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I suffer from depression.The doctor says I am eventually going to kill myself.WHAT CAN I DO?

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This is what the doctor said. Iwas surprised when I HEARD IT.

I can't believe the doctor would say that!
That's completely unprofessional, to say the least!
Go to a different doctor that actually knows what he's doing.
You can try talking to your NEW doctor about anti-depressants or about referring you to a good therapist.
You already realize the problem, so you're doing good so far....just be strong and have faith in yourself!

thats like the saying doctor doctor will i die yes my dear and so will i

You can stay on meds or find recovery or die. The first of the twelve step recovery is to find a new friend. The second step is to accept that you are an outsider and so on and so on.

Get a new doctor, preferrably one who isn't a dumb**s!

get a new docter for one, maybe a good docter wil help you find a way to help yourself

Get a new doctor and a depression treatment.

Please see a psycologist asap! dont take antidepressants my daughter commited suicide with them. you need to talk to someone to find out why you are depressed. good luck

LOL..nice bedside manner. I hope you are kidding...geesh get a new doctor. Good luck!

No doctor would ever tell you that. Honestly, I think you're not telling the truth.

That Dr. IS A QUACK! There are therapy, Medications, and support groups to help you. You need to file a complaint against that physician. Contact the behavioral health board in your area. Tell them you need assistance in finding a good psychitrist. He/She will place you on medications, set you up with group therapy, and support groups. That Dr. who told you that garbage about killing yourself, STAY AWAY FROM!!! Good Luck!

i wld switch to another doctor. cn u add details, like are u taking meds? r they working do u think? maybe u need ur meds adjusted so u can get help with this. i myself suffer from depression and have severe panic attacks and i have been on Effexor for about 6 weeks and take Ativan and i am to the point where i dnt rush to the hospital but i still have panic attacks and the lorazapam doesnt do anything like calm me.

you could go to an asylum.(just joking)
your doctor seems to not be that encouraging. theres usually someone you can call for suicide prevention. look in a phonebook. that might help. I hope this helps :)

Read the book "Feeling Good" and "Breaking the bonds of depression" and join depression forum at webMD .com

Cartoon Star
You are seeing a very bad doctor. Get to another one as soon as you can. This doctor is putting thoughts into your head--not helping you.

That is unless you are continuing a self-destructive habit that will eventually kill you. If that's what the doctor was referring to he or she might be right.

The doctor you have is not the one you need I work in mental health and the first thing we try to do is to give our clients hope depression can be viewed as a hopeless helpless cycle you have no hope so you become helpless now you are helpless so you are hopeless find yourself a good mental health professional who can help you break the cycle the best therapy is one that includes meds and counseling

Fire your doctor and hire a new one. Boy, what is this world coming too. Just because he said this would you jump off the bridge if he asked you to also? What a wack of a doc. I am serious seek other medical advice, Yikes!

Maybe you should report your Dr. to the medical board, that was negligent because he/she has no idea what you're feeling inside.

You sound just like this girl I used to know. I can't remember her name, but her husband's name was Wesley.

Get a new doctor.

Don't kill yourself and go to a psycoligist for your depression.

I also suffer from depression. My doctor said there was hope for a solution with Wellbutrin and Zoloft. I tried them and my depression is gone. Be your own doctor and ask him for a prescription for these medications and give them a try. It's better than suicide! And get some counseling.....)(

Save future doctor's bills.

you must find another doctor immediately this sounds very serious and you are not getting the help you need do you feel you are going to commit suicide is there a history of suicide in your family all considered you need help now not tomorrow go to the er at your hospital if you are distraught they will help you good luck but do not hesitate or something will happen you are crying for help go get it please

I'm not disputing what you are saying, but I find it very hard to believe that ANY doctor would tell a client that. Is this taken out of context? It is SO untrue that you will eventually kill yourself, there is no way anyone could say this and be able to know if for sure, if your doctor realy did tell you this, you need to find a new doctor immediately!!!!!!

what kind of a doctor is this??

go out and experience life, live it like it was your last and you'll be satisfied everytime your head hits the pillow

Get a second oppinion and just don't do it!

First, get a new doctor. Your doctor was way off base by even telling you that. Not everyone who is depressed is going to kill themselves and it shows a marked lack of understanding and tact for him to have said this to you. You need to find a doctor who recognizes that depression is a disease, like diabetes, that can be successfully managed with the proper care and medication.

Why would a Dr. say that to a psychiatric patient? Like the others said, prove him wrong....You are a lot stronger than you think you are. Been there- done that!

I have had depression since I had a nervous breakdown at age 19; I am now 56. You don't need to think of yourself as someone who is going to commit suicide. I think of myself as someone who will not.

You should see a psychiatrist to get a prescription and you should see a psychologist or social worker for talk therapy. When you see them, ask them about what your doctor said.

When you look for someone for talk therapy, you may have to change therapists several times to get the right one. The most important thing in therapy is your relationship with the therapist, so be sure you find someone you are comfortable talking to about anything.

Good luck to you!!


This book may help you; show it to your talk therapist:

"Changing for Good" by James O. Prochaska, John Norcross, and Carlo DiClemente
This book shows the stages people go through to change themselves and gives several techniques for moving from one stage to the next. It is based on 12 years of studying thousands of people who had successfully changed themselves. The technique has been applied successfully in smoking cessation and weight loss, among other applications.

Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Collins
Language: English
ISBN: 038072572X

Be sure you get the one by Prochaska. Other books have the same title.
Buy it used through Bookfinder: http://linkwrap.com/4155
Buy it new from Amazon: http://linkwrap.com/4156

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