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Dreaming Dead
Is there a natural way to relieve panic attacks?
I get short of breath, pains in my chest, stomachache, dizziness and sweating over the slightest things. If I go to the Dr., I'm told it's depression, not anxiety and I'm put on anti- deps. I know I'm not depressed, I just get myself wound up easily.

Is there either a natural way to help, or something I can buy off prescription? (I'm in the UK)

Eva x

There is a natural remedy called "Bliss" the doctor just told me about it for my son. also another called "Serenity" . try a health food or vitamin shop

breath in & out with a paper bag covering your mouth & nose until the panic attack goes away

If I were you I would go back to your doctor and DEMAND to be referred to a cognitive behaviour therapist. Exaggerate your symptoms if you have to.

You may have to wait a bit, but cognitive behaviour therapy is very good for treating panic attacks.

In the meantime, exercise and a healthy diet can work wonders.

Also, avoid caffeine - it makes anxiety worse.

I'd say avoid alcohol as well, cos that also makes anxiety worse, but that's easier said than done if you go out Friday / Saturday nights.

Definitely avoid caffeine though.

Maybe think about trying yoga and meditation too - they can help you feel more relaxed generally, and so may reduce the amount of panic attacks you have.

Learn to chill..............and feed that spirit.......would help.

sharon p
positive thinking deep breaths and repeating i am ok this is JUST a panic attack


Those are the same things I felt when I had major anxiety problems.

If you want something natural to take for your anxiety, try taking a daily dose of fish oil. I suffered with anxiety and depression when I was in my twenties. I am 100% convinced that the fish oil is responsible for my relief. I started by taking just one capsule per day. After about 2 weeks I could feel it working. I started taking more every day. After a number of months, my symptoms were completely gone. I am on a mission to tell everyone about this. The stuff is relatively cheap and very effective. If you want to you can read my whole story at http://www.finallysomethingworked.com

Best wishes

no name ♥« ♥ »♥´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
Would you believe me if I told you that if you learnt to manage it and have it under control you would not need to take anything?

Learn to switch off and disconnect, not to be afraid of it, disempower it and then it will just disappear. I promise.

relax more. Laugh more, esp at yourself.

Puppy Zwolle
Breathing techniques. It will both get you back to normal mentally and physically.

Key is to remember to do it once the attack starts.

Save Money Guide
If you really are suffering a panic attack, the easiest way to relieve this is to take several deep breaths into a paper bag at your mouth, slowly breathing in and out. DON'T use a plastic bag. This method is used by first-aiders to quickly relieve symptoms.

To stop yourself 'getting wound up easily', take deep breaths (without the aid of a bag) when you feel yourself getting under pressure.

Really you are your best doctor. Try and control your situation, or avoid situations which you know will cause you stress. Learn to walk away.

Hope you soon feel better.

Regards Jo.

valerian hops

First do as said in prescription and spent most of your time either playing with kids, gardening and smiling lot of smiling and smiling and smiling and smiling alot

Slow down your breathing.If that is not affective cover your nose and mouth with a paper bag and breath in and out for a while.It will stop you over ventilating reducing the oxygen in your bloodstream and take you out of the spiral which keeps the panic attack going.

in the long term, regular exercise will help a lot. short term, try rescue remedy

The best thing you can do in a situation like that is to stop. CALM THE F*** DOWN. and breath. I know it's hard. But i used to have them after I had my third child. I used to have nightmares about hunter. But now when i look him in the eyes, i just breath and calm myself down and think about how wonderful he is.

yes you need to think positive.

every time you have a panic attack as anything bad ever happened to you your self...NO

so you need to know that nothing bad will happen or ever will.
just remember this and in time your attacks will go

just remember they is nothing going to happen and act normal
and after it passes look around and you will see people would not even a noticed you had one.

kind regards x Kitti x

When I was in 'panic attack mode' I would jog on the spot,,gives a vent for all that Adrenalin. Get well soon. P.S. you CAN get over them.

no Eva you don't need to buy anything all you need to do is avoid anything that makes you depressed and if you can't avoid it try to deal with it in your own time,slowly, calmly and try to avoid any stress.

Lolly ™
Try rescue remedy, i take it before i go on a plane as I get quite anxious, it helps keep me calm.

take care

You could try kalms

Crazy Diamond
I went to an anxiety management course years ago through my doctors and it learned inside and out the causes and what do about them, what triggers them and how to stop it. I was sceptical about going and didnt think it would stop me panicking but it has done the world of good. I dont let panic take over me now. See if there are similar thing your doctor can refer you too. Good luck.

Who on earth told you that is is depression and not anxiety?????

They often both go hand in hand.
The best thing for anxiety and panic attacks to ward them off forever is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - which teached you to reassure yourself. It works exceptionally well.
It is just a matter of retraining your thinking - it takes a few weeks to get under control but research shows that it is the most effective. It is even more effective for anxiety and panic if it is used in conjunction with the SSRI antidpressant group.


Lucy W
I get really bad panic attacks too! My b/f's normally there to help me calm down but I find the bes thing to do is to sit crossed legged on the floor with your arms backwards so your stretching in a sense! Breath like you would if you were having a baby! It looks stupid but it really helps me!

Also... hot drinks have really helped me coz I used to get them just before I went to bed... they slow your heartrate down so it relaxes you! Also... stay awake from energy drinks! There's an acidic flavouring in them that causes friction with your heartrate so apparently works you up!

Hope i've helped a little :-)

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