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Please help me Im crying and I need help please?
Im sick and tired of them fighting every day over everything and anything.
it starts as a little thing like the soda can is on the floor and ends up with my mom saying hes a lazy pig and bringing up things about my step dads family EVERY DAY
i know people say that married couples always fight,but not like this.
they fight and i start crying and my mom yells at me when i tell them to stop then she starts saying how i probably am closer to him than her
please help.who can i call

Additional Details
im only 15 and i cant just go live with family,theyre in jamaica and i dont have any money

omg, im sry for u!! try somthing to bring them closer agian, and if that doesnt work, tell her how its making u feel. say ur gonna run away, then if they dont stope, go to a friends house for a while and stay there.

sorry to hear you are goin thru this hun . When they start fighting go for walk go to your room . do something to try not to be in the middle of it . Hopefully one day they will see who is being hurt the most from all of this is you. go put on headphones. i will say a prayer for you and your family

well theres this teen help like i know that knows everything from top to bottom it really helps at this point all you can really do is accept whats happening because tgere is truely no way of stopping what has already taken place all you need to know is that none of this is because of you, i know everyone says that but its true!!! but really, call the teen help line it helps you deal with things way above your head. i hope i helped solve the conflict. i really hope things work out i know how you feel i've experienced it before dont worrie your not allone.

Teen Help Line Number: 1-888-222-2228

Luv ya Kristi

Emily A
Don't cry sweetie.Its not your problem so what are you crying for? Its non of your business so just let them bicker all they want till they realize what they do is stupid and pointless.My parents used to do it all the time but Its like whatever to me.What does it matter to me? But they now learned to get along.Im praying for you.

Savannah F
I have a similar problem, they fight about absolutely everything right? and it may start out as a simple sarcastic remark, and then explodes. Is your mom really sensitive, cause mine is. If i agree with my dad, she will give me the silent treatment. My best advise, is to leave if you can, don't get involved, and find a good friend whom you trust.

sweet heart call your best friend talk it out with your best friend try to talk to your mom and dad when thay are not fighting let them know how you feal anduch you love them and try to help them out and suggest some type of counseling i am 27 years old and i live with my father but he is very sick and i am takeing care of him my mom left us when i was 13 and it has been me and my dad ever since we have had fights but hay my mouther and father mean the world to me i love them both and will do any thing for eather of them even though thay dont love each outher any more but you have a choice to make to do something about this b4 it gets to that point to whare you will end up with only one pearnt arround to take care of you i made the mistake of not trying to help my father and mouther out dont make the same mistake i did and act b4 it is 2 late

Chloe Snow
excercise to relieve stress

I feel really bad for you, but don't let it get to you. Think, this is their problem, I won't let it affect my life. Go to your room, call your friends, watch TV, anything fun to get your mind off that. Also, maybe go to the mall or to a movie with a friend or older relative. Call any friends, cousins, grandparents, older people you trust, and talk to them, let them help you. Also, ignore your parents if they fight. Don't get mad, don't let it ruin your life. Make the best of your time, and do your own things that make you happy. Maybe try to talking separately (or together) with your mom and step dad, but talk really nicely, tell them how you feel, and tell them you don't want them to fight. Maybe they will stop. I really hope my advice helped, and just don't worry. Be a strong person, and stop crying, smile! Look in the mirror, smile, and say good things about yourself to your reflection. Good luck, and have fun, so you don't worry about this. LAST THING: Be REALLY nice to both your mom and step dad. This will put them in a good mood, and they might not yell as much. Also, if you see that soda can on the floor, try to pick it up yourself. Do other things around the house to help your parents out, and so they don't get as mad at each other! ♥

Its seems like your parents have serious issues and they need to see someone about it. Maybe you could tell them that you feel caught in the middle of their arguments and they can make an effort not to take their anger out on you. If they do, then its a form of abuse. Your mom is trying to get you to take sides. Refuse to do so. Instead, keep yourself busy with other things and dont get involved in their fighting.

If you feel comfortable enough, try talking to another adult- a teacher or mentor or another family member about the problem. Then they can try to come up with a solution.

Ya,I know how you feel.
I have a step dad.
I dont know about you,but I feel sad at first,and then I get mad and just wish they would shout up.But for me they start to fight about who works more and who does more things,then they start taking there anger out on other things and yell so loud you could here them across the street.I dont know if you could call me becaus I live in North dakota.But if we could,or atleast type back in forth I think that would be really cool.Peace Out!

counseling or if your not into that get out of the house when they start fighting. Get an outdoor hobby or something.

kyle s
i kinda know your pain i mean. my mom does the same thing.
if you dont like him ignore your mom and ask her something everytme she starts
and besides its everyday right you could get a counselor to deal with the situation. i myself hate nagging its against the law to nag its called harass ment you could be legal and call police

family counseling!

it'll be okay just let yourself no that tell yourself and wen they arnt fighting talk to them and tell them how you feel about the whole situation at hand itll be okay itll be okay let them find out for themselves how to handle the situation
~bridgett~ 14

Judith B
Im sorry to hear this...well there is nothing i say that can make you feel better just hope for the best...They might be going througha rough time just hope it ends soon they dont know how much they are causing you to hurt...BEST WISHES

danielle a
Okay hun,

everything will be alright...for something to get you through the night put on a funny movie maybe blast your music something like that to drown it out.

