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I get really angry, really easily. My doc says it's depression, could that be?
I suffer from anxiety and depression. The past 5 months or so, I've noticed I get angry and annoyed very easily. My psychologist says it's the depression, but I've been depressed awhile, and don't remember such horrible anger. What gives?

I'm under a lot of stress too due to my senior year of college.

Could be a hormonal imbalance.... or maybe you're just a *****, who knows?

Absolutely. It could be your depression contributing to a skewed perspective on the world, feeling more sensitive to perceived personal attacks, and in general having a lower tolerance for stress or stimuation. How long have you been suffering from depression? Are you taking medication, and if not, why not? Unfortunately, our culture still puts a social stigma on people who seek mental health treatment, but it is a medical illness. And, logically speaking, medication would not work if there wasn't a biochemical change in brain chemistry. So if you're not taking medication, or if you are not taking your medication regularly, or if you're mixing it with drugs and/or alcohol (which-if you didn't already know, mess with your brain's chemistry...) then you may not be coming out of your depression because you're not treating the problem in the most effective way. Clinically speaking, the most effective treatment seems to be medication plus therapy. So if your psychologist has not recommended medication, you might want to speak with a physician regarding an antidepressant,

jo l
Maybe you're onry

amanda b
stress can make you angry i have days when i,m more easily angered than others.

my anger was from chocolate, could be food allergy

stress causes the body to do weird things. Depression runs in my family and when people get stressed, they get horribly angery for no reason, they calm down very quickly afterwards though, so I was always like "what gives" when I was younger... it shall pass, atleast you already are seeing a therapist, so as long as you recognize the problem it will be ok.

Yes, JB, depression can, and often does, manifest in anger. Why that's so, I don't know, but I know it is true for me. I blow up over some silly thing and just vent this explosive anger. It's often from frustration, I think. Thankfully I don't blow up at others, just at things, mostly. I suffer from chemical depression, an organic rather than situational or experiential depression. It is the kind of depression that would be termed unipolar affective disorder, only mine is bipolar. As I get older, however, depression is more predominant. Likely your stress is touching off your anger, since stress is a significant trigger. The best thing I've found to do is accept my anger, try not to hurt anyone with it, and apologize quickly when you do. God bless you.

ryan's girl
Could be the meds. Or your disorder could be change into something elso do to stress level. Find something that you like to do ... writing, going on yahoo answer, walking, running, etc, whatever makes you happy and do it when ever you feel too much of anything happy, depressed, angry, jeaslous, you get the point. This will help you feel better and be happy and not snap on insent people all the time. I have been there. It dose get better. Give it time. my email and im is with my profile don't be afraid to talk if you need to. Good luck.

Mr. Peachy®
Depression? I doubt it... I never got angry when I was depressed. Stress? Probably, I do tend to get angry easily when stressed to the max. Learning how to overcome depression, however, has taught me better ways of dealing with stress and other negative inputs. Email me if you're interested in my methodology.

Yup anger can go along with depression, definitely stress. Learn to relax at home when you are calm and when stressed think of that time, such as laying on your bed.

People who are depressed seem to have their emotions on their sleeve, emotions that include anger and anxiety.

Listen to your therapist!

Dr. Ruth Less
ask him about bipolar disorder...

hes probably right, my daughters the same way

Definitely listen to your doctor. My wife was recently diagnosed as bipolar---she gets very angry for periods, and by my estimation its a physical disposition more than anything else.

I do recommend that you read some books about anger management. Discern the useful message under the anger and then discard the counterproductive aspects.

Anger is meant as call by your body to immediate action. It usually comes from a unfulfilled expection, or miscommunication, or a sudden perceived threat. Determine which of these it is, and what action can alleviate it.

Sometimes its regauging your expectation and coming to terms with that. Sometimes its committing to communicate a message to someone. Or responding to the threat /challenge.

If you decide you will do nothing, than come to terms to that.

Once you've made your decision, take a deep breath and throw any residual anger out the window, never to be seen or heard again. Closure.

Sould like you are depress. These are the classic signs for depression anger, stress annoyed very easily, plus having trouble sleeping. Feeling tired all the time.

In my own personal experience irritability is one of the signs of depression. Other people probably notice before you do and if you are treated effectively you probably won't notice much of a difference in your anger, but other people will (just ask my wife).

Try to eliminate as much stress as you can. Good Luck.

you are under pressure. learn about breathing from holisticonline.com. try treating yourself good. get a manicure or pedicure. get a nice dress or go to a spa.

skittles rox
I'm no doctor but it could be that your depression could be getting worse

I think many things can affect how severe your anger can get. It can be from disappointment, stress, and yes, even depression. I know that with depression, if you become more depressed, you'll become shorter with people and things in your life.

kids and cats
Anger is a sign of depression. And it can come and go - just like the depression itself. Some people cry, some withdraw, and some have anger outbursts. I can tell you, antidepressants can help it. If you are under increased stress - that could bring on the additional symptom of anger outbursts.

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