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 How to be happy in this busy world?
We are constantly bombarded by sound. Television, radio, the hum of human activity all combine to keep our minds in a constant state of bombardment by ...

 Question about depression?
I'm 19 and I've been really depressed for almost a month now. Like everyday, I feel really miserable, I've been really irritable with my co-workers, and I've been having panic ...

 What are some conditions that make people go insane?
What are some conditions that make people go insane?
Like excess heat, abuse etc......

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I live with my mother, father, younger sister and grandmother. Recently I noticed my grandmother has been sometimes mumbling little odd things that don’t fit into the conversation. I once walked in ...

 Can children have depression?
my 8 year old daughter has A.D.D,dyslexia and dyspraxia. she cries all the time and is often in a world of her own. i myself and my dad have suffered from depression for a lot of years and am ...

 Can depression turn to happiness?
And will stress make you feel worse?...

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 Do you ever feel weird after studying for 6 hours straight?
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 Help, my life depends on it!!!?
im am sssoooo unhappy with my body I have entered the deadly So-called disease anorexia. Everyday is a challenge for me. I cry myself to sleep most of the time. But I'm starting to feel light-...

 Is there any immediate cure for panic attacks?
I have panic attacks, and I'm going to Warped Tour this year. I think that would be horrible to get an extreme episode there. Is there any way to stop it when you feel one coming on?...

 My Last Question is: What would be the effects of my suicide be for my son?
I have schizoaffective bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed about six yrs ago. I have been out of the hospital for three yrs and have been doing great. Even enjoyed a new hobby of gardening. S...

 What are some of the causes of gasping for breath when asleep?

Additional Details
I do not suffer with asthma, only sinus sometimes. I do not snore, neither am I overweight.I USED TO suffer with panic disorder.

This gasping for breath ...

 I think i am depressed and have been cutting, but scared to tell my parents. what do i do?
ok, see, i have been feeling depressed just recently like for a month, i have lost interest in doing a lot of things, and just feel sad all the time and cry probably daily for no reason, and i do cut....

 Im so depressed right now. help?
All I want to do is sleep. I hate crying all day but i cant make it stop. people told me exercise would help but i cry the whole time i do it too. I dont want to take pills for it and i cant ...

 Lady shagging a horse????
most of you would have probably seen it on a mobile phone..........why the fcuk would anyone do that?? even if it was for loads of money,she died and couldn`t spend it anyway!!! why??...

 Not to sound arrogant, but why does it seem to me that I am smarter than mostly everybody I meet?

 Is it possible to fully recover from drug addiction?

 Does life seem very, very long to you?
Time has always gone by so slowly for me. When I was a kid, people told me it would speed up as I grew up. Well, now i'm 31, and every day feels like a freaking year. It doesn't matter how ...

 I think I am bipolar?
I think I am bipolar and I am very scared. I am 12. I read about it, I have extreme lows and highs. Sometimes I want to die....being an outcaste don't help either. I get depressed one day, and I ...

What does it mean when you die in your dream?

Additional Details
ok i havent dremp of myself dyin 4 a fer years but it used 2 be reoccurin

i don't believe the things and objects in dreams like water means something good? Dreams are just your imagination and your brain thinking about things that you might have thought or seen that day

M and M's
Nothing. I die in my dreams all the time. if anything it proves it was a dream. Your alive now aren't you?

martin h
When your brain dies, you die -Morpheus

Suppose to be impossible. You always wake up I've been told. So I guess you're lying.

Rebirth, I beleieve... It's ok, you're ok

that u failed the game

your dreams are just a story bult up in your head,bit like writing a book as u go along instead of preparing for it.i should imagine u die when u wake up or wake up before u die,but some dreams have a lot of adreailine in them.

You never wake up.

It could mean several things. How did you FEEL in the dream. I would take it mean that something is going to change. Maybe your karma is changing and your life is going to turn around, maybe something you love, like you job is going to leave your life and something new will come along. Death to life as you know it means a second chance at something better. Life is evolution... embrass it and move towards the light, lol. That sounded corny.

I was sick and in and out of hospitals and then that life died through a really cool 'miracle'. Now things are better then ever, I feel like I got two lives in one and I feel so lucky.

You have no faith in yourself

Wise ol' owl
Don't know. Check out the funeral and see what they say about you, if you can stay asleep that long.

nothing. It's happened to me twice. Actually I felt a little sad at first, then I was like, whoa...let's do that again! But then I realized I could only do it once. And for this, I cursed the universe.

nothing really it may mean change

You had a nightmare and you ususally wake sweating. Thats what happens to me

Don't know,always wakeup before the car goes over the cliff or the gun goes off,etc.

A new beggining

you were probablythinking of starting over or something or you had seen a movie that had death in it before going to sleep (or read a book that did)

You are probably having a lot of anxiety. This can translate to fear in the subconscious. Spend some time relaxing, or if you can't get away, confide in someone you trust about your trouble, stress, frustration.

jack bauer
One cannot die in a dream. The brain will not let you. If you die you do not wake up and it is the end. See the bright white light and do not expect to wake up. You may think you died. It did not happen.

carlos o
Is a nightmare

You have gone Gay and you are NOT coming back.


Caribbean Blue
That you thought about dying that night.

i plead the fifth

if you dream of dying in your dream, that could mean you are losing confidence and you are giving up something in life. Projecting your own death in your dream shows that your subconscience gets to a point it has to vent out the feeling.

I suppose a change that may be taking place in your life.
A new beginning
Hope for the future

..or it could be getting you prepared to die in the future..usually near. Be obedient and listen to what other wise people tell you and warn you about. Take heed to their instruction. Don't be a dumbaszz.

It means that you died in your dream!

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