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Please don't say neither, but I really, really want honest opinions....

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Additional Details
lmao. ok......

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 Do old people actually shrink as they get older?
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What is the best way to kill yourself?
Something quick and painless, but fail proof?
Additional Details
Please stop telling me not to do it. If I want to, then I'm going to regardless of what you say. If you truly care, then tell me a way to do it without making my last moments here on earth too painful. Please.

Dont kill yourself! Go to church or pray. Kiling your self is no way to fix the problem. Its also a one way ticket to hell. You need to seek help.

Just remember that when you die it is NOT over... not when you have to repent for taking your own life. I'd stay here and work it out and then have a chance for a better eternity. If you kill yourself , its murder and there wont be a pretty ending for you when you die here...

Reconsider the eternal aspects.....

please go get help god loves you

omg i feel like crying how could you be so selfish

I hope you know that if you kill yourself that you;ll go to hell. You need some help and you need it now so pick up the phone and call 911. I"m not going to give you any ways to help you kill yourself and nobody else should either.

We all love you!

Telephone a family member, a friend, anyone! Just talk to them, becasue obviously you need to talk some issues out.
1800 suicide

marleyanne b
No reason is big enough to do something this stupid and silly and selfish...don't think about yourself only..think about the ones you leave behind...like your parents or grandparents or whomever that won't understand why you didn't trust them enough to know that you could come to them in times like this?

emo elmo
dont kill ureself do u think we would waste our time to type all this fro nothing theres hope if u do then all the people u know will have to go thru the same thing turn to jesus he wont laugh at u for asking him something adn if u need help pray to him

O.k, you have my attention...now stop it!

Call a suicide hot-line and do it now.

All this suicide talk from the young people on here, makes me realize that the saying "youth is wasted on the young" is true is some cases.

Hey, don't get angry with us! We didn't cause you any pain. We are he ones trying to help you do the RIGHT thing.

For someone who wants to commit suicide you sure have a lot of demands...and you're sentence structure is great too.
No, I don't believe in suicide.. no matter what! No again, I won't help you...

Get some help, talk to someone..please.

go see someone

Christopher H
In the morning, have some coffee. At night, watch the comedians, talk shows. During the day, get something done. This is life. The opposite of life is to choose death. But to choose death is literally the worst decision you can ever make. Or are you a coward, afraid to face life? You have to be INTERESTED in life. Some people like sports. Some people like coin collecting. I personally like to see myself as a student, so I sometimes buy textbooks on economics. The point is to GET INTERESTED IN LIFE. I am not an expert. If you want to see an expert, see a priest or a pastor or a psychiatrist. GET INTERESTED IN EVERY DETAIL OF LIFE. SAY YES TO LIFE. It takes courage to say an infinite YES to life. Find something in society that you're willing to fight for. Suicide is a non-option.

You want to die then eat poison.but there is no point dying.if u have any sorrow or discomfort then dying will solve the problem for you but no one will benifit.So think twice or JUST DIE

STILL standing
I understand what you are going through, but I also know that you asked this question as a way to reach out for help among people who don't know you, not because you seriously want advice about the best way to kill yourself.

You knew that no one is insane or evil enough to give you this advice, so I know you are not as intent as you say you are about killing yourself.

However intent you are about suicide, you must either call your doctor or a suicide hotline in the phonebook now, before it is too late.

Trust me as a fellow human being who has lost a lot and is currently depressed, there is NO GOOD REASON, not even 1, for committing suicide.

The fact that you even have the luxury to ponder the best way to kill yourself means that your situation isn't nearly as bad as some other people's, for instance, the poor and/or homeless, AIDS victims, cancer victims, our troops in Iraq, the Katrina victims, and the list goes on nearly forever.

Whatever you believe in doesn't matter right now, because once again, there is NO GOOD REASON to kill yourself.

I will pray for you, as will some of the other people answering this question.

See, there are people who care about you!

It seems like you are the only one that doesn't.

Tara M
There is no need to kill yourself. You may be going through some rough times but There is nothing that you cant get through with some little help. You should go see somebody, or talk to a friend or family member. There is no need to kill yourself. That is not a good solution, there is better.

dont kill yourself

Most of its painful anyway why kill yourself its just not worth it you are precious

very bad question. theres no way to kill yourself without it being painful to someone

Oh, sweetie, suicide is not the way out. If you are having problems that are making you feel overwhelmed then you really need to seek help. Maybe your pastor or doctor could help you or at least refer you to a professional that can really help you.

I don't know what you're going through right now, but I've been there done that and I'm alive and doing well. I used to take every advantage to kill myself and didn't realize that every time I attempted, that I not only was hurting myself, but also the people around me.

Suicide is a permanent fix to temporary problems. Whatever problems you are having right now are temporary. If you're a christian turn to God and ask Him for help and He will help you.

I have felt complete moments of despair and have sometimes had the notion of doing myself harm. However bad it feels now it WILL get better. Try and see a counselor and a doctor. They may be able to help you find a support network. Please don't do it. Think of all the love that has been shown from the responses and don't give up. Lots of love

over does of sleeping pills, u will just drift off to sleep..arghh i dont have d courasge to do it though..........

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