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Is there a food I can eat that will make me feel less depressed?
I've been depressed for a few months now and I don't want to take pills or go to a therapy session. I haven't told anyone because i think some people will think I'm being over dramatic, won't take me seriously, or my mom might begin to worry about me. I'm sixteen, so it's not like i can go to a doctor to get a prescription by myself, and I don't think there's a nonprescription anti-depressant. So, that's why I'm wondering if anyone knows of a food that can make people feel better.. Not like i have much of an appetite anymore, but i want to try something to shake this feeling..

disney actress^^
Dark Choclate, it has something in it that will make you happy

i am a winner

try lots of chocolate and a nice hot bath with candles - feel better.

Cecilia L
Chocolate, dark. it releases endorphins, giving people the feeling that they are in love. Chocolate ice cream. Pickles. Try them out. try to exercise more and listen to happy music.

Dark chocolate has been medically proven to help relieve depression.

sana x




= D

Chocolate but when you come down you are back where you started. Try funny comedy shows, keeps me going. My therapist says excercise is very good for depression and others tell me the same but I am so not up for that - no motivation.

try white chocolate...if you don't have acne problems:)
It helps me when i'm feeling low.

Eat foods that will make you feel energized. Like fruits and vegetables (grapes, strawberries, grapefruit, apples, oranges, cucumbers, watermelon etc). Drinking water will also make you feel energized because its hydrating your body.

Eating anything high in sugar will just make you feel energized and then you crash because of the sugar rush. Eating poorly can also be whats making you depressed.

Oscar R
ice cream

food w Vitamin D!!

bananas are supposed to increase your seretonin production (the feel-good hormone)

You can try red beets (I kid you not). The most tasty way to prepare them are to roast them in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper. Anything high in Vitamin B, may also help. You can try taking a vitamin pill with B and C, and see how it goes. However, if you do not feel better, think about talking to your mom. Depression may run in the family (be hereditary).

Junk food!

THEY SAY ST JOHNS WORT SUPPLIMENTS are good 4 depression, don't need a Rx.

You should see a doctor though. In this day and age there is no reason to be depressed.

Amber S
having your parents worry about you isnt that bad,its a good way to make oyu feel more important an dthne you can get the help you might need.
im 17 and bi-polar so i know how it feels ;)
but food wise-eating really healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and drinking lots of water does tend to make people happier because a healthy body makes your mind healthy.
also exercising builds endorphines which also tend to make you happier. running works really well :D

Dawn R
blueberries make me feel better they have something in it that calms you. chocolate helps too. but i really think you may need to see a dr, only you know your mom, but talking with her i think would help. at your age with hormones ect... its normal to feel different things. in the long run food wont help but if you can get ahold of it now it will be easier to deal with. good luck

Mario R
A food that might make you happy is a banana/chocolate shake with vanilla ice cream just thinking about it makes me smile lol. and good luck be happy don't worry lol

sally b
I heard that pomagranites are so good for you in stress, idk why,. I think that they have so much good things in it, that it just makes you feel good all over. it is so good too!

blue skies
Food itself is not going to help you get out of your depression. You need to exercise and keep active. If exercise doesn't help, then counseling might be a good route to take.

Medication can just mask the problem rather than solving the root cause. That's why it's best to seek counseling/therapy. Maybe take up yoga or meditation... which helps release those negative feelings.

If it's a serious case of depression, medication might be necessary.

*disclaimer: we aren't doctors or certified professionals here. You should probably seek a doctor and explain the situation if it's worsening.

Cyd Blake
If your feeling this down, you should at least consider going to see a professional. There ar people that do it confidentially, so nobody else has to know and it doesn't even go on your medical record.

As for foods, it is rumoured chocolate has "happy hormones" it it which temporarily elevate your mood.

Excercise causes the body to release endorphins, which also elevate your mood and make you feel happier. Try going for a run, or simply keep your self up and about to make yourself feel better.


fruits and vegetables

Hmm im not sure if food will make it any better though, but it is true when people are depressed they tend to eat alot, but i think the best food is sugary foods or junk foods.
Just becareful not to get tooo fat, and if your worried about your weight, hanging out with your friends or family can always make you feel happy!
Well i hope you feel better!

mashed potatos and sweet dreams hot tea are my fix.

I am quite depressed most of the time too. like that charlie brown quote.

the tea is mint and Chamomile. really relaxes me. then the mashed potatos are just my comfort food. taco rice makes me happy too.

Im not a big chocolate girl unless it has something in it besides just chocolate (nuts, crunchies, caramel, something)

I hope that helped a little...

oh and strawberry cheesecake icecream.
i dont even really like cheesecake but this is amazing.

Baked Salmon. Brown Rice. 100% whole wheat bread. Lots of water.

Yes, bananas. Change your diet and exercise routine. Just eat lots of dark green leafy salads, and bananas and you might consider taking b-Complex vitamins which have been proven to alter mood. Remember that while you are in your teen years, depression is very common. It could be hormonal, but it's real and it hurts. Exercise kiddo, just walk, or dance in your room if your self conscious...Yoga is wonderful, and so is meditation and relaxing breathing techniques. You will be all right, it just going to take some time, but try the iron rich, high b-Complex diet and see if that doesn't help you out, it's going to take a good couple of weeks for it to really start to kick in, hang in there.

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