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ellen s
Is a mentally ill person allowed to vote?


What do you mean? Like common illnesses like depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia? Yes. I'm sure that if the illness confines you to some sort of home then no but that's just because of the inability to release you to the public.

I think so, after all the government wouldn't want to exclude themselves would they?

yes.. not all mentally ill people are "crazy". You can have depression and be considered "mentally ill".. so yes, they can vote.

If you excluded anyone with a diagnosable mental illness from voting you'd be excluding a huge percentage of the population. I'm not sure what the number is but you're at 4% only counting 'serious' mental illnesses. That number will be WAY bigger if you count garden variety depression and minor OCD and personality disorders and all that stuff.

Personally I think everyone who votes should have to pass a basic test on the policies of the candidate they're voting for and structure of government.

They even let dead people vote in Seattle.

I've seen people in sf vote many times so I guess the answer is yes.

Well they are allowed to be president so why not sweetheart?

The Dictator
yes,Tony Blair does it all the time.

How do you think Bush got in?

Yeh, of course!?!

yes they are called conservatives.

nope! i dont think so.

Do n't we allow mentally ill person to run for office?

Sure, that's how Bush got elected.


YEAH!!!! why shouldnt them be allowed to vote if there over 18?

Heather K
if they're old enough to vote and can get to the polls, yes.


yes they are providing they are over 18 and are on the electoral roll for the area they live

Depends on the type of mental illness

khq q
The poor Democracy admitts "one person one vote."
every person has equal value.

Saudi Geoff
Yes... and a lot of them do!

Well most of America did... for old Georgey boy... so I would say yes.

Not if they are under Section.
Convicted criminals who are serving time are not allowed to vote either.

yes he /she is allowed to vote.

but the person may not be aware of the benefits of the voting.

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