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 Have had worst day of my new bout of depression so far - advice to get through evening please!?
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Thank you so much....

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 Why are British people so obsessed with tea?
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 Help! i'm scared of dying!?
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oh and p.s anyone ...

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 Endding it all tonight?
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 I feel bullied and discriminated in work?
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 Self Injury?
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 Im very scared of the dark,corners,windows,shad...
I've been having trouble sleeping,
Im pretty much terrified of corners,shadows,doors,the dark,windows,things on my floor,noises,
what do I do?
I've been to a psychiatrist but ...

I want to sleep all the time,what does it mean?
i want to sleep all the time,what does it mean?
i am a full time student but dont enjoy the course that i am doing.i dont work but i hav a problem:i dont want to go anywhere and do anything.i want to stay in my room all day and sleep till 15.00.my attendance to uni is really weak.and i failed my modules coz of this problem that i hav.am i depressed or is this a diebetic symptom?please help me.what does this mean?
Additional Details
i am not lazy by the way...

You are anemic take Iron shots.

Lewis A
that you are lazy

Lucine H
You are only depressed if you feel terribly sad all the time in addition to it and don't want to do anything else
but if you are just lazy then you are just lazy!!
Ask yourself that question, if you are depressed or not
you should be abe to tell
does nothing excite you anymore?

Just what the other person said.

you like to sleep that why

Baby Doll
in my opinion you should see a doc,it can be anything and you should get it checked out incase.low blood pressure was one of the things kept me sleeping lots,so get checked.

get a complete physical from your GP to rule out any phycial problems first.

You could have a B12 deficiency. Have blood work done to rule that out. Depression makes you very tired also. Please go to a doctor.

Wanting to sleep all the time could be a number of things. Depression, stress, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, amnemia(lack of iron in the blood) and the list goes on. But, depending on what it is i can't give you an answer unless i knew the cause.

joseph m
it was the cause of stress

That is a sympton of Heart problems, Go see a Heart Doctor
soon, at least have it checked out. I have had Heart Surgery,
That was my only sympton, was i slept all the time, never had chest pains. Don't waste time just go. Good Luck

I had the same problem i am 23 and i went to the doctor it turns out that i was anemic and i have a Thyroid disorder. You need to talk to your doctor because it could be something similar to mine and both can be dangerous if untreated

its a disorder

sleep hygiene

It could mean you are iron deficient or lack vitamin B12 or Folic Acid. It could also be because of a poor diet lacking the sufficient vitamins and minerals to keep your body running. Stress can also play a big role in wanting or having the desire to sleep constantly, if you are stressed try to relax sleeping isn't going to solve anything it's just an escape for the time being. You're probably not diabetic and laziness might not be the cause either. Poor diet without proper vitamins and minerals and sufficient good calories. (not mcdonalds or junk like that) if that doesn't help see a doctor.

billy s
It sounds like you may be suffering from depression although there could be a number of medical reasons why you feel this way.

um...u need some sleep?! dusnt sound 2 nice sorry im not of any use. Maybe u should eat a yoghurt...

Increased sleeping and tiredness can be a very common symptom of depression. You need to try to control the stress levels in your life, and ask yourself if you have lost interest in activities that you previously found pleasurable, or if you'd had any recent feelings of helplessness. If the answer is yes to any of the above you may need to speak to a healthcare professional about depression. Some things that you can do to aleviate stress and depression are: frequent exercise, setting a definitive sleep schedule, talking to others about how you are feeling, and not taking naps during the day. These things should help.

Baby Girl
you could be depressed or this could be diabetic symptom so go and talk to your Dr.

could be many different things ..... have your iron levels tested you may be anemic, you could also be depressed, diabetic -if you may think that is here is a site about it www.medhelp.org/perl6/Diabetes/messages/...
truthfully- you are going to have to go and get tested .... a simple blood test- to know for sure.

Lori S.
hello to you too,
The condition I can think of
where a person sleep alot
eat alot
sad often would be
SAD ( seasonal affected disorder )
At least that is what comes to my mind.
this occur in the winter
disappears in the spring.

if you haven't seen a doctor yet, you need to. it could be many things, the first that comes to mind is hypothyroidism ( low Thyroid gland hormone output)a simple blood test can diagnose it. with diabetes there are several symptoms including increase in thirst, hunger and urinating. low Thyroid symptoms also include unexplained raped weight gain, raspy voice, puffiness around the eyes, dry Skin and often constipation.

You may have depression. Get some blood work done to rule out any medical problems. It is common and speaking with a doctor, therapist, or counsellor may do a world of good. When I get really bad depressed, all I want to do is sleep. It's common and there are people out there that can help you. Make an appointment today and get a professional opinion.

Hope this helps!

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