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What is the best way to forget about something?

dont think about it

thats my problem too. Whenever i dont think about it, someone/something just come by to remind me of it. Just change your phone number, identity and screen names, etc etc etc

The way I do it is to think of that something, then scream really loud in my mind. Over and over until when I remember it again, then all I hear is a scream and not the memory. Works for me. Not that I totally forget but I'm just not allowed to delve into that memory.

start focusing on the lord he will help you do anything

All the answers are good but I have a different solution to your problem. I have read some books regarding psychology but what I am going to tell you is based on pure experience.
Normally the things that hover around in your mind will remain like that no matter whatever you try to do to eliminate them.
The best way, in my opinion, will be to talk your problem out. Let it out in front of your best friend or girlfriend or whoever you think can be the best listener and understands you best. You can also tell your problem to a group of selected people who are close to you and do not want to take advantage of you and your situation.
once you have talked it out freely, all the tensions, fears, worries associated with these memories will seem small. You will again start taking interest in "present".
Try it and you will find your problems and worries fading away from your mind.

Dont remember it. Keep yourself busy in Y!answer. It works for me since i have same problem as you.

Or we forget our problems by keeping each other in each other's minds *lol*

Best answer; I do this all the time. Take a white paper and write down what you want to forget about then burn it. You can burn the paper on a plate or go out side. This works.... You might have to do it again soon...Let me know if this work for you o>K> thanks.

I used to tell people that I drink to forget...and then I would tell them I forgot what it was that i was trying to forget...lol...but don't do that...the best way is to forgive...no matter what the situation...when you forgive in your heart the root of the thing you are trying to forget...the Lord has a way of taking the memory away...God bless and good luck..

You question "What is the best way to forget about something?" is a fair question, and yet very difficult to answer.

Depending on what one is trying to forget depends on whether one can or not.

For me, I do the following to forget a bad experience, or something that bothers me, makes me sad, etc.

1. First I "acknowledge" whatever it is I am trying to forget.
2. Secondly, I accept that it happened
3. Third, acknowledge my feelings around it - I validate my
feelings/thoughts as okay - they are mine afterall
4. Fourth, I learn from it and move on.

Now, you are probably saying "but you haven't forgotten it". Yes and No. Somethings one cannot forget, however for me going through the above helps me to "let it go" so I can move on.

I hope this helps

Get a new girlfriend. You don't need the one you want to forget. She's history. The new one will make you forget her.

What I'm trying to say is the best way to cure a mental obsession once it is out of your life is fill it with something else.

say the psalm of rememberance

Don't think about it. Keep yourself busy.

medically speaking a frontal lobotomy would do the trick

i love cake
i just listen to music or watch tv

Read a good book.

do something fun

Think about something else.

Find something else to focus on.

do something fun that gets ur mind off it.

Its unlikely you will forget something but you can put in the past or in the back of your mind.

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