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I feel like I have no purpose in life. Sometimes I wish I would die in my sleep. Who else feels this way?
There is so much negative things going on in the world, I get tired of hearing it all the time. I don't feel my existence does anything to make a difference. I feel that people like Oprah and Bill Gates and some singers/entertainers make a difference in peoples lives, either with giving a ton of cash to charity, or helping people/humanity out in some way. I don't know what my purpose is and feel worthless in general.
Additional Details
thanks for all the responses...they all give me sumthing to think about...hopefully I'll feel better than usual about things soon, *sigh*

here the same situation is with me.Our problem is that we think too much in deep.once when there were my last year exams.And i feel like i m going to fail.my studies were ok that i can secure a first class. but because of negative thinking i gone mad. my parents took me to psychiatrist.he gave me lots of hard medicines and various outsid tests.

this was simply lost of money, energy and burden of tensions on my parents.The result was i got second class in exams.i felt sad.So be confident in whatever u r doing.decrease the number of friends u r having.they r our real problems. Don't try to interfere in others.Its ur life. Not Others.In this big world if u want to be happy u have to compromise.sorry but be optimistic:-> try to be busy in some work, hobbies,music etc.

smell a rose every morning and see the world.the world is beautiful my dear.do flirting with boys play games.

this is my question.
do u interseted in me? i love u!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahhaa

Chris K
It might work if you try to forget about anything apart from what YOU are doing RIGHT NOW. Things often start to make sense if you allow them to without trying. Your purpose will emerge if you let it.

You will achieve much more if you don't worry about what you are going to achieve. That doesn't mean you can't think about it.

I did for a while. A lot of the other suggetions are good here are a few of mine.

-Go to a Dr find out if its more than deppresion (I turns out I was crazy and that was causing me major problems)
-Get some exercise
-Get some sunlight (I need to do this more)
-Help other people (make the world a better place in a small way. My goal in life is to leave it better for my existance. I do this is small ways every day.)
-Eat healthyer (Balance in all things. Cut back on processed crap. Make sure you eat fruit vegies and meat. Unless you do it right being a vegitarian can cause you iron defcancy and other problems)
-Give blood (It all ways makes me feel good. And gives me a good night sleep)

A couple of other points. I don't consider Oprah and Bill Gates the best role models. Oprah makes people reliant on her for money and Bill does the simmilar. He has killed off better technology to keep his monopoly including stoping free software to poor countries. He now has the bigest charity in the world so he is improving in my eyes.

Relegion works for many people but peace and purpose can come from within and not in a new age way.

Lastly most people don't know their pourpse in life. I'm 26 and have no clue yet. I just try my best and do what I can. I can't do more than that.

Good luck


Try giving of the most important person that you know " yourself " you are definetly not worthless you have value.

It sounds as though you may be depressed. Understand that there are negatives in this world, but, that you should'nt overwhelm yourself with them. Know also, that every one isn't able to give in the capacity of Oprah or Bill, so do what you can with what you have. Your purpose in this life is to live it to the fullest and be some sort of service to others( time is the most precious service you can give). Do not wish to die, someone right now may need what you have to offer. YOU ARE WORTHY! If this doesn't help then talk to a professional. Good Luck.

mary jane
Feeling worthless and without a purpose are symptoms of depression. Wishing to die in your sleep is a symptom as well. This is a serious condition and you should seek medical attention right away. There are many options a doctor can offer you for helping yourself to feel better, ranging from talk therapy to medication. You are not at all alone with this feeling. Many people are affected by all the negativity we have to deal with today from the news and Media, but there are ways to help yourself rise above that feeling and make the best of your life. You are not worthless! Please see a doctor and describe how you are feeling. Once you deal with your mental state, there are many careers and volunteer positions that you can take to help out in your community and give you a sense of purpose. These range from teachers and medical workers, to social workers and animal shelter volunteers. You could get involved in the smallest way, say by reading to kids at a library once in a while, and it could help someone in a huge way that you might not even realize. I volunteer at a food pantry once a month and help out at a local animal shelter with friends, and it's fun and satisfying. Good luck with everything.

Sarah D
I could get clinical or philosophical.... I don't feel up to it just now....
I would recommend one book though.... you should be able to find it at a Library......

Self Potrate of a Hero- From the letters of Yonatan Netanyahu 1963-1976.

I know for a long time I was in free fall as well. Things do change and if you take a moment and just let the world come to you instead of chasing it you will be amazed at what you will find. Don't obsess about what you don't have.... if you don't have it, it's not important. Be proud and pleased with what you do have and find ways to share it.

