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If you're hallucinating, how do you know if they were real or not?
im not under stress and nothing has happened but ive been hearing and seeing things lately. and can you be any age when you hallucinate?
Additional Details
i dont take drugs

some o
lie some one said earler in responce you can check it out with some one ask them hey do you see what I am seing to see if what you see is real that is called reality testing. you can hallucinate at any age and you do not have to be using drugs to have hallucinations. There is such stressors that are in your life that may be good like you might be having fun because summer is out and you have no school to be worried about and so on. Then there are bad stressors like going to school have to do good on home work and so on. you can e-mail me at any time we can talk ok I know people that have experienced what you are going threw ok. And let some one know that can help maby you need therapy and that can be frighting as well but it will help at the end.

see your doctor

just asking
The best thing to do is..as soon as you see something that you think might not be real go up to it and make sure it isnt in other words if you see someone that you think might be a hallucination go up to that person and try to start a conversation..If the person answers chances are it's not a hallucination..however if the person talks back and no one else sees him but you then you are experiencing delusions and not hallucinations....The best thing for you to do would be seek some phschiatric help and don't be afraid to be honest and tell the doctor everything that you are experiencing and try to get the best help possible.I speak from experience..I see delusions all the time and they put me on some good meds that regulate the episodes and i live a normal life...hopefully your not this advanced but you should seek help before it gets that bad....

Good luck.........

If you are hallucinating, you won't know if it's real or not. Ask someone close to you, when this is happening, if they see and hear the same things as you. You can hallucinate at any age, but it is a sign that you should probably talk to your doctor.

There are no good answers to these.

Almost all age-groups are affected by hallucenations. However, it depends on the underlying cause. For example, alzheimer's occurs more frequently on the late-adult demographic, so hallucenations from this cause is more likely to happen when you're forty.

One way of telling if you're hallucenating would be to try to do something that would normalyl cause quite a stir. Nothing hurtful, just something weird.

Like asking a dog a question, a checking if people look at you funny or not.

calico cat
Seek a professional ASAP. Start with your regular Dr. and ask for a referrel to a specialist that deals with. It isnt normal and sooner rather than later it may lead you to do something you can never take back. Something to ruin your life forever!!

age is irrelavent. instead of hallucinations, they could be "de-relizations" caused by psychological stress (different than time/work stress). If you don't know what's real or not, ask someone.

sorry i guess this kind of isn't great advice...

You should see a doctor. There are medications hat can help you with this problem.

Angei B
The mind is a very powerful thing. Don't try to convince yourself that you are hearing, and or seeing stuff. Just tell yourself that you have an active imagination...

you can be any age. If you see things that seem real they probobly are but more important why are you seing things you think might not be real. tell somone you trust next time it happens with all the earnestness you can and ask them to help.dont be affraid of what they might think cuz the problems you dont fix can get worse.

I'll send you a pm, we should talk

you need to give more detail,under the question ,is a line to give more detail.

you can be stressed or psychic

well if your hallucinating that means its not real

I never hallucinate. I just see and hear and accept. And I understand.

What drugs were you on?

You may need a psychiatrist to figure out the source of your hallucinations. Could be schizophrenia. Please do not worry because is a treatable disease.


Mountain Bear
I'm sorry this is something you are going through. Yes, you can hallucinate at any age. There can be a variety of reasons, and yes, it could mean that you are having a psychotic episode and need to see a psychiatrist. I assume by what you are saying you are a minor, so make sure when and if you ask for help, you ask to see a child psychiatrist. But first there are some things you should do, as other factors can cause hullucinations.

One are you starving at the time or severely restricting your food intake? If yes, stop; low caloric intake can cause hallucinations. How, well if you starve your body it doesn't get the neutrition it needs to produce the chemicals the brain needs to function in a healthy way.

Large amounts of caffiene, especially from drinks like jolt can cause hallucinations. Stop using all Caffiene now, no cola's, no coffee, no tea, no drink with any caffiene in them.

Food allergies can in some people cause hallucinations. You need to ask yourself if you've eaten a new food and still are since your hallucination began. If you are stop for now, drink plenty of water to get it out of your system and do not eat it again for at least a week to rule it out as the problem or part of the problem.

Diabetics who do not know they are diabetics at times have hallucinations, it's caused by the extremely high blood glucose, sugar, levels. If you even think you can be diabetic, you need to ask the school nurse or go to a free clinic or your own doctor and ask them to test your Blood Glucose for you. If you don't want to admit you are seeing and hearing things, then lie and say you think you could be diabetic and want them to just do the basic test and tell you if you Glucose is high. Do not eat two hours prior to being tested. That means nothing, not even gum.

Some things that can help you know if you are diabetic is frequent urination beyond what in the past was normal for you, blurry vision that comes and goes and being thursty all the time.

When your hullucinations first started had you just moved into a new home? If the home was previously occupied you could be in a meth house and contaminated houses have caused those who moved into them all kinds of problems, in a few people even hallucinations.

Are you sleeping at least six hours a night. When the human body doesn't get enough sleep, hullucinations will occur; the less sleep you get the more likely they are to occur. I went three days without sleep once and I started hallucinating dancing teddy bears. At least it wasn't something scarry. I had to be drugged to sleep, because I couldn't go to sleep on my own, I'd srewed up my sleep cycle by not sleeping.

