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 Big bottom women on the bus.............HELP!!?
Ah yes, there are lots of them here in the US, but here is my complaint! I am not one to judge someone by their waste size, but there comes a time when you have to draw the line, literally!! This ...

 My daughter says she keeps her dad locked up in a cage in her brain cuz she is scared of him, is she crazy?

 Would you kill yourself if your family weren't alive to make you feel guilty about it?
Do we all stay alive because we can't bear to put our families through the grief of suicide? If we had no parents to worry about upsetting (and no children) and maybe only a couple of friends ...

 Does long term Cannabis abuse cause mental illnesses?

 At 51 I am looking for change?
I am 51years old and need to make some changes . I now work for myself doing Home Improvements. I know I am not charging the right prices for the work I do. I work long hours and never get ahead with ...

 Any advice? my life is plummeting?
iv asked questions here before. sometimes i received good answers, many times i received not good ones such as "See a doctor." so im not expecting the best from this but id like any advice ...

 Can someone tell me about bi polar?
I just came back from a date with a girl I recently met. She was acting different tonight, kind of jittery, talking a lot of rubbish and acting evasive towards me. Last time we spoke she was fine and ...

 Am i normal?
when i try to urinate,i need everyone to leave the house and i turn on the water and fan. i also have to take all my clothes off and stand in a specific position. i have this phobia that i don't ...

 Advice. what should i do if my best friend is cutting her self?
should i get her help or should i stay out of it?? please ...

 Why i feel so much atraction for adult disposable diapers,specialy white?

 Hey everyone.. do u know how to calm nerves down?? i get tense quick and i want to know how to reduce it?

 Should my dad be disappointed in me?
Should my dad be disappointed in me?
Yesterday the school sent out progress report cards to all students just to inform parents on how their child is doing. When my dad saw my he was very mad ...

 Your personal experiences on shrooms?
What are your experiences with shrooms? whats the trip like are colors all messed up and stuff or do you actually see things that arent there because a friend of mine told me he saw dwarfs running ...

 2 Stalkers: What am I doing wrong?
I was terrorized by two stalkers within the last 3 years.

Is there something within my personality that makes me vulnerable?

How can I correct this so I don't become ...

 What is the best way to get rid of tension?

 Do you feel that you are always influenced by what others think?
I am a very grounded person. I have probably done almost everything right my whole entire life. However, I feel that my decisions are always based around what others (mainly family) think I should do ...

 Please answer!! - 10 points for best answer!?
I'm 16 and i feel so sad all the time, and sometimes i even get so sad and low that i really just think "I want to die".

Do i need to see a doctor?


 Whats so bad about swearing?
i seriously never understood what is so bad about swearing i mean their just words whats so bad about them. i mean whats so bad about the f word or the s word. their just words, i mean if your saying ...

 Why is my 12yr old boy afraid of night time?
he saw a scary face on the internet a few weeks ago and has been fretting ever since about being kidnapped and been burluged he in a very bright ...

 Death fears......?
Does anyone have an uncontrable fear of death? I lye awake at night sometimes and scare myself stupid, with the thoughts of what happens and just the fact that one day IT IS going to happen to me! W...

Is there anyone in your family that pisses you off all the time?
My brother and mother piss me off all day and everyday. I mean I just can not wait till I move off to college, the army, Westpoint something. AHHH they drive me nuts!
Additional Details
I mean my brother is on the phone all day, 1am I can’t sleep because he is having a full blown conversation. My mom yells about nothing, I take off a Christmas tablecloth in February and she mad at me. They need to die for like a month or something. If they yell at me one more time...

YESSS. I'm sorry to say this, but my mom makes me angry at least once a day. She's not a bad person, but I don't know, there's always a way to make me angry.

It's okay that they piss you off, but you still love them, right?? ^_^


california girl
my grandma, that's why she's in Texas and I'm in California.

my little brother, but little siblings are supposed to be pissing you off every minute of your life. Its practically their job. But once in a while, they're really sweet and you'll regret all the hate you've had in them. Even though family and friends piss you off, they're always gonna be everything to you.

my aunt michelle.........shes about 36, didnt finish college,doesnt work and sits on her *** all day at my grandmas not doing anything. did i mention that she has 4 children that she doesnt take care of and a husband that lives in the house with her and doesnt pay any bills. i cant stand her because shes just a freeloader.

With language like you use, no wonder everyone seems to get your goat. Did you ever try to be polite ,clean up your language, and be cooperative and nice to to your family? Maybe then they wouldn't get you pissed off!

family is everything...someday you'll realize that...

Manda Bear
My mom!! She is living with us for the time being, and as soon as she walks through the door, she starts griping about everything! She wakes up, " (sigh) It's hot! (rolls her eyes) what does he think he's doing? Lord, give me strength!" SHE DRIVES ME TO DRINK!!!
p.s.-That is on a good day!

My grandparents on my mom's side, my aunt, and I dunno, most of my mom's side of the family. I live on my own, I turn 20 in a couple of days and they still want to control me. Arggg, it pisses me off.

xo winter-angel xo
I can't stand my grandmother and my aunt on my dad's side. They're so selfish and annoying, ugghh, i can't stand them. When my dad passed away, i never went over and said hello to my aunt or grandmother, so the last time i saw him at the funeral home, i was crying so hard. My grandmother came up to me and said "do u rememeber who i am, did u forget". She was so rude, and my aunt was the one who told her to do it. I was compeltely humiliated. That's why i hate them

There's always someone. But when they're gone, all that doesn't really matter anymore.

a few

my mother pisses me off evryday and i take care of her so be glad you get to go off to college.

Not all the time, but a lot. One family member is constantly interrupting when I am telling a story, and of course his story can top mine. He needs attention 24/7.

yes my Mother

My sister and brother in law get on my nerves so bad. They try to act all preppy and rich when they make the same if not less than me and my husband. My husbands sister just happens to have a rich mother and father in law to help pay their bills for them.

MY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

freak of nature
my sister sometimes ijust want to call her a *****

My dad and usually he's doing it on purpose.

my sister... sometimes my parents

Yes! My whole family! They get on my nerves all time time!

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