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Peter N
What is the condition called where a person is afraid of confronting other people?
Not so much afraid , but not wishing to confront them or have any contact with them out of feeling of anxiety or nervousness?

What causes this? How does it develop? what is its cure?
Do most people have this problem to some degree?

Natalia B
This could be social anxiety disorder, or agoraphobia.

because when they confront people they might say stuff back

The best thing to do is to seek some help to determine whether or not this is really that bad of a problem. Many people feel uncomfortable confronting other people. Usually because confrontation has the potential to lead to disagreement or other negative feelings.

There are a lot of possible causes to feeling this way (a previous bad experience, overactive neurotransmitters, etc.).

If the issue is truly feeling anxiousness and/or nervousness about being around other people, something more could be going on. Many individuals mentioned Social Anxiety Disorder (or Social Phobia), which is a possibility, but if the nervous is more pervasive and involves other situations than it may be something else.

Although there a alot of medications that be prescribed for anxiety, there are also alot of therapeurtic techniques that are also helpful. The best approach is a combination of medication and therapy, in which therapy can help a person cope better with the situations and eventually not need the medication anymore.

"fear of conflict" and not surprisingly is very common in people that have come from disfunctional families.its a fear based issue.

I believe it is social anxiety disorder it can isolate people even be debilitating unless treated by a qualified professional the good news it can be helped and do not however confuse it with shyness or poor self image tho any of those would probably be resolved by counseling with a qualified person. and continuing to address the problem if it reccurs.luck ronniea

Well, I have learnt something today. I probably have got
some kind of disorder.
I think a lot of people do not like confrontations. Myself
sometime I feel I could be more assertive. But I change
from day to day. Some mornings I get up and feel I could
face anyone and do anything. Other times I just want to
shy away and let everyone else get on with it.
I do think if people are confrontational they can come over
as being a bully. No one likes bullies - do they?
It also depends on who you are going to confront. If its
the local supermarket okay - but if its your boss and you risk
getting the sack not so okay. Anyhow, I know what I mean
if nobody else does.

Normal? It isn't a looked forward to task for most people I would think. I don't think the first part is a "condition" at all. If I read the second part correctly.. not wishing to... have any contact with (people) at all due to feeling anxious/nervous - sounds like social anxiety. No, not everyone has this problem. "Cure" would probably be to see a psychologist or get some books on it to get some more information first.

christopher G
Yeah, I think it's called social anxiety as well,but really,I think you should approach this in a more positive way .People say take medications,but in the end there will most likely be a side affect or two.Before you approach anybody or anyone...think of how easy it will be to approach that person...envision yourself doing what you want yourself to be doing that will make you happy.Believe me, it works.The mind is an extraordinary element that many of us sometimes don't see as so.

In its mild form, such behaviour is called "conflict avoidance" and the person behaving in this way is called "conflict averse".

If it is bad enough to cause problems, therapy is needed.

non confrontational....... Good example of this is David ,Darlene Conner's boyfriend on the Rosanne series.....
Causes are many depending on a person's relationship history.Cure? it's not like having a cold ..It will take years of counseling to rebuild the ego and self esteem and self worth of anyone who has problems like this.......
Being nonconfrontational is not always bad but any thing to that extreme should be addressed by a psychologist ...

It is being shy. It is not a phobia or anything.

puffy puffers
It can be social anxiety disorder. It can be triggered by chemical embalances or traumatic experiences in one's life. A lot of people do have it to a certain degree, but if it is where it interferes with one's life and tasks, then there is a problem.

The best thing for Social Anxiety Disorder is to seek counseling and the advice of a physician. There are medications that can be taken to relieve the symptoms. There is no actual cure for it, but it can be controlled.

this is called being shy.or introvert

That's commonly known as being shy.Yes most people have it to a point.Most people are like that from a young age and there really isn't much of a cure.Besides taking a deep breath and going for it.

A quick answer! Confidence!
I used to beat the be'jeezus out of my brothers. They are grown up now and despite me being the little brother I have accepted that I'm not the violent kind; I'd rather walk away from a fight than get involved.
What matters is that when it happens, YOU ARE THERE!
One lesson a friend told me was....
If a guy comes at you and you have no choice but to hit his bollocks, would you?....I said no because to me a gentlemanly rule says no in my head, he then asked me what their opinion might be????? Since I don't read minds he had a point. Take the F*cker down under any means necessary as they will not grant you the same courtesy!!


