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I regret many things I did in the past. How can I get over this? Do u recommend any books or Cds?

Breno Bacci
buy a cd with my music... helping me out would be good for us both... plus most lyrics would help you to get rid of this nonsense guilty feeling

really... forget about the past... try to do good things now, what's gone is gone

The Master
do u have any religious interests?

You should watch the TV series, "My name is Earl", for ideas.

Just think of them not as regrets, but as experiences, lessons. Had you not made those bad choices, you would not know to avoid them in the future. We all do bad things, or things we wish we hadn't. What I reccomend to you is to accept them, they are made choices, and you can't go back and change them. to better yourself, avoid them in the future. If you don't THAT's when they become regrets. I wish you well.

don't regret anything, beacuse at the time it meant something to you.

By quitting on brooding over the "regrettables" in the past and having a positive outlook towards life!

Hi Jessi I have the same problem and its not what you read just read I find that getting out of my problems and into someone elses helps.I read everything i can get my hands on even romance novels.I am sorry that we lad those lives but no one can change the things we have done.I am just glad that that part of my life is just that ...the past

Every people has this same problem. Someone is able to forget it. But several persons are in trouble with it. There is not a general recipe. To get over you may try to do the best you can in the other direction... example: if you killed or injured animals you stop and begin to take care of all animal.

That is only an advise... you must find your own way to love the live in all sense.

Enroll for the art of living programme, they teach you breathing exercises, meditation and yoga. Its very effective. You can get more details on www.artofliving.org and click on cent res to find out the cent re closest to where you live. Good luck and God bless. You will be okay.

The truth will set you free.
Remember anytime in the past when you were afraid of something? Later to find out it was nothing. The moment you knew the truth you lost your fear in an instance!

If you truly "learned" and became a better person because of it and also changed your actions, values etc then you are getting over these things.
Go and spread the word about your regrets and "teach" others why they are so destructive to the self and others.

If you continue doing the same regretful actions then you should be quite and live with your woe's.
Good Luck

You have to let go off your past. Dont regret your past, make your future brighter by not repeating the same mistakes again.
The past is not your choice, the future is. You cant change the past but you can change the future.
In simple words, dont stress about the past, forget t if you can. Dont put your energies in regretting your past, put your energy to some constructive use like your future.
If you will keep on regretting the past, then you will be stuck in the past and wont be able to live your life in the present.
I advise you to read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

edit: Someone is doing something fishy out here, putting thumbs down to all the good answers. Suspect:butwhatdoiknow.

Can you correct any of these things ? Make restitution? Even say you are sorry? I know concerning people who have wronged me it would mean a lot to me to hear "I am sorry"

The best way to get over things, is to ask God to forgive you, thru Jesus...many people will tell you to forget that..but when you do, He washes your slate clean..and when you commit to trying to serve Him from now on...it is like your sins are wiped clean, and in the Eyes of God and Jesus, well, They're the only ones that really count..and you can also go back, and try your best to apologize, or rectify the things you did wrong, pay back a debt, etc...go out of your way to make things right in God's eyes again...God Bless and good luck

You can't change the past. Regrets are a part of life. Start by evaluating why you feel this way and what exactly it is you regret. When you've done that, then ask forgiveness from the people you hurt, if you can, including yourself. Forgiveness from others and from yourself is a powerful first step in the healing process. Then make yourself a vow that you have changed your ways and start doing good things in the world to make up for the bad ones.

Grainov Truth
So you regret things you did in the past. You learned something IF you stopped doing them. It is called a learning curve. You can't change the past. Only learn from it to be a better person.

I regret picking the wrong lottery numbers. But what's past is past.

I like yourself have many things in my past that I regret..... things in my past that I am still getting over and will continue to get over as I go through my life.

although I do not have any recommendations to books or CD's..... I can recommend that you embrace and acknowledge your wrongs, your rights, your regrets...everything that you feel like holds you back. I started journaling about 3yrs ago... at a time when I hit rock bottom and needed an outlet. Something to help me cope with the things that were going on in my life. oddly enough... when you sit down with and open, HONEST heart and you write about you life.... you will be surprised as to how much you put on the paper... how much and how far you have come.

