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Is it normal for a 14 year old boy to be depressed?
i don't why i am but i have been depressed and i want to know if it is normal for a 14 boy to be depressed?

It is normal, but don't worry, it will soon pass. You have your whole life ahead of you, don't let the little things bring you down.

a 2 year old can be depressed

Very much so.

Hahaha It all depends, If you have 2 broken wrist or both of your hands are badly blistered and you cant choke your chicken then i would say Yes it is normal to be depressed hahaha

Yes, it is normal. I am 21 and I have anxiety and depression

what exactly makes you depressed?? if it's not serious enough to see a psychologist, you could make a list of what depresses you and see if it's really that bad

Yes very much so! However that does not mean that you should not talk to someone about it. It would be in your best interest to talk to an adult that you can trust and let them know how you are feeling.

no it is not normal but it is very common .... dont let it drag u to the floor .

yes, i was very depressed when i was 14, also

We all get depressed at times but constant or frequent depression is abnormal. How do you get along with your family? At your age, that can be a problem. How are things at school? Do you have a problem with some teachers, classes or other students?
Talk to a counselor or a trusted adult knowledgeable about such matters.

Lisa M
It is probably a combination of things that made you depressed. Hormones, the rigours of high school, more expected of you. Have you spoken with your family doctor and your parents about this? You don't have to go through it alone, better to catch it now then to suffer from depression the rest of your adult life. They say if you treat the first episode right away, you have a much better chance at not being susceptible to another episode.
In the meantime, are you into sports? That is a great outlet and helps you feel better because it balances, somewhat anyway, the biochemistry. But talk to a doctor. Good luck.


no it's not normal at your age to be depressed. What is making you sad? talk to your mother or father. if you don't want to talk to them about it ther are numbers you can call just for depression. but you really need to talk to someone who can help you.

alot of teens go thru it...its called teen depression...there are medications for it and i would suggest going to your doctor and talking to him or her about it... teen depression has been proven to bring 70 % of teens to suicide b-cux they feel as though there is no place to turn to... i hope you get better...and if your health care professional wants to give you meds for it reasearch the meds first some of the depression meds just make it worse! best of luckt o you, hope you get better...
p.s. if u dnt want meds go c a counsillor that might help...
take care sweetie

Not really, sometimes its normal for teens to get depressed cuz their body is changing and stuff. I know I was wicked depressed a couple years ago for like a month in the summer but I got out of it.

If you have like suicidal thoughts thats probably not normal and I would suggest talking to someone about it.

Just make sure to have fun and live life to your fullest - you cant waste it feeling sorry for yourself.

Good Luck - I hope you feel better.

I agree with Sunchine's answer. It is normal for EVERYONE to have ups and downs. If you are down very often and you feel like you can't hardly get out of bed in the morning or feel like crying a lot you should talk to someone. If parents are out of the question then try a guidance counselor at school or another adult you trust.

Raven S
it is probably just a phase....i went through it when i was your age and im a girl...but im pretty sure u wil grow out of it. if u dont, talk to ur parents!!! good luck and cheer up. im sure ur a great person

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Depression is common in teens for the following reasons; hormones out of whack, major life changes, relationship problems, conflict with parents, school situations, stress from all of the above due to lack of coping skills.

Take some time to ask yourself why you think you are depressed. What happened? If there isn't one thing you can pin down, then assume it is hormonal or you need to seek out better coping skills for problems.

Don't worry, most people experience a down mood once in a while. Depression is something that really knocks you down for the count. There is a difference. If you feel you are truely depressed, I suggest you seek out the counselor at school and discuss this with your parents.

It is quite common for 14-year-olds (boys and girls) to be depressed. Talk to your parents about it. They can get some help for you. I've battled depression for some time. I know what you are going through. Talk to someone about it. Good luck.

I went to a therpist to take a depression test. Now i have a severe case of depression you can take online quizzes to see if you are depressed.

in todays sociaty I can not fathom how everyone is not totaly depressed

This a very normal. For one you're starting puberty and will have frequent change of emotions. You're going through alot of changes inside and out. You probably try to put a reason on it like how you dont fit in or how life isnt working out for you but it's only a phase and you will get out of it sooner or later

Please talk with someone about your depression. Start with your Parents. Good Luck!

f o

I think 14 year olds are very prone to depression.

Yes , Puberty does strange things to teens and depression is one of many. Let your parents know how you are feeling and they will help you thru this.

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