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Audrey T
I have a feeling that i am going to die soon?
i am 14 and just about to go into high school. i dont have a boyfriend or many friends. people think i am werid. i have a kind mother who is starting to go crazy and i jsust have this feeling like i am going to die! i dont know how or anything but i asked my tarot cardss and they said i would. is this normal? does everone have that feeling? is something wrong with me? im really scared =[ please help
Additional Details
i asked my tarrot cards after i had this feeling. like i said my mother is going a little cookiie she told me i am magical because i have elf ears (she was dead serious) im having trouble finding my self. i was thinking because like all of my family is still alive gramas grandpas aunts uncles cusouns, non uf us has died and so i might be first =[ im scared to ask my mom to take me to a docter because my step dad goes to some sort of theripy and my mom just hates it i think she will say no =[

Look, take it from someone who is in college. You are okay. Everything seems like it's falling apart now, but trust me, it's just beginning. A lot of people feel like you do. One more thing. Stay away from the tarot cards. You don't want to use those. Throw them away. They will get you into more trouble than you can ever imagine.

Spekle D
Yeah I thought I was gonna die and was praying that I wouldn't... I don't remember id I died or not but hopefully not. Tarot Cards are always wrong- use Carrot Cards

Kimberly G
well, if you think that you are going to die from suicide, then get help from a councilor, you should have one at school too. never feel bad about yourself. ask someone to hang out. talk to someone and slowly become their friend. tell your mom to get a councilor too, before it is too late. together, you can make it through this. and you dont need a boyfriend to be happy, all they do is break your heart.

best wishes

Anna A
don't feel that way it maybe normal what you should do is hang out with people that like you or talk to your parents tell them how you feel they may understand.if you don't make any friends and you don't know how to just hang out with anyone that wants to be your friend at your new school it doesn't matter if they are nerds.....and what you have to do most of the time is pray to god think more about him...

Don't go on tarot card for help. Find an adult or confidant you feel comfortable talking to, and let them know you're feelings. They should be responsive, quiet and good listeners to have the patience to hear you out completely.

i would talk to a therapist.

I felt like that before, but that was because I fell asleep in my room and then woke up in the hospidle and it was all dark and I was freaking out because I felt all funny. As a girl that believes in being able to check you life... expentencey... go get your aura taken professionally. If it is hard to see at all by the professional then it may be you are just a little lightheaded from stress.

It sounds like catastrophic thinking from anxiety. Can you get your parents to let you see a psychologist? Don't let this control your life.

If you got the death card, that doesn't mean you're going to die...there are many ways to interpret tarot....maybe learn more about reading the tarot before you make these crazy interpretations.
Besides, tarot is usually just for fun and used as a way to open up new ideas, not make exact interpretations.

ur probably not gonna die(hopefully)
the only thing wrong is tht u went to tarrot cards.....
tsk tsk

indian young lad
see, it had also happened to me last months when i got poor result in my life first time, i also looking for suicide at that moment but someone told me " at the front of fear success stays"
so be brave

It's good that you don't have any thoughts of suicide.GOD created you and He gave you life.If all of this bothers you then pray to GOD about this.Once you start highschool,you'll make friends.You're 14,you don't need a boyfriend.I don't know where you are getting the feeling that you are going to die from.Talk to your mom.Your mom seems to be going through some issues herself.I think that you will be just fine.Tarrot cards are just cards.Those cards do not hold your future so don't believe the cards.Cards are just cards.Just relax.I think that you are getting worked up over nothing.I don't think that there is anything to worry about.I hope that I heped you so GOD BLESS you!Just relax.

Go get Professinal help!

why would you die your 14, give your self a makeover before school, do your hair diffent an wear makeup an get some new clothes

I am not going to tell you to go to church okay...

You are most likely having depression and panic attacks. Who could blame you?? 14 is a crazy age full of self-doubt and raging hormones. The good news is you could just go to your family Doctor (does not have to be a psychologist) and ask to be put on anti-anxiety medication. Do not be afraid to take meds...all they do is prevent the serotonin (happy chemical) in your brain from being reabsorbed into your blood stream. It builds up a lot of your happy chemical so your moods are more stable and that panic will soon go away. You will not gain weight from them, you will not go crazy from them. I have been on anti-anxiety meds since I was 13 and they saved my life.

You aren't going to die. Just because some random cards by chance came up with a random combination doesn't mean you should listen to them. We have our whole lives ahead of us, don't waste it on worrying.

Gorgeous Girl
No one can predict what's going to happen to you so don't worry.You are just thinking too much.

14 (my age) is a very hormonal age it could be hormons
i dont have a boyfriend either or many friends. people think i am werid.
It's normal to be thought of that way and being a teen isn't fun. 7-8 grades are the hardest 9th - 12 should go better stay positive. Oh and write your will.

Don't believe a Tarot card, just because "it told you so". Just live your life. But if you feel you really have a lot of problems, you should probably see about speaking with a counselor about this.

Johnny Cage
you probably feel that way because your afraid of high school, with all these things going on, friends, issues, family, class, homework and all of the rest. i started going crazy when i got to middle school, it felt the same way, so just don't worry and keep on rolling. by the way.. get rid of the silly cards, they wont do you any good, i once tried it and it told me i will work in NY at the CIA... and i don't... so take a word from experience

when i was like 10 i always used to get that feeling omg. like i used to get up in the middle of the night scared to death because i thought that i was gonna get like a serious illness or i thought i wouldn't wake up the in the morning or something, and i started crying a lot. then i started talking to my parents about it and i realized it was because like 2 of my relatives died recently then and in summer school someone had a serious illness and i thought it was going to happen to me too. maybe someone died in your family and you get that feeling that it's going to happen to you? but don't worry about it because it's probably all in your head and you're probably paranoid. after all of that happened to me i got out of that stage. and don't listen to some stupid tarot cards. they won't give you a right answer.

everyone feels like this some times in their life. i felt like that a few years ago. it will pass. just be strong

Could this be wishful thinking? I hope not. Toss out those terot cards, they will bring nothing good to you. Take care of today, and when tomorrow comes, keep moving on. Perhaps you should talk to someone about the way you are feeling. Are you sure people think you are weird or do they think you are unique? Seek out a counsler at school and talk to them about how you feel. Good luck

inf pye
don't use Tarot cards. go to church.

Drama Queen
this is probably hormones, but if not, just make sure you are spiritually saved. Jesus Christ died on the cross to save you from sin. The Bible says, "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." That means you should die when you do bad things, but since Jesus died for you, you don't have to die. You need to ask God for forgiveness of your sins. TO BE SAVED YOU NEED TO SAY A PRAYER LIKE THIS: "Jesus, I believe that you died on the cross for my sins. Please forgive me of those sins and come into my life. Amen." That's all it takes!! It's really that easy!!!! God loves you!!

You aren't going to die. Tarot cards are crap. You are too young for a boyfriend. You only need one really good friend. Who cares if you don't have a lot of no good friends. You will be fine. You are just a little depressed right now. You will snap out of it. When I was 14 i had a rough time too. It will pass. I'm now 21 and doing just fine. Still only have a few good friends. And a lovely boyfriend. Just relax honey.

Ned F
Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?"

"Yes, Lord," she told him, "I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, who was to come into the world."

~John 11:25-27 (New International Version)

I would see a therapist, and stop looking to tarot cards for guidance. That could be the reason you're going crazy.

Its all because of tarot cards believe me its all fake. Theses types of things could not tell us about future. May be a sitting with a phsycatrist will makes feel you better.
Wish you best of luck

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