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 Whats wrong with me?
i feel hollow inside i go from happy to sad, angry to calm at the drop of a hat i have tried stupid things like overdosing (didn't work luckily) i used to smile so much now all i do is walk ...

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 I will commit suicide next week?
ny dad is dead, mum is dying, my job has no future and dirty to work in, every relationship i have fails as i have 2 nice of a heart!
please tell me the best way to suicide painless!...

 Why is life so f***ing crap?
life is rubbish but I keep on living it for some strange reason.Iam suacidal and have been for 8 months,my parents are divorced,I am in thearipy,My boyfriend dumped me.Iam a good person that gets bad ...

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 Hi i self harm alot i do it when i am very angry or upset with things i will cut is there anyone that selfharm

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 Can't believe I'm actually asking about this...?
Yep, I feel dumb for asking about this; I just don't really believe in depression. (I know people will say it's real and I just have to go to the doc). Anyway, there have been SO MANY ...

 Its not fricken fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
i have 3 beautiful children,a boyfriend tht loves me very much..a nice apartment with nice things...in the past year, i cant work,cant drive,i have panic attacks,go to the hospital for the wierdest ...

 What do I say to my bf to bring about a positive change; he is bi-polar and an alcoholic?
He don't want to take his meds because he says he doesn't like the way it makes him feel. It takes away from his joking exciting attitude. I belive he drinks to self-medicate himself. When ...

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 How do i stop my mental illness?

 What does it mean if you constantly die in your dream?
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 How do you calm down when your stressed?

 Can anbody tell me?
what is the difference between being psycic, and hearing people that have passed away, even people who have died using the psycics body to comunicate, or hearing voices and being told you have ...

So much has gone wrong lately that I hate life what do I do?
My husband advised me he is with me because he has to be because of my name on his house, my son had biopolar and finally realize it and is getting help however it quite to late after 3 arrest fro smoking pot, I lost a case where I was given a permanent didability and I been told because of this I will die soon anyway. How do you go on. Do not say enjoy every moment you have because I cannot I tried and I just hate everything and everybody. I lost whast do I do ? Let go quit my medication and quit being a burden and then I will not have to watch my only son go to jail. That not sucide is it? I cannot kill myself because of my beleif in religion but just letting go is that OK?

Sunshine, is a gd name. Our thinking also d same always need to think-act-behave at the bright side then all the good end result will follow. A good attitude will always generate good result, a bad attitude will always generate bad results. tHIS is an absolute LAW of life.
Stress burden obstracles every person wil hv it, how to reliev it, is all bout v settle it, let it go, solve it out,, then only can reliev it. Talks less n need action now to settle ur problems one by one. Start up wif the most important first then -- follow by the less important one. Anyway while u solving 1 then may b the other come.. tHIS is call life.. every ind. of us hv diff, life experienced n experiences to deal n face,.
U hv the power to hate someone, why not u put all ur power and spend more time to do what u need to settle now..Channel ur mind to now.. what u need to do.. to be done .. n what is the best u can do nOW.. Change ur mind talks to positive that can helps u . courage urself..
DO our personal best of everything we do, don try to do something that out of our control.. better focus attention to do what i can do n what i can control of myself to do all the things that i need to do... It's all up to every each of the person how u think about it, n react to ..

J. C
Get really drunk. The next morning you'll feel like crap and want to die. Then once that wears off you'll realize that things aren't so bad and you'll feel stronger for having lived through the experience. And you might come to some life altering revolation.

My husband said the same to me the day of my mothers viewing and funeral last year, I wished I could die on the spot. But when I told my doctor that I wanted to die but would not kill myself , he told me to think of how my daughter would feel if she lost me , losing a mother is the worst, now I am divorcing my husband , it is very long and nasty ,but I pray to God everyday to get me through just 1 more day and hope and dream of a better future, I have no job , no money , but I do know that 1 day I will be free of a man who does not love me and I know there is a God who does love me and he loves you too, things will get better , life is worth living , tomorrow is another day and we can't know what good things it will bring unless we are here to see them and receive them . Many people here care what happens to you , Please do not give up on life or yourself.PS if you need a laugh rent a Tyler Perry movie, they are the funniest and very spiritual ,and help me through the worst days . And Yes you can will your 1/2 interest of your home with your name on it to who ever you like , I have done this so my husband won't get it if anything happens to me before the divorce is final, If you need a friend to talk to you can email me at okimatgirl@yahoo.ca my name is Tamiko. aka Miko

I sometimes hate life and people too. One thing that has helped me is that I got spiritual and positive thinking books. They really help me think better about life. I really believe we are all put here to learn and that if life wasn't difficult at times this wouldn't be earth, it would be heaven. Hang in there, things will get better.

