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Im so tired of being mentally ill. Why does no one listen in real world?
i mean seriously if i broke an arm (which i know would be very painful) id be rushed to A and E. If i had a virus my doctor would see me but when i mention mental illness to my doc (i even got to the stage of saying "i have a panic disorder i need drugs or therapy) i get this look no sorry a snigger. I am so tired of the attitude. My parents are the best parents in the world. When i was ill they would nurse me back to full health but when i told them i was mentally ill they told me i had watched too much televison, that i was following a trend, looking for attention, lasy, imagining things, lacking control, selfish, childish, silly) Now i sit at home, i had to quit work and the annoying thing is im clever, i can work hard but this panic hold me back and im tired of suffering. I have tried even admitting myself to A and E, several doc and help lines latter i am on this. I'm done pretending im fine and im done with the attitudes pple have towards me. Can i buy drugs online? seriously

you feel very sorry for yourself don't you dear?

Maxi Robespierre
You can go to your GP and explain this and say you want treatment and they will take you to the mental health hospital and check you in and give you the right drugs.

Oh, honey. I'm sorry. I know what you're going through- I have generalized anxiety disorder, which has many of the same symptoms. Does your school have a counsellor? Most schools have people trained to help you get help from professionals, or help you talk to your parents about things like this.

^^^Those sites may help you out a little as well.

It's disappointing that your parents don't believe you, but don't give up. Keep trying to talk to them about it. Eventually they may see that you aren't playing around and help you.

How old are you? Are you old enough to be able to sign yourself up for therapy? You wouldn't go to the dentist for a headache; a normal doctor usually wouldn't make the cut for this type of thing. You need a specialist.

I don't know if I helped much, but I certainly wish you the best of luck. If you have any questions you think I could help you with, you can contact me through my profile.



Jo-Ann M
You have actually brought tears to my eyes tonight. I can't believe that in this day and age in the society we live in you're being treated this way by your GP. Firstly I think you should look into getting a counsellor... short term maybe because he could point you in the right direction ie a psychiatric ward somewhere if he can get a diagnosis for you. There is help available for you. I think that your GP sounds like a real idiot. A nd to be honest I think the parents of our generation (I'm 29) no matter how good they are don't know how to deal with mental illness. My sister died of pneumonia which was heroin induced. The only reason she was on heroin in the first place was because she had such severe psychiatric issues. That was 3 years ago and she was only 31. Please don't start taking drugs .. they'll only add to your probems. Have you got a good friend to support you and what part of the world are you in??? Here's a big hug *:():* do you like it. I just invented it!!?? Try to let me know how you're doing as soon as you like x

Music Gal
Drugs aren't the answer. Go to a local ER and tell them you need serious help (especially if you're suicidal).

You don't have to suffer. And you're right..with mental illness people dismiss you...but you don't have to be.

Good luck!

Its sad that many people still attach a stigma to those who suffer from mental illnesses, even more so when a professional behaves like your gp did.

You should seek out group meetings of people in a similar situation and perhaps change your gp to one who is a bit better at treating disorders of this nature.

Drugs are not the solution and should always be looked at as a temporary soloution.

There are many groups available that i feeel could help you, try www.familyaware.org for starters.

youre not alone

Yes, you can....but don't. You need to get a referral and appointment with someone who is known to be good with Anxiety Disorders. Do not give up! Get the help you need...insist on it! If you are as clever as you say, you CAN do this! kjl

