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 What makes you happy and sad?

My life is pointless why can't I just die already?
I feel so alone all the time.

I work & I have lots of responsibility but I don't get on with key people. I tried to transfer and they said they didn't want me. My last work had friends but no responsibility. I get work isn't about me it's about business.

I am doing a Uni course to get good marks to get into somewhere else. It's a creative course but I stopped trying to be creative last year because the tutors hated my creative work and like my "I'll just follow the criteria then" work.

My "friends" are too busy to see me or stuff me around and try to boss me around.

My parents bought a house today, I think it's worse than we have now. But it's their money, their choice, whatever.

I haven't been in love for 10 years, most boys I like don't feel the same/stuff me round. I don't have hope there is someone.

I've been diagnosed depressed before and on tablets but this is more about why bother? I'm Christian, but dunno if I deserve heaven. I'm always in pain, wasting earth real estate.

Julie H
It sounds like you have a multitude of problems. Here are my observations:
1) You are spoiled and selfish.
2) You are self-centered.
3) You are demanding.
4) You are depressed.
5) The reason you have no friends and haven't been in love for over 10 years is because you are so negative about everything, you drive everyone away that would be interested in you. People tolerate you for work but not outside of work. You need to rethink the image you are projecting. I would guess that you are jealous and do not ever smile. You can always find the negative side of everything. Right?

Your parents bought you a house and you complain about it? Change your attitude and you will change your life for the better.

stop whining, and get out into the world.
if you need some help and don't have a trusted, non judgemental friend, then see a therapist or counselor.

you have a new start every day,

You were loved enough for Christ to die for you.

Go love on some one else. You cannot be a functional Christian without assuming your role in the body. The folks around you need your uniqueness and talents. Thats why you were created. To honor God.

It don't always feel good,
no one is happy ALL the time,
but you can have peace in your trials.

Been there / done that. life IS worth living....

If you were to accept all of this, it would all turn around.

Just surrender your resistance and keep doing so.
It's now 100% your choice.

See depression treatments, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris on page 2, and practise daily, one of the relaxation techniques there, or on page 11. There are even Christian options, such as focusing on a crucifix, or picture of the Madonna, or repetition of: "Help me, Jesus", or similar. Find friends through your church, or online: keep trying. Consider volunteering, even from home, at first", then, at least, you know you would be performing the useful function of helping others. Ever thought of becoming a Big Sister? Or visiting ill children, in hospital. Or taking a disadvantaged young person on an excursion, for a day?

we all have a purpose in life, try to find it, you won't deserve heaven if you wish to die or surrender

No,No, sweet heart, problem is part of live and we have to deal with it, problem gives live flavor and you are going to test it after you overcome them, time and forgetting is the only healing. Ged rid of any responsibility that stresses you out or get someone to help you with, don't forget you have a responsibility to make yourself happy,too, you have to divide these responsibility equally, taking care of yourself to achieve happiness and taking care of other things. Remember some time we bring depression to our live by our own hands. Just get rid of of anything puts you down!

You think you've got problems. I'm 56 and have NEVER been in love...

Hello, I'm going to cut to the chase on this one, sweetie. It really sounds as though you are depressed and you don't love yourself. Believe me people are avoiding you because they sense this. Try this... fake it til you make it, as far a loving or even liking yourself. People will follow your lead. Just pretend, especially around others that you are really someone people want to be around. Just try it. After a while it will become a part of your true personality. btw am i the only one wondering why the hell Princess Diana had to break into song?????????? lol

Try to just smile. Somehow just smiling can put you in a better mood. Even if you have to force it. If you do something to yourself, your parents and family will be in great pain as well. You deserve happiness. Not every experience is great, but do try and focus on the positive and not the negative. You can always contact me to talk if needed.

Force a smile for 5 minutes. Just try it and see.

Dying will hurt more than you're hurting right now. If you're going to die one day anyway, why die now when you can die decades later? Have Hope. Life can become better, and years later you'll be laughing at the way you have been. This could be a test on your endurance from God. If people seem to be ignoring you or bossing you around, confront them. Follow your dreams, because without them you will have nothing. There must be someone out there who will appreciate your work and you as a person, and it doesn't have to be right now. You have a right to live and have happiness. If you die right now you might never get to feel it, and it is Much better than death (who knows what is lurking behind it?).

Lou C
Wellbutrin has helped me have a sense of well being.

God does not make any mistakes . You have been put here for a purpose. Start with an appreciative attitude.
Be thankful and appreciative and look for the positive in your life.
Positive attitude begets positive action and positive conversation. Positive conversation begets positive environment and so on.
To really be thankful for all you have is to really look around you.
You will see so many people that have situations much less fortunate than yourself.