Jesse W
Every one has problems in life some more great then others and it sounds like your going through some steep problems. The first thing you do is relax and treat your self you know go on vacation forget all your problems ( go by yourself or with a friend no family) then when you get back get your son back on track and if it means him hating you that's what you have to do make is life worse then yours and explain to him if you want to smoke pot this is what will become of your life if your husband is not helping you pull through this then sell the house get a divorce and give your son to him. let him deal with it and no stay on your meds.(what do you meen you gonna die soon anyway?) you gotta live life how you want to live it and not by how someone tells you and suicide is for the weak. And from what you sound like your going through your not weak. i hope for the best for you but as for me i just relax no matter how hard it is i always just relax cause stress can be the first leading cause to death. well i hope you do what you think is rite. and what you got to remember is to stay strong.

no its not ok stay on ur meds and just keep hanging in there if u give up ur not just giving up on urself but to ur son as well look im not an expert on this but i do kno that ur son needs u and ur support stay there 4 ur son trust in god that he will make things right in the future just have faith and dont give up

David P
Yes letting go is suicide. If its within your knowledge it will kill you it constitutes as much. And maybe you need to get some real help like with a psychologist. And by the sound of it that may seem to you like still being a burden. You can't just sit back and watch it all leave you. You have to fight for everything. If your husband is being a punk then simply leave him before he leaves you. Look around and find groups that have your same problem and can help you through your troubles with their experiences. But in the end no matter what any answer that is given to you it has to be you who wants it. I can babble for hours but that all it will be is babbling if you don't believe in what's right. Life is truelly beautiful and I pray you can find it in you to fight for every moment you can get.

Go see a therapist immediately.

Doctor Phil
First of all, I'm deeply sorry with your situation. You have gone through a lot (basically hell) your life is basically worthless to you and its not getting better, but it can. LIfe isn't just about having a good life, it's about making the ones around you have a good life while they can. Your life is on its way to the end and its very depressing and can be quite morose, I can't honestly tell you or relate to you at all but if you need advice there is one canidate for that.

Look up Randy Pausch Last Lecture on youtube, he is going to die and is giving his last lecture at his college, i find it inspiring and i think it can help you.

Don't try to end your life, dont quit the medication, there is always something in life worth living for, the brick walls in life are there to stop the people that dont want them bad enough, dont do the drugs, help your son and make sure he knows you love him and try your hardest to find the better things in life and pray to god and he will help because thats what god does for us.

do NOT give up hope and kill yourself.
it makes you a big coward. face your life.
get help from someone

Diane Y
Just because your name is on the house, you can leave it to someone else other than your spouse, your half of it and then where will he be!!! Your son is bipolar, well, big deal, I am, my daughter is and my grandson is also and he ran away from home May 2 and will not go back home, I know where he is. Life is Life and make the most of what you have. Your son may go to jail but what if it gets him off of pot? What if he starts thinking about what is ahead of him? What if he stabilizes on the medications? You can always appeal the decision, instead of feeling sorry for yourself. God didn't say that life was going to be a bed of roses, there is always going to be thorns and you have to adjust. If life hands you lemons, make lemonade....Good Luck, If you need to contact me (as a friend) my email is dyates2948@aol.com I'm sorry if this is not the answer you want but I have found out that if you look around there is always someone in worst shape than you are...I have not had an easy life, I have buried two husbands thru auto accidents, one recently and I have just had to rely on my faith...with God I can all things thru him...

things will get better,
don't worry

Man, god bless you and make a bad situation and turn it around in every eay possible!!
goddd bless! man!

Omgsh this is really serious. I cannot say that I know how you feel, however just recently I was very depressed and it seemed like my life just totally caved in. The best thing that I can tell you is to first seek Jesus He is definitely the ultimate in healing. Pray hard and don't give up. Its not your job to give up..for all you know there could be a healing waiting on you. Not to give false hopes but we really dont know what Gods plan is for you. Take this time to strengthen your spiritual relationship and engross yourself with your friends. Keep them around you. LAUGH I promise its good for you. Also I cannot stress enough how important it is to have good positive people around you. If you don't know any, e-mail me and we can be e-mail friends lol I'll keep you in my prayers.

it's not how long you live, but what you do with your life that matters. use your own experiences to help others. do not think of yourself as a burden. your life is what you make of it. if you tell yourself that you are happy then you will be happy. if you are filled with hate then you will hate everything. when you wake up, tell yourself that today is going to be a great day. even if things aren't going perfect, just keep it in your head that you are terrific. remember that God loves you and live your life for him, not your husband, not your son.

trust me even though things are bad now they get better and you should try to have the best time you can in life because you only get one.

Try to be at peace now , I am concentrating all the love I can at you , and I believe the depression will lift. Your due for a good cycle, let it begin, blessed be.

Relax and put them out let them go somewhere to have fun for a couple of days and you get all the stress of of u and relax and try to have the most fun when they get back and yall all go somewhere to have the most fun as could be

if there screwing up then its ok to let them go. and try to start a new life and have fun wit it. or go help a cause. do somethin to make adifferencn ur lif.

don't let go. go outside and just watch the sun cast its shadow and the breeze following through the trees. listen to the birds sing. clear your mind and everything else will follow. you need you be strong for your son and yourself. be free to live...

You shouldn't just let go. God has you here for a reason. And
even if your son is in jail don't you think he would want someone
to be there for him, "YOU"!

Control what you can control. Consider the consequences of your choices, both good and bad. Make the right choices. Surround yourself with whatever you can muster that will make you feel good. Don't feel sorry for yourself about things that are out of your control.

Do that consistently and you will feel better. If not, seek professional help. If you have a hard time considering the choices/consequences/possibilities, and everything is just going crazy in your head, then you also should consider talking to a professional.

share your problem with a good psychiatrist. Tell him everything.

Eric J
if you've tryed to enjoy everything than go to everyone that has made a difference in your life and thank them or pray for them if you cant reach them...good luck

do what you want to do, i can't blame you u for wanting to kill your self but docters are stupid so there a 45 percent chance there wroung but only u can make the choice,personly i'd do a ritual,but i'm not you, even so if u need some info on a ritual just contact me.

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