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The artist known as avatar Lvl 3
What is the best way to get rid of your anger?
Like lets say you want to hurt someone or just everybody who you hate or suspect to be talking about you, but you can't. Talking to to someone works, but it doesn't get rid of your aggressive self....

1: Smile:-)
2: Think of pleasant things you have experienced in your life 3: Go for deep breathing!
4: Go for a walk, if possible.
5: Forgive and Forget!

Jafet Bendeck
You can't just get rid of it, the truth is that unfortunately that's a mental problem, my advice is that you talk to your doctor and explain him that whatever you're taking is making any change at all, but you can distract your mind doing or thinking about anything else in that moment of anger.
I know how it feels, I have the same problem, what I do is hear in a very loud terms, my metal, and try to cry until nothing is left.


sounds like u could benefit from anger management and possibly stress management skills and anger skills and therapy try some deep breathing and taken time out from person people or situation thats angering you and do something constructive cleaning go out go shopping do errands and all u may been putting off. and write out on paper all your angers stressors in a journal that may also help i hope i been of help

why aggressive self are you an aggressive person i dont know last line suggests so .Try happy self or loving self.Id stop watching so much tv get a drum kit or a punch bag maybe nicer friends

take up a physical sport. you can always hang a punching bag close by.

Perhaps you're spending way too much time thinking about what others might be thinking about you. Resist the tendency to be self-centered. Look outside yourself and think about how you might help others....perhaps just with understanding words or small kindnesses .Redirect your thoughts and energy toward something positive and productive. If you dedicate yourself to being a thoughtful, unselfish and kind person, there will be no room for criticism from others. Good luck!

yoga....better....try kick boxing classes

talking about it with someone or writting ur feelings down or getting a stress ball and u could throw it squeeze it wat ever and u would probably feel better

Anger is very draining. You need to workout or find something that can be an outlet for your feelings; something you enjoy.

Grace R
put ur favorite musis on and turn it all the way up....then u escape the world and can go into ur imaginary world....

Take an anger management course.

The Question Samurai!!! Lv.4
Wow I know how you feel. I have that same problem but the best way to do is Yell to the top of your lungs when you are alone or write it down on paper. Hate is a powerful word though.

squishie bug
I go out to my car or where nobody can hear me, and scream, haha.

Take a martial arts class and work it out. Works great for me. But make sure you get one with a lot of sparring. Sometimes they're just going through forms all day and that will make you want to kill even more!

Welcome to Vancouver
Try punching something (thing not body) ^^. Depending on your knuckle conditioning, you might want to start with the cushion work your way up to punching back to a hollow metal door. Metal door is my favorite cause it has enough impact to feel the blow yet it's hollowness absorbs most of the impact and not my wrist. It also leaves a good impression of my fist on the door.

Have fun!!!

go to the gym. work out

Punch a pillow. If you garden, use that energy to weed and dig in the ground. Go bowling and put the object of your anger on the head pin. As you might have guessed, I've had anger issues. I broke dishes-but that gets expensive. I still dont bowl very well, but my garden is beautiful.

Anger is stored in the large muscles of the shoulders and arms. Any strenuous exercise that works those muscles will help release anger. Punching pillows, chopping wood, swinging a hoe or pickax, using a punching bag at a gym, etc.

Also, a good massage therapist can release anger from those muscles using massage.

Both of these techniques may need to be done more than once if there is a lot of anger, or old stored anger.

Good luck!

Robin W
Buy a bunch of cheap plates at a yard sale. Break plates.

I got a punching bag to take it out on... sometimes I go run... it seems to me that exerting energy (safely?) is the best way to get the agressive part out. At least until you are calmed down a bit.
Once you get calmed down, the talking part helps a whole lot more.

Instead of dealing with pent up anger, why not investigate the underlying reason where/why you created/stored it? Anger can be from feeling frustrated, or powerless. Learning coping skills can enable you to let a portion of life's frustrations roll off. Learning to forgive those that have hurt you. Prioritizing your feelings, and learning to be grateful for life lessons is much more fruitful than feeling resentment when things do not go as planned.

I would rather see a person become fruitful and grateful, and use that same negative energy to be productive, even when the chips are stacked against them.
Changing one's perception of life's woe's can be a strengthening emotional tool.

Don't attempt to learn how to funnel anger into an object, but rather turn off the anger producing thoughts that motivates inward aggressions/anger.
I keep a blog on the psychology behind emotions, it can be uplifting when one learns to manage their emotions.
Please stop by and read awhile :)

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