out" It works.. It's also a helpful thing for panic attacks.

Breath in through the nose, out through the mouth, close your eyes while doing it, tell your self this thing that I am angry about, will it matter in 10 minutes, 10 hours 10 days, if not forget about it, don't give it any more thought, and don't waste precious time and brain cells on it!

I don't mean it to be a joke, but smoking pot helps me.

Well breathing, and writing it down, or calling someone who understands about your issue, and letting it alllll come out. I have the same problem sometimes.

first if youre asking if youre a candidate for anger management..you probably are and there's nothing wrong with that just find some help and a psychologist can help you find a healthy way to release your anger. Each person is different in how they release this energy, squeezing one of those dumb stress things may not do it for you, maybe something like...running, working out, taking a bath, finding a hobby to attend to could reduce your anger. But it doesn't hurt to ask for help from a psychologist they will be able to direct you more in the right direction that works for your particular situation. Good luck.

there are a lot of things to do... count to 10, breath deeply, think of things that make you happy. Really think about the situation... is it really worth getting really angry and upset over? Does the situation affect you that much that its going to ruin your whole day? Sometimes learning to be patient can help you realize that it was silly to get mad over something. Another thing is think.. would you want that person to be mad at you for what your mad at? and how would you want them to handle it.. put yourself in their shoes... hope this helped!

i power clean my house

warrior mama
i go for a run,,, but just leavin the area is always the best way to defuse the situation,, if you are physical when your angry then its probably time to get help....and if you feel angry all the time you could need a little therapy too...

jogia j
Loosing temper / getting anger is a human nature but to what extent? Only those people can improve and get control over their anger – who wants to – person like yourself (believe me or not, most people don’t even wants to realize that this is a major issue and can destroy their life completely).

By the way, getting anger can only leads you to make wrong and regretful decisions – sometime it may cost a whole life to remedy it.

To improve yourself is not as difficult as it sounds, for any unpleasant reason or bad news we get first reaction comes from mind is WTF. What if you prepare yourself before you get a reason to frustrate?

Life is short and world is not always runs around us. So what if sometime something “wrong happens” or someone did intentionally or unintentionally wrong (hey human suppose to do wrong – it’s better to find out now and later).

To control your anger require two steps:
1: Drink cold water – Sit down – if possible lay down on a bed. (For at least 5-10 minutes).

2: Think what worst possibly can happen – you probably have over come bigger issue previously. And it’s just a matter of time. This problem / issue will resolve too. Always remember: “Prepare for Worst and Hope for the Best.” & “Time is the Healer” most problems can be resolve without doing anything – just wait – time will heal.

Remember you can do it with patience.

When I'm mad, I sometimes break down. Every now and then I'm not afraid to cry. If I'm pissed off, I sometimes even swear but because of my faith, I do my best to keep my mouth under control. The tongue is like a fire, which can literally set things ablaze with just one word.

Anger management? I don't believe in that stuff. Anger is an issue that be controlled not something that psychologists should come and "help you." The only way to change an anger problem is for the person to have a change of heart.

Deep Breathing:

Breathe in deeply, hold for a short while, and then release it out in a sigh...

Do this 3X.

I have done blood pressure measurement on this simple method and it can lower the blood pressure quite a bit.

Pushups, situps, and/or lifting weights. You will use all that frustrating energy to make yourself hotter!!!!

Walk your anger off. Give yourself an outlet to burn off the negative energy. Clean house.....work in the yard, chill out. After you calm down, look at the opitions and make a rational decision how to handle the problem. View it from someone elses point of view not only your own. You may be surprised after you do how you my come to a compromise.

If you are flying off the handle often, steam for hours on end, lash out at others and can not deal with things seek help from an anger management program. Before you act in a violent manner and do harm to anyone or yourself get help.

Alex B
Autogenic Breaths...that is to breathe in deeply though your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Special Forces units use this technique in extreme situations to slow their heart rate and to allow them to think clearly.

If your anger if interfering with your life you should find help. It can be controlled. The good news is that you have recognized that you may have a problem and want to do something about it. Click on my link below it gives some great ideas on dealing with anger.

Yes, a nice walk sure helps. I know that is what I do when I am feeling stress or upset. Walk it off, it really works.

my friend, I think that one of the best methodology is attempt to controll our angry,breath deeply,listen more than answer,because if we got a very angry or aggressive action, we will probably take the worst sense at the wrong time, so we must make sure of what we want mean to our thoughts and be warrens abuot them. then wait the right moment to react and to decide about something, all right? I think it could be one of the best ways, brake your legs.

♥*Yes, even stars break*♥
i take a nice hot good smelling bath or read oro write it all down in a journal!

walking, I've considered anger management but all I have learned is that i enjoy getting angry. I have never hit anyone by my fuse is pretty short.

Everyone gets mad. It's how you handle it. You're asking so you are aware and working on it. Go for a good, foot pounding into the pavement, head down so you don't have to talk, walk AND deep breath. In through the mouth deep into your Diaphragm,stomach area, hold to the count of five and exhale. Repeat until you destress and your head clears. The walk though, there's something about just pounding the hell out of the pavement.

try taking a deep breath acounting to ten

Keep Fishin
Squeeze some one u love !

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