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 I sometimes think that people can read my mind. Is this normal?
There are certain people who I think can read my mind and it makes me scared. Is it normal?

also, i'd appreciate it if I'd get more answers to this question

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Is it normal to dream, EVERY NIGHT, of a deceased loved one? (SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY)?
My grandmother just passed away about a week and a half ago, and ever since her funeral last Monday, it never fails that every night I dream about her. It is making me crazy because I was very, VERY close to her, and in almost every dream she is waking up from the coma she was in before she died and is talking. Am I losing my mind?

Jeanne- LEAVES Military Ministry
Please accept my heartfelt condolences on your loss. You must be in so much pain. Almost anything is "normal" this close to the death of a loved one. It will get better, I promise.

If, in a few months, you still feel sad most of the time, or lose interest in stuff that used to be fun - call a psychologist. Do the same if at any point you start to have thoughts about hurting yourself or if the dreams affect your sleep to the point that you have trouble functioning during the daytime.

May God bless your healing, and bring peace to your heart.

Sir J
Sure... you're in mourning and still grieving for her. That's a good thing. Time heals all wounds and this too will pass. It helps to journal (diary) your feelings and talk to others in your family.

Clyde S
No. You're grieving. Its a normal process.

Sorry to read about your grandma's passing.
You're not losing your mind. When I went through my divorce, I dreamt about my ex husband every night and woke up in pain. It lasted quite a while, but eventually it stopped as I got over it. I'm afraid that you might experience something similar. Expect this to continue until you're completely over it. Sometimes you may think you're over something, but it does come back in a dream nonetheless.

jaipaul d
maybe you think about her before you sleep and remember she is no longer your grandmother,the devil can use her to bring her to you in your dream, it can be real seeing her too.

This is normal. When my mother died I dreamt about her every night and this went on for weeks, but it was not good dreams. I dreamt I was at her funeral and she would sit up and look around the room until she spotted me. I hated going to sleep at night. I talked with a friend of mine and she said she read that if you wrote that person a letter it would help. So I wrote my mother a letter telling her about my dreams and I said that I would love to dream of her but that if I had a choice of dreaming the bad dreams and not dreaming of her I would prefer not to dream of her. Believe it or not the dreams stopped. I still have that letter and its been 11 years now. Try it just might work for you too. Take care.

No. You are not losing your mind. You were close and her death affected you. Dreams are often a way to work problems and emotionals issue out for ourselves. You will come to terms with it, but it takes time. Usually about six months to accept an idea or concept, it will work itself out. Don't worry about it; it may help to discuss your feelings with someone else who also was close to her.

It is all part of the healing process.

You are NOT losing your mind. If you feel like you didn't get closure, this can be a way of your mind giving you that closure. It's very normal. Don't let it make you crazy, just look at it as a gift and see what you can learn from your dreams. What we don't deal with in the daytime when we are awake, our minds will deal with at night in our dreams.

Well, as a phychologist, I would say it is normal for the period that you are experiencing. Most "dreams" of lost ones can stay on forever, or so you think. The "dreams" varies from person to person, and from the degree of afection. In your particular case, it is very normal. And it is also normal that the action repeats itself every night.
Here is a chart to help you:
deceased family memeber: 2 weeks - 8 weeks of frequent dreaming, up to 5 years of occasional dreaming
deceased friend(close): 1 week to 2 weeks, up to a year of occasional dreaming
deceased friend: 0 days - 3 days, up to a week of occasional dreaming
deceased person (unknown, on TV i.e) 0 days (most likely)- 4 days (VERY RARE), up to a week,(very, very rare, but happened before)
note: if the dreams continue after the max periode, consult medical help.

