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 How do i accept myself for who i am and not just see my faults?
many people ive met have toldme to love myself and complimented me on many occassions. they tell me to stop putting myself down and start believing in me. but i dont know how....

 How do help out my depressed boyfriend who wants to kill himself soon?
I have no idea and I feel like i have the weight of the world on my shoulders.
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help as in....stopping him....

i cut. i stopped for about 3 years and now its haunting me again. i dont know how to stop and i cant seek help because i dont want my mom to find out again. she basically almost killed herself the ...

 What are the signs of depression?
lately i havent really been in the mood to do anything.
i havent left out my house in 2 weeks. my friends keep asking me to go to places that sound fun but i just dont want to. all i do is stay ...

 Can someone give me some advise?
I am 26 yr oldfemale - I am feeling really out of sorts, I am having trouble sleeping, eating and generally functioning - i am either asleep or in tears! I was on Floroxitine when i was younger, but ...

 What is the cure to depression ?
i think all depressed people just need hope.. they need to see that things will get better.. in your opinion whats the cure to depressed people ?...

 Is it possible to forget how to cry?

 My mom's 32 year old boyfriend pissed the bed should i get him some goodnights?

 If you cut yourself, or have in the past, what is/was your reason? How did you stop?
There are lots of reasons people harm themselves.
I'm just wondering what most people say.

If you still struggle with this self harm, i hope the best for you. I hope you can find ...

 Too smart for schizophrenia?
can you be too smart to be a schizophernic? I'm definatly on the edge of being a schizophrenic, I could explain it but I don't think it's neccessary. I feel I'm too smart to ...

 Suicide... why does it look so good?
I just spent 4 days with a guy I'd been talking to on the internet. It was great; he was my first time and we held each other and talked. But he told me he wants someone else and I just know ...

 Should I tell my family about my depression?
I've been depressed for about 11 years but only found out 7 months ago. I've been on medication since then and even though I was hesitant to believe a drug would help, it really did. Only ...

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 How do I make my 28 year old sister grow up?!?
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 I have a weird feeling like im gonna die tommorw?
why do I feel nervous and paranoid i feel really nervous about tmrw. Like something bad is going to happend is this telling me something i know this sounds weird but im scared to death i dont feel ...

 Does adolescent cutting indicate a mental health issue or disorder?

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This person is no longer an adolescent. She is 26 years old now and tried to commit suicide twice last year. We have a 13 month old son and are going through a ...

 I'm getting tired of being bullied help!!?
ok so i know this wont sound like much but thid kid keeps calling me waldo and he harrases me about it everyday and i keep telling this kid off and making him look like a loser but he wont stop so ...

 What does death feel like?

Is there someone that I can call to talk to?
I asked my mother to call me this morning to make sure I was OK, but she didn’t. She says I’m not allowed to bother the rest of my family with my problems, because I keep doing it and it upsets them. I have no friends. Are there any numbers I can call before I do something stupid?

it depends. are you a rapist?

I would call a local homeless shelter and ask if you can volunteer to help people with real problems.

BOY TOWN NATIONAL HOTLINE 1800-448-3000. I hope it helps you. Take it easy.

Nolan's Mommy
1-800 809-9957
hope these help
not sure if they work from any state..found them online

im not saying you can call me.
but people shouldnt tell their phone#
on this.. (at least ask to have them email you)

CHRIST help me
just search for any helpline (if u r feeling depressed), depends on yr country

life is too precious just to be wasted away


literally...i'm not being sarcastic, that is an actual number that will help talk out your problems

Yeah how about this........think about what you just wrote to everyone in here.........you just admitted to us that you know that you might do something stupid. Well how about thinking about not doing something stupid. We know you can think about doing something stupid so you must be able to not do something stupid too.

But if you really need someone to talk to look in the Yellow Pages in the phone book.......under Mental Health.......you should find something in there and if not call one of the numbers and ask them if they know of anyone.

Jerry Lee

lists a bunch of *depression* support groups,


lists a bunch of counseling services.