Before you started to hallucinate did you hit your head hard enough it hurt? If so, you should go to the emergency room, tell them that since you hit your head you are having auditory and visual hallucinations. You could have injured your brain and the hullucinating is a symptom of the injury.

Are you using any natural pills or herbs? WHY? Because many herbs when not used correctly or taken in large amounts can definately cause a person to hallucinate. Diet pills, even herbal ones can be dangerous, stop using anything you are not prescribed by a doctor to take.

If you are on a prescription, did your hallucinations begin after you started on the prescription. If so, you need to go tell your doctor that since you started on the drug you are hallucinating.

Have you been through a serious trauma lately, within the past six months? Girls who are raped and don't deal with it, just try to move on, some of them because of the stress and not dealing with it, will have hallucinations, it's the brain saying, you can't out run this, I'll make you crazy if you don't stop and deal with what has happened to you.

There are physical illnesses that can cause hallucinations. But sadly too many doctors don't listen well and write people off, send them to a psychiatrist who then thinks they are just Psychotic and they end up drugged, when the problem wasn't psychiatric at all. So please if you are a child or an adult, you need to first get a good physical, blood work, checked for diabetes, kidney disease, and Thyroid problems. Then and only when a physical cause, including a brain tumor has been ruled out, do get mental health help.

Now if you are thinking of harming yourself or anyone else or the voices are saying to do so. Please, please go to an emergency room right now or look up in the phone book the suicide crisis line, it's not just for suicide and tell them what is going on and that you need to talk to their on call worker. You can call any community hospital and ask to speak to their on call crisis worker, it's not going to cost you to talk to them on the phone. I won't lie to you though, if they think you are in danger they'll ask that you come to the hospital and if you refuse they will send the cops to get you.

The fact you can articulate so well your question, tells me it would be rare if you are having a psychotic episode. I believe it's more likely something you are eating, drinking, starving, etc., will be found to be the cause of your hallucinations.

LACK OF enough water can also cause hallucinations. Is it possible you are dehydrate? Here is how you can tell. Take the skin on the top of one hand with your thumb and first finger on the other hand. Pinch it. Does it return to normal within a few seconds, or does it stay pinched together? If it doesn't quickly return to normal, you may be dehydrated. Go drink slowly a glass of water, pinch your skin after about 15 minutes. Is it returning to normal now? If not, drink another glass of water, wait another 15 minutes and check again. Do not keep drinking after this. But understand, the human body needs about 8 glasses, eight ounces each of water per day unless the person has an illness that requires them to drink more or less.

You said you don't use drugs, but understand that pills that are not drugs, herbal pills and teas are still drugs and just because they are so called natural doesn't mean they are safe. One herb on the market, Ginka Kiloba and Ginsing (not sure on the spellings) has caused serious strokes in people who used them and thought that being they are natural, that also meant they were safe.

Now you can think I am insane for suggesting this. If you believe in priesthood blessings and know what I mean, ask for one now.

Oh, do you have a fever? A fever over 103 for more then a day can in many people cause hallucinations. Having a flu in which you vomit alot, have diahrea, especially if you are not getting enough to drink, can also cause hallucinations.

Please don't be afraid, be proactive and find the cause. If you are having a psychotic episode, it will be okay, but you'll need a good psychiatrist who is trained in child and teen psychiatry if you are a child or teen and a good adult psychiatrist if you are an adult.

I wish you the best. If after reading this letter if none of the problems I have mentioned are possible, you really need to get to a doctor and get a good physical and blood tests and possible a brain scan to rule out a brain tumor. I don't want to scare you, but brain tumors in people who never hallucinated before and suddenly begin hallucinating are a strong possibility. USUALLY but not always, people who become psychotic have problems that come on over a period of months. Often beginning with thoughts about others wanting to harm them, feeling friends are talking badly about them, without having actual proof they are. Before hallucinations such as hearing voices adn seeing things, they may have a period of time in which they think they have seen something strange, such as a tree appears to be moving funny, or it appears to have got up and moved, smaller visual disturbances like that. A few report seeing things moving too fast or people appear to be walking in slow motion at times. Then over a period of time, usually at least several weeks, their hallucinations become more obvious. Instead of thinking they heard someone talking, but turn around and no one is there, they now here a voice that is distinct and whom they feel is talking directly to them, even if they can't see anyone. They may see people others do not see.

If you are an adult or teen and were severely abused as a child, you may have a dissociative disorder caused by your abuse and the voices and things you see may be manifestatons of things within yourself that are represtative of the abuse. So if you seek help and have ruled out a physical cause and have gone through severe abuse, even if you just know you have but can't remember it, but others say it happened to you, then ask to see a therapist who is trained in dissociative disorders. A therapist who is not trained in this disorder will not know how to diagnose it and will just assume you are schizophrenic or something like that, even if that's not what is going on.

Don't be afraid to ask for help; there is no shame in having a psychiatric problem if that's what is going on. Not gettting help and loosing control and possibly harming someone because you refuse to get help is something to be ashamed of.

Please take care and seek help soon.

Take care

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