You need to sit your mom down one day just you and her and talk to her abouot it. If you feel like you cant talk to her about it then you need to bring in another adult or someone that you know could probably help out with the situation like your moms mom or something like that who can help approach the situation with you. Make sure its someone that your mom knows so when you talk to her she doesnt feel like shes being attacked. This seems to me like its not something little that its something big and it needs to be taken care of.

dont be afraid to get help!
best wishes........


What you need to do is either ( because I don't know your age ). One, get emancipated. And what that is where you go to court and prove to the judge that you are responsible enough to take care of yourself, and you need to show him/her that you are responsible enough to support yourself in the "real world". You need to have a well paying job and you have to have a place to stay or your own place like an apartment, a house etc. This way you can leave your house and not have to worry about the fighting anymore. Or two, you can just move out if you are 18. Your parents can't make you live in their house. But if you are under 18 then emancipation is the way to go. This link will explain everything that you need to know about emancipation. And if you still want more references then look on bottom article on this web page.


I hoped I helped.
PS: E-Mail me if I did
Good luck

Hmm...well, honestly, I'm not quite sure, if there isn't any physical abuse going on in your family. Though, it might be a good idea to look up some mental health facilities in your area and talk to them about it, physical abuse or not. Make sure to talk about all your feelings, and everything they say/do. The situation might get more complicated, but at least you'll have people to support you.

get some help from the school counseling

The Goose
You're a smart young person to ask for help with your issue. Good for you!

I think you're under a lot of stress, and you need someone who is professional who can help you - not really someone in your family because they can be biased in their thinking.

Can you trust your teachers, or guidance counselor at school? Even a policeman.

The situation you are in is obviously not healthy.

Google "youth counseling" or something similar to that...

You are doing the right thing though by asking for help - there is nothing wrong with that!

We all hope things get better soon.

Don't leave things on the floor. How easy is that. If they are being abusive, call the cops.

Social services.

My friend is in the same situation, except her dad is being mean.
She called them, and they seemed to help a lot.
You can also call your friends, they are always reliable.

@nim@l Lover
Call your friend, just let it all out

Kelly S
It's difficult I know. You must be feeling torn between your parents. And when they fight, you feel insecure as well. It's an awful, helpless feeling so I am not surprised that you are crying.
I know it's hard, but when parents fight, it's best to stay right out of the way - don't add comments or say anything as this tends to add fuel to the fire.
Recognise that this is "their stuff" and go quietly to your room, put some earplugs in your ears or some earphones and listen to soothing music and read.
Whatever you do, don't get pulled into anyone else's fighting.
If things become violent, that's a different story, then you can phone authorities such as the police for domestic violence.

Move in with a close friend or family. Nobody deserves to go through this. Or call a counseling center in your area and ask for help.

I hope everything works out (=

i know what u saying. there ain't much 2 do bout dat. u could try running away 2 ur friends house leaving a note saying "u wont come back till they stop fighting and show that they love they".. most couples will change. they just need 2 loose what they have 2 help them realize how much pain they put u through..... i really hope this helps. i hate it when my parents fight.

omigosh im so sorry i know what ur going through my 'rents are EXACTLY like that.........music got me through sum dark days as well as my closes friends and/or pets i hope things work out.....
try songs like
If every one cared by Nickel back
or Headstrong by Trapt
or songs by Eminem like toy soldier mocking bird, when i'm gone, and My Immortal by Evanescence

Rosa E
You should sit down & talk to your mom when this stuff isn't happeneing & tell her how you feel & how it is affecting you. You could call on God & pour your heart out to Him. He is a very good listener & He loves you very much & cares about your life.

Your family is struggling to stay together from everything. I think the problem is your mom..how she brings up past problems, but i'm glad you care. You love your parents so..you can't stand how they fight and argue. Don't worry..it's normal to cry and hurt ..when the two people you love are fighting and ..hating each other. Your mom seems to have emotional problems, and seems that she needs someone to help soothe her.

I ..wish..i can go over where you are..and give you a hug and tell you everything will be alright, but i am here and you are there. Everyone struggles, but some have people support and others don't. If you do..that's good; if you don't..be strong..endure all this..and show the world how strong you are...show the world what you are capable of fighting..don't let this get you.. you don't deserve all this pain..you don't deserve all this hurt. You deserve to be truely happy..as a family..you are no different from others..don't bring yourself lower. No matter what happens..your parents love you. Whatever they may say to you..whatever they may do ..they love you. Just know that and don't forget.
You can call to the god you worship..you can call to your friends who cares about you..you can email me..if you like. There are people out in this world..that cares for you..they want you to be safe..and not get hurt. call out and see who comes.

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