Being intelligent can sometimes be a bad thing, generally people will look at you and think, because you're clever and successful you're also happy, but intelligence and success can also bring failure, and the higher up the ladder the harder the fall.
3½ years ago I was earning £35k, and there was a promotion and pay-rise just on the horizon, beautiful young wife and son, from the outside people though my future was paved with gold, now I live in a bedsit with very little to show for my 44 years on this planet, and survive on Anti-Depressants.
But nobody knows what goes on inside your head, most of the time we don't even know what's going on inside our own heads, hence the surprise at most nervous breakdowns, nobody can see them coming.
I was talking to my psychologist today, we both 'sing from the same hymn sheet', we both agree that not enough is spent on Mental Health, because there is still very little recognition of it, even though 25% of the British Public are suffering at any one time, and as you say in your question, there's no outward signs. If our heads started to split, or we started losing body parts due to Mental Illness, more would be done, so you're not alone in your thinking.
I can suggest a few routes for you to take, whereby somebody will hopefully take you seriously;-
Firstly, try and find a local GP who has some knowledge of Mental Health, a quick trawl through Google should give you an idea of the letters to look for after their name, they should take you seriously, and possibly prescribe the correct medication, and refer you to a Psychologist for therapy.
Secondly, have a look in your local area for Mental Health organisations that are affiliated with the NHS, these are usually operated on a self referral basis, they will assess you accordingly, and hopefully put you on the road to recovery.
Thirdly, don't give up, don't bottle things up, I did and that's why I'm in the situation I'm in now, I had to have a total breakdown before I asked for help, or even knew anything was wrong, I thought I'd dealt with all the issues over the previous 30 years, but the brain can only take so much, one day it's just going to give up and say I can't take any more.
Because people can't see Mental Illness, they don't understand it, look at the Chief of the Gtr. Manchester Police, nobody knew, a few years ago Stephen Fry, who'd have known that for all the years he'd been making us laugh he was Bi-Polar (Manic-Depressive).
It may be a long-winded answer, but hopefully it'll give you some different avenues to look down, maybe print it off and get your parents to read it.
I wish you all the best, but don't buy drugs on-line, start taking some of the drugs supposedly for Mental Health available on line (they look identical to the ones in the shops), they'll certainly cure your anxiety and panic attacks, but the symptoms will just be passed to your Parents when they have to arrange your funeral.
Take Care

Fran E
I'm very surprised at your GP, they are usually very keen and always fast at writing prescriptions for these kinds of things. Unfortunately it is the cheapest way for the NHS as there are not enough therapists to go round. Can you afford to pay for therapy, medicine is not always the answer believe me. Check out this website
They have various tablets on there that may help. I have bought a few things from there before and very happy with the products
Take carex

alan m
You think you are mentally ill but your desription of yourself suggests you are not. I work with mentally ill people. There is a big difference.

Deirdre D
Have you tried talking to a councillor? People, unless they have suffered a mental illness do not understand what you are going through. You need to talk to some one. How about seeing a different GP? They have a set form to test wether the patient is suffering from depression. You could also try to help yourself by eating a good diet and having exercise. Even though you may not feel like it, diet and exercise can help.

Hi Janey

Please try these links to the Mind website

Understanding panic attacks:

Understanding anxiety:

How to stop worrying:

the information is easy to read and understand.

I am sorry that you have had a bad experience with your Dr, unfortunately this isn't an uncommon thing, as some are very much in the dark about mental ill health.

Can I suggest that you ask to see another Dr at your surgery, most have more than one these days, and you are much more likely to get a better response from someone else.

I would also suggest that you contact your local mental health charity:


they are very informal, have lots of knowledge and understanding, and they will take you seriously and not judge you. It may also be possible for a worker from there to accompany you to your Dr's appointment, in the hope that they will take things more seriously.

Please don't go down the route of trying to self medicate as this is a very dangerous thing to do, and who knows if the meds you buy will be the right ones....

I hope some of this proves useful.

Take care and good luck.

Don,t even think about using street drugs my friend.

Time to find a new general practitioner!

Medium Dave
If your parents, your GP, and the hospital have all decided you are not mentally ill, you should at least examine the possibility that you're a hypochondriac.

are you in the uk?
if you are, go to bbci and stream to watch the fake trade: see exactly why you shouldnt buy from the net.

I am really sorry that people where you are are so uncompassionate and not able to see your pain, its not the same everywhere, and if you can get the right help you will probably feel different, I know the key words there are "if you can" and thats hard for you.

I would first of all change your GP, its fine for you to ask for either a second opinion or a different doctor, thats not a bad thing to do and a different doctor may take a different point of view: If a doctor laughs at you like that I would report them and fast.

But one point I must add, dont go in saying "I have panic disorder..." you wouldnt go into a surgeory and say "I have a brain tumpur and I want a scan" you would explain and express the symptoms, without you leaving the specialists to aknowledge and diagnose you, they may not hear what you are saying or meaning.

Write down what happens to you, what thoughts go into your mind, what things you do/actions you take when you feel like this, if and how you are a danger either to yourself or other people. This will help the doctor to understand.

The GP is a general practioner, they do not specailise, they may have little or no knowledge on mental health issues, what they can and should do is refer you to a specialist (a psychiatrist or a psychologist) who will be able to assess you (basicly have a chat with you) and get you a therapist to see, but be aware, waiting lists can be long.

Are you at school or uni? do you work in a job that has a therapist or councellor? or HR department? actually its way faster to get a councellor from your place of study or work and I would do that as it will be faster and you are likely to get more sessions.

Otherwise you can go private, I did, its pricey (I have a loan to get me through it) but its worth it if you really want to get better.

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