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 Any tricks to not procrastinate?
I am a very successful person. I have a post graduate degree, work in a professional capacity and also have several successful business ventures. But I could do so much more if I didn't ...

 Need major help?
I am 29 years old, still a virgin about 65 pounds overweight, have ED and suffer from depression. How can I save myself?
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thanks ...

 Help me i am scared to death?
okay you know those things were they say like post this 10 times if you don't you will die or stuff like that
Additional Details
tee tee i hate the jonas ...

 Is it normal to get scared about life changing decisions?
recently my long time boyfreind and i are seriously thinking about moveing about three hours away from where we are now. it would be an awesome thing to do and i want to do it. it just that after we ...

 How do you help someon with a drinking problem, and he does not want help?

 I feel so unhappy!?
I feel really unhappy. I cry over everything. I have started to not eat as much so I can lose some weight so I can fade away. I have taken my anger out on my friends and the real reason is that I ...

 Do you think mentally defective people should be sterilized?
Some people I know think it'd be a good thing for society if that were done. I'm not too sure....

 My bi polar step-brother stole $$ from me do I forgive or forget..?
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 What is the point of this?
Is it for people with too much time on their hands?...

 Serious Sleeping Problems???
I've been having problems getting to sleep, and often lay awake for hours. Ive no stress have a happy life and nothing to worry about!! Been to the docs he gave me sleeping tablets called ...

 My friend thinks its weird??
soo i was talking with my friend about diets and stuff and i found a new trick to keep me occupied..i take a rubberband and put it on my wrist all day and when i get hungry i just snap it really hard....

 How can i calm down more after being angry?
When someoen gets me annoyed it takes me a while to calm down what can i do to calm down quicker it gets frustrating.

thanks for your help.

xxxxplease no rude answers ...

 Can't forgive myself.?
To sum it all up...

Left a cushy, safe job making pretty good money based solely on the fact that I didnt agree with a lot of the companies policies. I didnt realize how bad the job ...

 What would you tell someone who's trying to commit suicide? What is it about life that is so precious?
I already know, I want to know what you think....

 Is there life after attemping suicide..?
3 months ago I tried to take my own life, I took an enormous amount of tablets and 15 hours later was found unconscious. I can't live with the guilt now and my family are trying to support me ...

 How can you tell if someone is lying?

 *10 points!* Honestly, I'm 100% serious -- how would I know if I was part dinosaur? *10 points!*?
Not only do I bear a striking resemblance to a T-Rex, but whenever I see a man that catches my eye, I have to fight the urge to make mating calls. I also feel like I have a phantom tail. You know ...

 Why do I hate most people?
I get really annoyed at everyone. People in stores, people in parking lots, people at school.. Do I just have anger issues? I never say or do anything rude to people. I'm very polite and nice....

 We are having a problem with a flasher in my neighborhood?
My neighbor Henry has begun to run naked around the hood every night around midnight and barks at the moon. He is a nice guy and I hate to call the cops, when I have approached him the next day, he ...

 Should i stop cutting bc my friend wants me 2?
my friend says that i need to stop cutting but i really dont want to but then again i do and so i am confused on what to do could u help me????...

Is Sleepy Sick?
What does death feel like?

I am not died yet! how many times u like to die?

See before you were alive, well i guess it must be like that.

No answers! Maybe this is only my imagination. Someone wants 2 b out of their responbility. Cannot solved their problems & so on & so on...Then lastly this is the decisions they made - DEATH. In their minds, after death, their problems will be solved! They think they will be very comfortable & free. Well, whether its true or nut, we can never get the answers.

flavor o
there is no sting in it...but if you are still here...you have work to do learning about love...get back to work...

I really do not think that anyone could answer that. The question sounds like an oxymoron.

One of the things that would happen when you are dead is that you would cease to 'feel' anything.

hard to say, because not too many people have come back to tell us about it...there's the old joke...'grampa died peacefully in his sleep, unlike his passengers, who went screaming'....LOL

No one who answers you can tell you.

they say that just before death you feel an overwhelming peace wash over you..which is very comforting if you ask me. We spend our lives just trying to avoid death, but I think when it finally happens, we realize that it is not the end we always feared, just the turning of a page, the release of your soul from it's bodily limits.

I don't know how it feels but my father told me in his case .... because he had a near death experience .... it was peaceful for him. Other people speak of feeling nothing like it or in fact have felt the opposite. Described as untold terror.
It depends on where you stand in your faith.


keep it real
how the hell should i know

Death .. is removing the live soul to leave the body dead .. it's like removing a delicate cloth from a thistle filled surface .. it hurts a lot unless the spirit is welocme to heaven and having enough faith .. in GOD ..

If death is like sleep, birth is like awaking from it..

When I get there I will contact you from the great beyond and let you know.

I'll ask the very next dead person I meet . . . don't hold your breath.

Jonas V
like being born backwards....probably heaviness, followed by lightness. when all you endorphins kick in you would get really high then you would slowly float your way up to heaven or sink below the ground. not like i know or anything! just the impression i get

Thomas P
no one has ever lived to tell about it


ur GOTH right/?

cat yall
wouldnt no, but if you find out be sure to come and huant me.lol

Do you remember before you were born? Like that.

Perplexed Ambition
When you are dieing...painfull
When you are dead...it's not

I don't know. I haven't died as of yet. And why would you ask a
question that we can't answer?

Since to know what something feels like you have to experience it and then recall the feeling, I doubt anyone will be able to answer this. My mom died on the operating table, but does not have any "lights at the end of the tunnel" stories to tell.

Well, if you are old, you probably won't feel any pain.

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