I have been in a relationship with someone who suffers from the same thing. I have found in him that it is due to the fact that his father was abusive and his mother was unavailable emotionally. He has never been able to tell someone "no" . He would rather lie then be honest with whomever he was speaking to . The problem lies in the fact that he never feels heard or that his opinion doesn't matter. He then projects that on me and the others that are close to him. Dismissing all others opinions immediately with out even hearing them. So he in a way abuses the people that is not confronting him because he can not stand firm with the ones who are confronting him. It has taken years for me to get through to him that ( and this is vital) .... EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO SAY NO TO ANYONE ! If this is a product of an abusive past, and be honest with yourself, that is the issue you need help with. If this is due to fear then ask your self :" what can they do if you stand firm?" Be mad? So What! It is better to upset someone for a minute than suffer your whole life. Stick it out and try to say no today. I guarantee the sky will not open up and eat you. You may even feel a little burst of confidence. Oh Yeah, don't apologize for saying no either.

It's social anxiety disorder

leela manohar
may be xenophobia fear of foriegners but for ur question it is called social anxiety disorder
Anxiety disorders are often debilitating chronic conditions, which can be present from an early age or begin suddenly after a triggering event. They are prone to flare up at times of high stress.

Many of these disorders can also be treated (with or without adjuctive pharmaceutical therapy) with the aid of a good counselor and behavioral therapies such as cognitive therapy.

Mainstream treatment for anxiety consists of the prescription of anxiolytic agents and/or referral to a cognitive-behavioral therapist. There are indications that a combination of the two can be more effective than either one alone.

A number of drugs are used to treat these disorders. These include Benzodiazepines and antidepressants of most of the main classes (SSRI, TCAs, MAOIs), and possibly Quetiapine.

Panic Disorder, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, there are many labels for it, the best thing you can do is talk to your doctor and find what best fits you. There is therapy, as well as medication. However remember ALL medications have side-effects and carry health risks. If you need to take them then do so, but not for a long period of time. Therapy is a safer and better alternative, though it may take longer to work, in the end it teaches you the skills to handle all kinds of stresses that may come your way in the future.

Good Luck

S.A.D. social anxiety disorder which can share allot of the same symptoms and causes as P.S.T. post traumatic stress disorder.

I think you may be talking about Social Anxiety. My wife had it for a while and there is a medication that can help. Talk with your docotor about it and they might perscribe something or could give you some good exercises.

Anthropophobia is the fear of people. Also, social phobia.

Social Anxiety maybe

A True Gentleman
I hope the person trying to get Y!Answers working tonight isn't suffering from it.

Jade D.
I think it would be based on that person's general personality type. If you are a passive person and introverted you might not like dealing with conflict/confrontation so that would make you non-confrontational. I don't think it's something that's necessarily developed over time...i just think that some people have a problem with that more than others and that is why we are all different.

That is called shyness. If it is not wanting to confront someone that you are attracted to, it is known as love-shyness. Yes, it is an existing disorder, its genrally caused if you don't feel confident about yourself, if you are constantly bullied, or if you don't express yourself well.

social anxiety and been hurt abused and turned on and others causing problems and messing u over u gotton close to trusted and have hurted u and betrayed ur trust and also in childhood werent allowed to show anger sadness and be happy and felt on eggshells and had to be the protector and all in house hold also use to be a fraid to hurt someones feelings or get abused or get beaten up .

Social phobia, also called Social Anxiety Disorder, is an anxiety disorder characterized by overwhelming anxiety and excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. People with social phobia have a persistent, intense, and chronic fear of being watched and judged by others and of being embarrassed or humiliated by their own actions. Their fear may be so severe that it interferes with work, school, or other activities. While many people with social phobia recognize that their fear of being around people may be excessive or unreasonable, they are unable to overcome it. They often worry for days or weeks in advance of a dreaded situation. In addition, they often experience low self-esteem and depression.

Philip Kiriakis
Social Anxiety Disorder could be it.
Therapy AND medication , usually an SSRI, will help with many, if not most of the cases.

I live here!
I think it's just called being shy, and most people have it to some degree

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