If you get really desperate, I suppose "911" would be appropriate.

well there are hotlines and everything where random people can help you and everything im not sure if they cost money or not but that might work or see a shrink or something it will help or just talk to a friend thats there for you and you trust that person with everything

Amanda T
It is hard for us to help if we don't know where you are located. In Texas, for example, we have a place called MHMR (mental health mental retardation). They give you free counseling and meds if you need them...
I know how you feel about family...I have several siblings and we don't even speak...
Find something to do that is productive and makes you feel useful. I don't attend a church, but people say that you can talk to the preacher or his wife when you have any kind of problem and you might make some friends there. If you feel like doing something stupid, then check yourself into a hospital....they will help you and not judge as it seems your family is doing. If your problems are of your own making, you can understand why your family might not want to hear about them anymore...and they can't help you...you have tried that right....??? Get some serious help, get back on track and enjoy your life because that is all we truly have...

It probably isn't a good idea to talk to people you meet over the internet; even though they may well be trustworthy, there's no way of knowing.

The Samaritans are a group that confidentially and non-judgmentally listen to people: a trusted charity, they have connections in most countries. They're trained and sympathetic :) Their e-mail address is


Phone numbers for them (charged at your local rate)
UK: 08457 90 90 90
ROI: 1850 60 90 90

P.O. Box 90 90

If you prefer you can visit your local branch:
"It's our aim to offer support in any way we can. This includes opening our doors in most of our 202 branches for clients to come in and talk face-to-face in total confidence with one of our volunteers."


If you're in the USA, there's a lifeline on 1-800-273-TALK

Otherwise, you can search for one in your area here:

Hope that helps :))

Be careful just talking to anyone online - there are a lot of nuts out there!!! In the phone book, they list numbers to call for suicide hotline, etc. Don't do anything stupid, just call one of those counselors and they will help you, guaranteed!!!!

"You keep doing it", I assume that you are bothering them with your problems, too much? What kind of problems do you have? and what does "do something stupid?" mean. When I hear the word "doing something stupid", I hear suicide. I think that a counselor should be able to help you. You seem to be in a rejection cycle, you want them to show that they love you by caring, but what you get back is, they are "bothered", and the more they are bothered and don't show the love that you are looking for the more problems arise. You are locked into their response, and evidently they don't have the Love or don't know how to give it. Can you see that you are creating a self fullfilling prophecy. I would choose a counselor that believes in positive thinking so that you can break out of the victim mode.
I don't know what your beliefs are, but going to God with problems is a good thing to do. You have to be able to let go of the problem and trust, however, and depending on your faith, that may be hard to do.
I would suggest a councelor, they will listen and respond. Counceling is free in many areas.

kiki 5
how old are you? where do you live? there are many places to call if you are having problems. depending on your problems. i cannot imagine a mother that won't listen to her child...please let me know if i can help

1st of all dont do anything stupid, life is too precious, call an 800 help # for depression and talk to a professional

Lost In Space
I wonder what stupid things u want to do and why? Well if i had a number i would give it to u. So what family do u have that they want u to keep away?

heres a website of hotline numbers i hope you can find something ur in my prayers good luck

awwwww... idk where ur from so i cant give u any numbers. i'm srry. :( hope everything gets better. remember,everyting happens for a reason. trust me, dont think its that bad. everyone has their ups and downs. dont wrry. its life.

1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK.
Call right away! They can help big time!

look in the phone book or call the local hospital and find a mental health hotline. there are trained professionals that can help you.

Chris C
I'm sorry to hear that your family is not willing to support you, Cybele. You do need people around you that will listen and at least try to understand your feelings.

I have found a few resources that might work for you. Besides these, if you're not feeling too desperate, it would probably help for you to talk to a therapist. They are skilled in listening, understanding and providing insights that you can use to make life more tolerable for you.

I am sending hugs your way and wishes that you find support and happiness in 2008.

Here are a few places to start:
http://www.ineedafriendnow.com 800-996-0201
http://www.hopeline.com/ 1-800-442-HOPE (4673)
http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

you can e-mail me and we can chat

Ramzey S
O.k.miss, i want to say that: be calm & please dnt do any thing that you well hate ur self in the Future, can u give me ur E-mail just to get conncted with u,
this is my mine; ramzey_nothing@hotmail.fr
& this is my nbr. 212 79567907
& i wanna be ur friend if u Want...

You can e-mail me. Merry Christmas! :D

Go to a health clinic and ask for help. You will be better off talking to a therapist than talking to your family.

Hi--National Mental Health Association (NMHA): (800) 969-6642; or, in a crisis: (800) SUICIDE (784-2433)
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI): (800) 950-6264
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: (800) 826-3632

Take Care & Good Luck!! ; )

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