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Is a menstrual period every 21 days or 28 days? I think mine arrives every 21!?

Additional Details
yeah 21 days after the last one!

George Adamson
Disgusting :/

being male from my experince it was three weeks of heaven and one week of hell

my doc was just telling me that any period that comes around every 21 days, needs to be checked. ( i had had one every 24 days and she said that was ok, i was worried about that!). good luck

Well its supposed to be every 28! But each person varies, I on the other hand from you, get mine only 4times a year, i have seen specailists who assure me that there is not a definite answer to 'how often your cycle runs, although if you wish to regulate your period, you can take the pill, insuring you are in control of the cycle!

louise r
everyone is different, there is no need to worry, if you worry they may stop for a while and that would be worse ..... right?
vicious cycle i am afraid. doctors and family planning clinic have all the big worded leaflets but in all honesty if your regular enough then you are absolutely fine

foxy and the bigness of chritain
I think there is something wrong with you , you were supposed to put this in womens health and it ended up on meatal health , lucky it werent jokes and riddles

every women is differrnt it is 28 days but it can come earlier and finsih earlier too, your quite normal

nicola c
it can be 21 or 28. every one is different mine is 28. hope this helps

its supposed to arrive every 28 days but some peoples do arrive earlier than that.

This, some-what of an easy question but i find myself laughing slightly not because of your question bur because i was asked the same question today as i am every month.
Medically speaking your menstrual cycle should occur every 28 days. However in saying this it can deviate alot from person to person.
If you are normally very regular and begin your cycle within a couple of days either side of 21 days use the 21 day cycle as your gauge.
Problems can occur if u do not have a regular mestrual cycle for whatever reason then it can be a guessing game as u have to be prepared all the time (just incase).
Fluctuation in your cycle can be due to various causes after childbirth it is very common. However i dont think this will apply to you so usually 28 days between each menstrual cycle.
However, if your own cycle has been different from adolence and remained that way this will be what is normal for u.
Hope u have a great holiday and take care.........

Cecile K
Mine is also every 21 days!!! Bad isn't it? But mine is lighter than most of my friends,which is a good thing.

Is it 21 days AFTER the end of your last one?
In which case start to start would be 28 days.

Edit: Pretty much what jazzman just said c'mon we're blokes what do we know (other than logic)?

28 is the average but it can be longer and shorter - it is a bit of a pain for you that they come slightly more often than most, but perfectly normal.

It's 28 days and you start counting from the day your period started.

28 days is the standard, but not everyone is standard. I used to get my period for 2-3 weeks at a time. If you are concerned about it, talk to your doctor and get on birth controll. It helps regulate you.

nice loverly

Normal for you is normal. Don't worry. Over your lifetime it may change. That's normal too.

its usually every 28 but all women are different.some women have theirs every 21 and others 28

If you were on the pill you would take 21 tablets and then stop for 7 days for your period.
Think this is because a lot of people have a 28 day cycle.
Mine used to be very irregular sometime 6 weeks others 2 weeks between periods, that was normal for me.

all women are different, it varies

The average is 28, but if yours is more or less, there really isn't anything to worry about- these figures are only averages, and your body might not conform to them.

n c
Hang on i'll just ask the wife..............she just shouted at me so i'll tell you in 28 days time.

well looking at this from a logical point of view rather than from a woman's prepective;

If your period starts 21 days from when the last one ended, assuming that your period last 5-7 days, this would give you a menstrual cycle of 26-28 days.

But I'm a guy so what do I know eh!

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