There is no going back... no changing what has already happened. I can only say pray... pray that you will have the strength to over come these things... and be honest with yourself. Completely honest.......! You will be fine.. if all else fails... seek counseling.

Embrace your past... for it will make your future strong... everything happens for a reason

Marvin the Martian
No, do not regret anything. We all make mistakes, but we don't change them. We LEARN from them. We learn through trial and error.

I can only tell you the Christian principle. If you're not a Christian, there are still some ideas you can catch from these principles. When you come to the knowledge of who Jesus is, the Bible says he forgives you. It doesn't matter how dark your past is, not even if we have killed other people, the Bible says that he washes away your sins, never to remember them again. Of course, decisions we made in the past have their consequences. We are forgiven, but we have to deal with the consequences of what we did. God specializes in turning what was once a curse and turns it into a blessing. He even uses the mistakes we made to turn us into who he really wants us to be. That's sound contradictory to the human mind, but to God it is possible. Also, there are some things from our past that we can still make right, and some that cannot. Do whatever possible to work with those that you can make right.

Even if you do not follow the Christian faith, let me tell you, don't be so hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. No one has the right to point at you, because we all have skeletons in our closets. Don't let the guilt overcome you. Work with whatever you can make right, for example broken relationships (father, mother, siblings or friends). Also if you try and the other person is not willing, not even the Bible condems you in that case. So do your best, and don't be so sad about what you cannot repair. That is a trick to get us into depression and some people even consider suicide. Don't let yourself get to that point. I tell you by experience, I've done my share of bad decisions. Still, you are a valuable person, and I hope you don't mind me saying that God loves you very much. It makes me thing of that woman caught in adultery, and everybody around her ready to through the stones at her, and Jesus with his wisdom of what is in the hearts of men(women) made them recognize they too were doing bad things, do they did not hurt her. I recommend whenever you feel sad, try reading the Psalms and Proverbs gives a lot of advice on life. Hope this helps.

Tim K
If these action are in the past, then you may still be concerned that they will affect your future for you to still regret those actions to the point that you are seeking help.

Remember what's done is done. That's it. There is unfortunately no chance to ever change the past. There are many things that I wish I could go back and change and many actions that I horribly regret. So you are not alone.

We are still human, we have a mind that remembers. There is no wrong in that. Regret is an emotion, I still regret poor actions from many years ago.

Can I recommend a specific book. Not really, but what I can recommend is a man found in a book called the Bible. This may not be the answer that you are looking for, but there is hope found in Jesus Christ. So many Christians and non-christians have a false perception of Christianity. What is seen on popular TV, at the boostore is frankly a load of bull crap. Many people promote prosperity, health and a worry free life with Christ. That's just not true.

Your answer is not found in a miracle self help book, but in the hope of Jesus Christ. We have forgotten that Christ came to give hope and spiritual freedom. Not a finite perfection found on earth. History reveals that those who became Christians in the first century were tortured and murdered. Did they have a hope of prosperity and perfect health? No. There hope was found in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That is the hole point. The hope that allowed them to find peace through a holocaust brought on by the Roman Empire was that of Jesus Christ and eternity with him. Our hope should remain the same.

Rest assured that if you put your faith in a man made book or cd it will only last for a short while, whereas, faith in Jesus Christ will last an eternity where mistakes and regrets will all be gone. You can't escape your mind while here on earth. But take hope in the fact that a faith in Christ will one day take you from regret of your past to a life of eternal fullfilment.

I may come accross as another religious nut. I am not really, I just have a realistic perspective on Christianity that I feel most Christians don't. Example: I may find out that I have terminal cancer tomorrow. God can heal me, if it is his will. If not, my hope is found in the eternal life that Christ gives through faith in him. So I'm either healed on earth or in eternity. There are some that won't accept my fate the way I do. Christ healed physically, however his greatest mission was the spiritual healing off all mankind.

I always say, The past is the past for a reason, to show us what not to do in our future. p.s good book is Born Innocent (depending on what ur past was about)

1 John 3:20
For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things.

Romans 5:1
Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:

i recommend you put the past in the past and concentrate on what's happening now with your life and think about your ambitions in life. what you hope to achieve in the future

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