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 Whats The Best Way To Calm Down ?
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screaming and squeezing those little stress reliever
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What do you do when you feel very frustrated?
What sort of thing do you do when you are feeling very angry? Do you get away from the situation that is making you upset? Or do you let your emotions out? Do you ever cry when you are feeling very frustrated? What can you do to make it go away? Or lessen the emotions?

I either bang my head on the wall or give it a good FIVE AGAINST ONE...if you know what I'm saying...

~Pleasure N Pain~
hmmm how long you got
-engage in adult activites
-go to sleep
-watch a movie
-go for a walk
-play my music loud
-drive fast in my car
-snap at ramdom ppl
-sometimes I let it stay in me
-sometime I express myself

eat, and be angry.

I usually let it all out in my room. Are you depressed?!?

lets jsut say you would not want to be around me when i get angry..be afaid...very very afraid

try to turn lemons into lemonade.
or like the man who's son was a victim is now producing that stop crime show. turn it positive in a big way..
i try to take positive action find support and/or fix myself.
knowing you did all you can and were positive as possible is very empowering.
if cant resolve move on to the next one . i at least have a full plate of issues no need to dwell on the impossible.
a good short big cry never hurt anyone.
if its an ongoing issue a support group is best.

What I do is so simple, and so silly, but it works. I take a long hot hot bath and cry. I cry my little heart out and yes it does help. I am not one to growl at other people (although I have at times), or try to take my frustrations out with alcohol or drugs, but crying alone, I can get it all out.

Nicola L
I cannot usually make it go away - I generally get a tremendously bad headache.

WHat i do is, i take several deep breathes and take your frusteratioin out on something..like a pillow...Scream..cry...do what you think is best :]

I eat...and I play a good violent pc game such as Call Of Duty.

If possible, I give a heartfelt "A-a-r-rgh!" Yes, I sometimes get teary--don't you just hate that--'cuz around guys especially, if you choke up, they think they've "won". Do try to turn & go away before the tears show if posible.
To make feel better, I eat, go for a walk, vent to a friend, etc.
Just don't take it out in any abusive way--physically, verbally or emotionally on any one or anything. Check out some joke sites or watch a comedy.

my emotions are really exagerated, the other week I started to bang my head in the wall whilst screaming.....:) after that I took retalin. (kind of chill pill)

I go to sport very intensive
or play my electric guitar with loads of volume :P

I think you have to acknowledge that you are angry and let yourself think about why and try to get on with living... its hard when you have something on your mind but sometimes you need to spend time with your feelings and work them through. When you decide exactly what is wrong then work on how to put it right. Sometimes that involves realising that there is nothing you can do - let things happen round you and maybe everything will work out.

Good luck!

I try to walk away in case I say something I regret.

Well if there is a person i am angry at I get away from them first. I might take a walk, listen to my Cds, write down what I amn feeling. I then go back to that person when I am sure I am calmed down enough to talk to them.

start cleaning

my first reaction is always anger but i dont necssarily show it if it isnt appropriate. when i know the person who is frustrating me and we're pretty close i will definately express how i feel and its usually me yelling and saying all these mean things that can really hurt someone. it's the truth, but it can still hurt.

i wrote in a journal(s) ever since the 8th grade up until after high school and it was the best way i could cope with my feelings since i wasnt able to show it. im the oldest of 7 kids and being the oldest.. you have to be invincable or something. at least in my family. writing in my journals was also meditating for me. i wasnt lying or beating around bush when writing. it was just for me and i could say/write anything in it. i just moved into my condo with my fiance and our child and i came across all of my journals. i browsed through some of them and it wasnt easy reading most of the things i wrote...but that's life. now that im older i know how to control my emotions and understand them and understand exactly what it is that triggers frustration. everyone is entitled to their own feelings but you shouldnt let it control you. youre n charge of the way you want to act and feel. you can control what you'll let bug you and what you can let slide off your shoulder.

i learned in psych class that its ourselves who makes us feel the way we do and that it isnt anyone's fault but ourselves. i just tend to forget that! :)

hope all is well with you.

i do cry sometimes when im frustrated and even throw my cell phone.

I frantic clean. Not a bad thing as my house is gleaming by the time i calm down.


I think for some reason when I get anywhere from frustrated, angry, UN organized thoughts that make me upset it helps to think of someone who loves you a lot like your Husband, wife, child, God, Friend etc.

i have someone i can blurt out to how i feel about things that hurt me. Music helps alot too. like "welcome to the black parade" by MCR they part where it's like "We'll carry on, we'll carry on" helps
and i suggest 12 stones' "The way i feel" it's awesome and it help alot. you can find them both on youtube.
Good Luck! ^_^

Lyndsey B
After finally escaping a 10 yr long violent marriage i found myself suddenly having a lot of anger, just came from nowhere, and i was struggling. Then a good friend of mine turned up with a large cuddly toy for me! She said that when my anger, hurt and frustration took hold i should go upstairs away from the kids etc and take it out on the teddy?? I thought she'd gone mad but it actually works!!!! If anger strikes i bash it, hit it, throw it, stamp on it and basically kill it till i feel less mad, then (if i need to) i cuddle it and cry into its fur! Basically you focus all ur anger etc on teddy and it becomes the person or thing causing ur stress then u give it a good beating! Instant relief without getting in trouble or hurt even more! Another friend of mine does the same but with a free standing kick boxing punch bag thing! Sounds all mental i know but i no longer have anger issues and frustrations getting much less xxx

have a good crying session cos after a while you wonder to yourself what you are bawling for

If I get very angry or frustrated and am at home I play rock and roll VERY LOUD, and vacuum, polish the furniture, do ironing, all at furious speed, so that by the time I have finished I am exhausted and too tired to be angry anymore. When I see the sparkling house I feel good and calm down and start to think rationally about whatever it was that got me so upset in the first place. Yes, sometimes I cry out of pure frustration, or shout in anger, but it doesn't solve whatever the problem caused the emotions in the first place. Only calm, rational thought about the cause, and its effect, can find the solution, thus sorting out the problem that caused all the fuss in the first place.

I have a punch bag and whenever I feel angry at someone I punch it and kick it while pretending it's them. That works for me. Or you could get a pillow and scream into it several times until you feel less angry. Keeping a diary and letting the emotions all just flood out through the pen is a really good way to feel less angry as well.

graham f
my dad has alzheimers and it`s massively frustrating and i can`t just walk away. i beat the hell out of my matress and yes the frustrations get so great that i cry like a baby sometimes. wotever u do don`t hold these frustrations in, that can be dangerous to ur health. talking is very good for frustration. if ur in a position to walk away then do it. going to relaxation classes are very good too such as tai chi (which i did) or yoga. going out wiv friends and having a laugh is priceless. i really hope this helps u

I let out my emotions...

and I know its bad :-(

I get in touch with a close friend who knows me well,
and chat until I am feeling better. Suppose this is a
substitute from visiting a Psycho, but they are never
around when needed and, more often than not, tell
you that you are wrong. Worst of all are the doctor‘s
bill. Try talking to a friend that you know will put up
with your shaggy dog‘s tale, will hear you out and that
helped you in the past. Good luck.

I usually just keep it to myself until I can go someplace that I'm alone, and then I cut myself. I wouldn't recommend you try that, but you asked what I do, not what I recommend others do.

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