Positive attitude makes a more positive life.

Wow~ are you practicing your Christianity? No, I'm not being harsh, God put everyone and everything here for a purpose.
Perhaps you've not found your purpose yet.

I might suggest a couple of books for you:
A Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren
and The Law Of Attraction by Jerry and Esther Hicks
or go to Abraham-Hicks.com and read some about the way we attract things to us in our lives.

You are attracting negative people because you are negative and depressed. Medications are not the answer in 99.9% of the cases, it boils down to your mindset.
Change your attitude and your life will change.
You have nothing to lose by trying it.

Good Luck and Be Well~

grow up have confidences
live a little

make the most of life
leave the stress at home or something
go get inspired

Kristy C
Suicide is not an answer or solution. If you need someone to love you, I do. You remind me of myself. We are here for a purpose or God would not have put us here. Do you have a close friend you could talk to about what she/he feels are your strengths and weaknesses as a friend, co-worker and girlfriend. It might be hard to hear, but it will give you a starting point to turning your life around. I had a person that I really respected and like turn me away. When I confronted her she told me I was petty, negative and she didn't want to be around me anymore. It hurt a lot, but I changed. I had to. It might be time for you to change. Take courage from God and go for it.

You will succeed! I have faith in you!

Do nice things for other people. It should make you feel better knowing you made someone smile. I think you might start to realize that life is more about giving and sharing with others, instead of always thinking about yourself...

it's actually quite amazing realizing that making others happy, you make yourself happy.

Alot of people are suffering sweetie..it is a battle that has to be fought..I have Bi-Polar and have thought of suicide..But when I stop and look around at all the people that I have that love me I make that thought go away.Suicide is not the answer..I lost someone to suicide almost 2 years ago..And it is something that I will never get over..You may leave this world and not feel anymore pain...But your loved ones will be back here suffering from your being gone and guilt that never goes away.You need to pray and ask God for His help..He is there and He will help you..Also talking to your family will help..And this is one thing I remember when I am having a bad day..Always remember somebody somewhere is having it worse than you..I mean we may have a chemical imbalance in our brains but we can walk,hear,see and think of the people who have cancer or any other terminal disease..They are fighting to live..They don't want to die..And really when it boils down to it nobody really wants to.You just have to find a way to fight through somethings and accept what we have been dealt in life...But never ever give up..Take care and God bless

You are harder on your self than what other people probably are. You cannot depend on other people to make you happy. Maybe, maybe not, you need an anti-depressant, that's up to you and your Doctor. Find a hobby or club to join, hang out with friends from Church etc... As for if you deserve Heaven, the only way anyone deserves Heaven is through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pick up your head and quit having a pity party, things will start looking better for you. God loves you no matter what. God Bless!

it sounds to me that your meds really aren't working...you should go see your doctor and get different ones.
Life is ALWAYS worth living weather it is for yourself or someone else giving up on it isn't an option. No one is wasted real estate...think of your parents..did they waste their time in raising you to be a good person? I don't think so. Get some new friends...try a new hobby..go back to being creative if it makes you happy. go someplace new for a boyfriend...maybe something that you like to do (bar library,church etc)and above all pray for strength in life. Without some faith all will seem lost!

julie n
Listen i know life is tough right know you need to see a couserler someone to talk to maybe for right know get on some meds. I have been there my ex stalk me beat me and and I thought my life was over. It went on For 3yrs. I was deppressed and wanted the same thing. But I hung on 6yrs later and im still seeing a counseler cuz its good for you. I got my life back im not deppressed i stayed on the meds and i have a boyfriend who loves me. Boys know when a girl is not up to par so i promise when you do all this your life will change with boyz.

You might try living for the main purpose we're all here - helping others in need. That would help you get out of yourself and into giving. It's very self rewarding. There's a great book out called "Real Magic" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. He teaches you how to be happy, healthy, successful and prosperous in daily life through positive thinking and action. You may try studying this book to get some good ideas that will bring you out of your painful rut.

Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. It doesn't go away without treatment and medication. My depression is in remission now for 4 years through my use of medication. Don't give up. You're not alone. Good luck to you.

aw im so sorry. no body should be that upset, i really do think you should see someone to talk about it, like a therapist or just a close friend that'll listen, you could talk to me even!

I hate to say this and I don't mean to sound nasty, but the reason people probably don't like to be around you is because you have such a pesimistic attitude, and no-one likes to be around someone who makes them feel miserable. You really need to learn to start seing the good things in your life, rather than just pointing out the bad. Once you do that, you will probably find that more people will like you and your life will become allot better.

$mitty Cent
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