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What does it mean if you don't dream while you sleep.?
My fiance says he does not dream while he sleeps and he wants to know if there is any meaning behind not dreaming.

Everyone, & I mean everyone, dreams. Some people have better recall of their dreams than others.

He dreams, he just doesn't remember any of them. You cannot survive without some REM sleep every night so he must dream at some point. Watch him while he sleeps, do his eyes move? Then he is dreaming.

U are dead.

Your soul leave its body and goes to a other dimension . Where Stars multiply into number were the atom cause the Energy we waist And builds up into Cemeteries were the mind and soul are always connect, But see wean you read this you will think I am Crazy but we live in a modern world were the World is crazy but what is crazy none normal. The Dreams Are crazy, Please Eraze my Message. Don't Give me points

you dreamed.. you just don't remember. Every brain is different. some people can remember dreams after waking up. some just can't

Take vitamin b-Complex, natural source if possible.

Dreaming is thinking in pictures. Most likely is he just doesn't remember his dreams. Unless he doesn't think while awake either.

sweet pea
Everyone dreams, they just do not remember. This is the truth. There are so many reasons for dreaming, so many theories, you can find dozens of scientifically backed data and psychoanalysis on the matter ( *not to mention spiritual etc.). From processing information and storing it in the right places to working out emotional issues. Good Luck

ha ha, every man I've ever been with always say they never dream. He either don't want you to know his dreams . cause you can read his mind.. or he hadn't learned how to write them down right away to remember.

Everyone dreams.. just most remember, some don't.

U watched too much Spaceballs

That is what I called a silent dream, maybe he does just dont remember.

Nelson K
tHEY SAY IF YOU DON'T REMEMBER THAT THATS A SIGN OF GOOD MENTAL HEALTH BECAUSE YOUR DREAMS WERE RESOLVED. I personally don't by that. Try Melatonin, I like to remember my dreams personally. It inspires my art work.


Everyone dreams...about every 90 minutes. You just don't always remember it.

It doesn't mean anything.. Everyone dreams. It's a proven fact. It's just that half of the time we cannot remember it.

Odds are, you are dreaming but you don't have a recollection of them. You may try some of these.
#1 Keep a dream journal, record any dreams you have.
#2 Don't get out of bed right away, wake up, but stay in bed thinking of any dreams you may have had. Then, see #1.

Everyone has THOUSANDS of dreams every nite. You just dont remember them. SO when you actually remember one of them, youre lucky & its usually the last one right before you wake up & you can never remember the whole thing. So hes normal, tell him dont worry about it.

It only means that he sleeps well.
All humans dream as they sleep, but many don't remember their dreams when they wake up. There is a simple explanation for this:
When you dream, the connection between the short term memory and the long term memory is severed. That means that the content of the dream is not stored in your memory, and therefore cannot be retrieved after wards. However, it is very common to wake up for just a second after a dream period (you won't remember this in the morning.). Upon waking up, the connection between short- and long term memory is reestablished, and the dream will be stored, for you to remember the next day.

He is either not getting a restful nights sleep or he is not remembering his dreams. All people dream.

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