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 This is a personal question but has anyone been raped before???
I am asking because I have and I have flashbacks a lot it seems and it confuses me...
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Julie J
What would you do if you were raped and enjoyed it?
This horriffic thing happend to me but my problem is I actually think back and I enjoyed it. I think about it all the time and well you get the idea. I know that I should be feeling and acting different but I just can't help how I feel. What should I do?

Stay Fresh
yeah i gues that's the main thing just the way that act works it can give some sort of Dopamine bursts or whatever deal is at work in the brain, so you might get that, but then you might also have not really wanted to be put into that situation in the fisrt place.

Werewolf 28
go along with it and tell the person you did and maybe youll get more

Squirrel Cage
Are you trying to find a boy friend this way who will role play with you?

Ahhlena Y
well first of all i'd have to start this off by saying that i'm sorry you had to go through this . no one should have to deal with this type of stuff ever , and that people don't have the right to do this ! .

i'm not really sure of what to write only because i've never heard of someone being raped and enjoying it.

Maybe for you in your situation it's not rape . Maybe it's something you said no to at first but than found out after it had happened that it was the right thing to do because you enjoyed it .

Just because you've been raped doesn't mean you have to be sad that's just how most people feel because they have been violated in such a disgusting manner.

I would stay

Rosie C
I have read the answers to some of these questions and some answers are clearly not helpful and I wonder how they will affect you. I hope you only take notice of the answers of support and understanding. I think you are very brave for writing your question and for being honest to yourself about your feelings. You can't help how you have reacted to this experience. again I would like to reiterate that this is not uncommom, do not beat yourself up about it and do seek support. You can access counsellors and free help lines through your phone book. If you google free rape crisis help you will come across heaps of helpful sites. Good luck.


eyad f
I’m sorry you had such bad experience, I don’t know what happened there, but if it was from someone you know then it looks like you wanted this to happen but you where fighting it, so when it happened and you where forced to do it all your real emotions which that is you wanted that to happen with that X man came out and you enjoyed it.

If he was someone you don’t know then you enjoyed it because of the mixed feelings you had which is getting very very scared because you didn’t know what is really going to happen to you is he going to kill you ,is he going to hurt you, does he have a disease and then when he got you and you found out it’s a hopeless case and it’s only rape you got so relaxed and all those emotions of fear translated to joy and I’m sure you even got hard orgasm and that’s what made you enjoy it much, it’s like a solder before war they are very scared before they get in the battle and some of the pee on themselves and when everything start and the in the middle of the battle all the fear they had translates to anger and joy of killing the enemy, so that what happened to your body, but you might feel bad because of the rape that happened then you can go ask for help, what happened happen and now people act differently to that some of them will not be the same again till they get the man back and that will be throw law or maybe your own way, some will feel sorry for themselves and go into depression moods, some will go for help and talk to group of people and then they will feel they not alone, some is capable of controlling their feelings and carry on like nothing happened, all this depends on you so you should see what feelings are inside of you regardless to the enjoyment feelings because you can have the same feeling with a man you like or love by having your own way like I’ll tell you in my last chapter, so treat yourself from inside first and the emotions later, because you don’t want after a while feel badly because you didn’t take a action and say you are a bad girl I enjoyed something wrong, just see what you will do with yourself like I explained a min ago.

But some women they like for a man to come to them this way, they even like to have a fight with the man even if it was the husband they like that and then have S** with him, like they wait for the man when he want to have S** and they start refusing him and teasing him at the same time till he lose it and force her to have it, there is a lot of girls like this , usually they are pretty and a lot of men show them attention so they feel strong because they can have any man or anything, so they strong and they want to be forced for that so they don’t lose the feeling of being strong and they forced for that and they enjoy it because they forced to feel weak, if you are one of those girls then you are ok because it your nature now but you can still have a normal life with a man.

I think, that you aren't telling the truth. Just tryna get attention and seem interesting..

I was raped last year, I am 13 and I feel so dirty!

My grandfather TOUCHED me, not RAPED me, and I still feel even DIRTIER!

So you must be sick?!?!?!

Wow - I don't think I've read anything like this. But.....
I think many women are naturally submissive and an experience like what you have gone through may have exposed this part of your nature. I think you may want to try some role playing with someone you can trust. Create a safe word with them which under all cases when you use it it means stop now. And then explore just how much you like to be dominated. There are extremes so be careful and listen to your body.

You might had not like it but your body did it's nothing wrong with that its just that. Have you ever had a crush on someone an you did not like when they talk ****, but you like it when they come around you. THATS THAT FEELING I'M TALKING ABOUT

this happens with some rape cases, you should look for alternate ways to pleasure yourself, look into a therapist and get a boyfriend.

well you couldnt call it rape then if you enjoyed it

Your body responded the way that it's wired to. This is normal and you seem to need someone to talk to like counseling or boyfriend.

Taryn T
You can't help the way you feel, my advice is talk about it with a counseler so you can understand the triggers behind your responses, and stop feelin so guilty about it.

Bazooka Jane
I agree with the answerer who suggested you just have to find a nice bf who can do role playing with you.

As a nurse, I've seen many rape victims, and I can tell you that you're not alone. You said no, but your body liked it. It's very normal.
Unless you liked the rape itself (the way it was) then you're normal!

Justin G
maybe your emotions and feelings are getting mixed up with what actually happened to you

it happens all the time with rape victims

Hey some of us are masochistic.I wouldn't look to repeat the performance ,but if you ever get a lover who you trust you can play fantasy games.
Also,you might have been excited by the danger,If you enjoyed it while it was happening ,or if it's someone you knew .If you didn't enjoy it while it was happening ,but thinking about it excites you ,
I would say it's like ,gambling or drugs that turn you on but aren't good for you.

Shamira R
I think you need help. I was almost rapped once and it makes me sick to my stomach to remember it.

you might not like it but your body probably did. its a natural thing & it isnt always right! if you said no, you meant no & thats your choice but sometimes our bodies feel differently.

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