No, you're not crazy. When my best friend died in October, I kept having a reoccuring dream of getting the phonecall when I found out he had gotten killed. After a while I accepted his death, and I began to have comforting dreams where he would visit me in the night and we would talk like we used to. Your situation is just too fresh for you to cope, that's all. You should probably talk to somebody and let out your emotions, or else you'll keep it bottled up inside and you'll never be able to forgive yourself. I'm sorry for your loss :(

No you are not.. i think its just because you were close to her that you think about her even when you are sleeping. You are trying to recall the memories you two have shared and that makes you dream of her all the time.

my mom's mom (my grandmother) passed away on March 22, 2006 and my b-day was march 26, 2006 and my moms b-day was march 19, 2006.

SAD :(

iti s normal

No, you are not losing your mind and, in fact, what you describe is very normal. Because you & your grandmother were both very close, her spirit is still reaching out to you & trying to communicate. When you have these dreams, talk to her & listen. Maybe what you hear will bring you some comfort & peace. My condolences to you on your loss.

Scott B
You tend to dream what is strongest within your subconscious mind. you are not experiencing an abnormality. There ARE ways to CONTROL your dreams!

Angela B
This is a normal part of the grieving process. You go through many stages of grieving; part of this is your shock or denial stage where you really can't believe that she had died ... and it is reflected in your dreams.

When my older brother died several years ago, I had many dreams of him ... it was like he was alive, but there was something wrong with him. Only just before awakening, I would realize he was dead.

Yes it is normal but unconiously you wanted to tell her goodbye and you didn't get to, so your mind recreates the same picture over again, its hard for you to except, pray tonight about it and tell yourself its ok,think of the closeness and love you both shared and say" bye love you to. loss is very hard in time it does get easyer to except shes with you in spirit, and your memores they last forever.

jenny in ohio
Your probably still in shock over her death. In time it will ease. Why not just enjoy these dreams and try and find some comfort from them. I'm sorry for your loss.

no your not losing your mind. its normal it is her trying to talk to you maybe comfort you because you were soo close just be happy that u can see her in your dreams. she must have loved you alot to visit you every night.

This is normal. I never had a dream about my dad after right after the funeral, but I could feel him around me and weird things would happen. About 6 months after he passed I got a tattoo in his honor. He played craps in Vegas and won money at it. He even had a special way that he would throw his dice. I got a tattoo of dice the same way that he throw it. That night he came to me in my dreams.


No you're definitely not losing your mind hun. I have this myself. I was told that when a loved one dies they come to you in a dream to show you their ok, to pass on a message, to talk to you or to just stick around till your moving on with their death.

This could be why you keep dreaming of your Grandmother. When you dream of her tonight, listen to what she is saying and if you can remember, write down details of the dream on a piece of paper. Even speak to your Grandmother like you did when she was alive.

She is still with you ok and she's probably trying to show you that in her own way. I'm very sorry about your loss. :-)

you're ok,don't worry.you just miss her a lot.just hang on and you'll be ok.promise:)

bigbullier b
yes it is very normal to dream about a deceased love one even every night!! you were very close to that persona and its a natural reaction!!! no need to worry and best of luck and oyu have my deepest sympathy

rick j
it is possible that you are dealing with your loss on a sub-concious level ,perhaps you have'nt been able to deal with it in your awake life so the only way your able to understand or cope is through your dream state. perhaps you should talk with your family or friends and express your feelings of the loss and perhaps recieve closure.

It's all right. You dream about what's on your mind, and your grandmother's death is so recent that you think about her a lot. And if you want, you could think of it as your grandmother giving you some peace by visiting you in your dreams.

i think it's normal, i dream about certain things when i have them in the back of my mind, i think your subconscious kicks in and that's why you're dreaming of her, you're fine

You are probably missing her very much, and sometimes strange things happen when we loose someone , maybe you feel some kind of guilt, think about it,like maybe you felt you did not get to see her enough, and maybe according to your dreams, she is trying to tell you something, that's why you see her waking from a coma, and she probably does not want to see you suffering. Talk to her and see what happens, in the mean time, sometimes they need prayers, i have found it helped, she would not want her death to hinder your life in anyway. take care, and keep busy, volunteer at a nursing home, ect.......

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