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Schizophrenia. Mental illness or just highly intellegent with psychic senses?


jennie m
a cheese burger short an happy meal!

mentel illness because adhd is a mental illness and adhd poeple are smart somethem are

I say mental basket case.

Well, since there's no such thing as normal exists when it comes to describing mind, Schizophrenia is merely different kind of mind. Mental illness is a term only used when certain condition is severe enough for someone to carry out normal life in a given society.

lexi m
Mental illness.

Is it psychic to think that the North Koreans are poisoning the water? (The water in the mental hospital.)

you forgot delusional

ive got some experiance in this area and ill just say that everybody is for lack of a better word crazy but its to what degree because the really crazy ones are the ones who are acting on there crazy thoughts but the ket to returning yourself to sanity is honesty to self chew on that for a while

I have a close friend who suffers from this. I agree she is very, very intelligent and she would agree she has psychic senses. Her case is a definite mental illness.

I have always believed that there is a very fine line between genius and for lack of a better word "crazy". It seems that most people who suffer with this disease are extremely intelligent and more times than not creative people. I've also noticed how intuitive they can be. I'm not so sure that it's about being psychic. I feel that their senses are amped up to the point where they can pick up subtle cues from people in their body language and perhaps even scents that the average person would be oblivious to. In a nutshell, they "feel" more than we do.

This person should take his/her meds

i have worked with hundreds of schizophrenic people, over the past thirty years, and believe it is a form of mental illness. some can be very intelligent, but if they do have psychic sense, it does not work very well for them. it causes a great deal of distress, when it in not treated with medications. hearing constant loud threatening voices in your head, having thoughts of persecution. hallucinating, both visual,distortion of reality and sometimes olfactory, {smell} , and sometimes disoriented to time , person , and place is not my idea of a psychic sense, but a dysfunction of the brain, which can be often genetic.

I can say with 100% certainty that Schizophrenia has NOTHING to do with intellegence and NOTHING to do with being psychic! I have a close family member who has this and I can tell you they are wrong 100% of the time in their paranoia.

It is a myth that people who experience the symptoms of the major mental illness of schizophrenia have special abilities. That myth includes remarkable intelligence, ESP, supercreativity, spiritual communication, sophisticated pattern recognition, ad infinitum. The truth is that many who are afflicted by the symptoms of schizophrenia are at a woeful disadvantage when dealing with and trying to explain their experience.

I experience schizophrenia. I am exceptionally intelligent due to the education my parents provided for me and the ability to think critically - not because I have a major mental illness.

While actively treating my illness (complying with my medications), I am simply an average guy that can articulate my thoughts an feelings slightly better than my peers. While not treating my illness, I end up living under bridges, clutching a Mother Goose book and unable to walk in any direction that deviates 20 degrees or more from facing the sun.

I think the US Army and the Three Little Pigs distributed the misinformation that shcizophrenics are psychic. This gets the hippies looking the other way and following madmen.

(Just a spot of "crazy" for you). Good luck.

Mental Illness. Some people are just downright intelligent, no matter what "flaws" mentally they may have. These people are very interesting to talk to. I have come across a few, and although you could immediately tell that they were intelligent, you could also tell that something was not really right. This would be over a bit of time after they continued to talk. Everything appeared normal at first, and then it hits you that there was an oddity about that person. With proper medication, this oddity becomes less noticeable, but always there.
As far as psychic ability- you either have it or you don't (mentally ill or not).

A little more detail would really be helpful. Are you talking about yourself or someone else? What is going on that you would ask about these illnesses? Schizophrenia is any one of a large group of psychotic disorders characterized by a gross distortion of reality, disturbances of language & communication, withdrawn from scociety, disorganization & fragmented thoughts of perception & emotional reactions. These are only some of the personality of a schizophrenic. Mental illness can display many of the same symptoms. The difference is there is no known cause for schizophrenia. While mental illness is caused by a genetic factors. Forget psychic abillities, one has nothing to do with other. As far as being intellegent with these disorders, there are many recorded facts on those who have a sever mental illness or retardation who can display amazing mental feats, mostly involving music, puzzle solving & the abiliy to be able to manipulate numbers. These people are called Idiot Savants. I hate it being called that. It's a terrible put down as far as I'm concerned. So there you have it. A little bit of info on all of them.

It is most deff. a mental illness. If you have been diagnosed then get help from a licensed proffesional.

Clown Knows
Schizophrenia is a disorder in which people have difficulty taking in information, interpreting that information, and then appropriately acting upon that information. On the other hand hallucinations are symptoms of a number of disorders including schizophrenia or depression. The inablity to correctly process information around themself is a mental health issue.

mum of 2
somebody very close to me has schizophrenia, and he would like to think of himself as psychic even though the rest of us can see that the things he says clearly make no sense at all, however when he takes his meds then he is just a regular guy. i think that its pretty sad that most of these people know nothing about this mental illness and feel the need to make fun about things they could never understand

mental illness

I know, I know!!!!
Definately mental illness. Have you ever actually KNOWN anyone with Schizophrenia? I have. It's scary.

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