See a problem and fix it.
See a need and fill it.
Hear a plea and answer it.
Find a dream and live it.
Find a star and follow it.
Find a heart and love it.

angel *♥*
I used to feel this way. Get yourself something else new to do. Like a hobby or someplace to get away. Everything will sort out in time.

omg you shouldn't be thinking like that. get some freinds spend time with your family go out and do something. there is SOMETHING you can do to help others. i feel down and out sometimes to but i don't wanna die.

Everyone has a purpose in life. The difficult part is trying to figure out what your purpose is. I have gone through the same things that you described above. I always thought that to really help people, that I needed money, and lots of it. That isn't true.

I have done volunteer work, and that was rewarding. I have babysat for neighbors, and not charged them anything. I have taken a friend who doesn't drive to go out shopping.

In my opinion, it's more meaningful when you give your time. Yes, of course, if I had more money, I would give it. Since I don't, I give more of my time. My family attends church on a regular basis. We can't tithe as much as we would like to, so we help out in other ways.

I hope I have helped you in some way. It also helped me to pray about this. There is also a book titled "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. Take care, and God bless!

Get yourself mentor..


Ensure those people that love you happy can be one of your purpose...

Your problem is not worth wishing you were dead over! It seems to me that you need some help but in more areas than just one.
If I were you, I would see a career-specialist -- someone that would ask you questions about your likes, dislikes, personality traits, etc., in order to determine which field you would be best in obtaining a career in. There are countless ways that a person can make a difference in this world and it's not just by donating money to charities or belting out a song like a jay-bird! For example, you could volunteer at a good-cause not-for-profit organization or a hospital. It's gratifying to be able to help those less fortunate by putting a smile on their faces. Also, it could help you come into the realization that there is always someone out there that would love to be in your shoes. It's an old, simply saying but it rings with validity.
Aside from trying to find your purpose in life, you may want to also focus on life-after-death. This world is not "it". I don't want to offend or disrespect your beliefs, or the lack thereof, however, I believe in Jesus Christ. And I know that when my mortal body dies, my spirit will live on for eternity. It is how I live my life now that will determine exactly where I will be spending eternity. Everyone has problems, struggles, trials, tribulations, challenges, weaknesses, etc. It's all in how you choose to deal with your problems that will determine as to whether or not you will be defeated by them. I choose to overcome any obstacles that come my way and to not allow my peace and sense of well-being to be compromised. This not only comes to me by my faith, though mostly, but through being in good mental health.
With that being said, you may have a psychological problem -- have some sort of chemical imbalance in your brain that makes you feel depressed and desolate. If so, chances are, it's beyond your control; meaning, it's not your fault. THERE IS HELP OUT THERE FOR YOU. Whether it be talk-therapy or a combination of talk-therapy and medication to get your mental state stabilized and back-to-health, you can be on the road to recovery.
I hope that you haven't taken any offense to anything that I've said. I do enjoy helping people when I am able to. Sending you this message and sharing with you my thoughts is a very small and yet, hopefully, significant way of doing so. Everyone needs help from time-to-time and some, more often than others. I've had many of people, including friends, family, church family members and even strangers lend me a helping hand in the past, especially whenever I was confused or couldn't seem to find my way. It will be all right, if you are determined for it to be.
Don't give up. I will be praying for you. When I am weak, there is Someone, Jesus Christ, who picks me up and restores my strength. He can do the same for you, if you let Him. And no, I'm not saying that life for a person, such as myself, heals me of all pain and suffering, however, I know that I am not alone and that there He is in-control, even when I am not. No matter what happens, as long as He's there, I will survive and continue to find some hope, happiness and purpose for my life in this sick world.
Take Care. I hope everything works out for you. :-)

i feel you. sometimes i feel like dying to or just leaving walking away from everything. i feel like this about 70% of the time. the only time i don't is when im distracted by something or when i go pray and cry and feel a Lil better, enough to stop me from taken the sleeping pills i have in my drawer. and whats so funny to me is that I've felt like this for about 10 - 12 years and nobody noticed that i have low self esteem and I'm a depressed, suicidal, masochist that's been standing on the edge for years, attempted suicide once. i think i would've been dead long time ago if it wasn't for the grace and mercy of god, definitely. I've told y'all thing no one i love or care for knows. i hope this helps you. p.s. if don't believe in god i think its time especially if you feel like this all it take is for you to go somewhere quiet, for ex. room w/ out phones and TV or car, and talk to god like you would talk to a friend you're asking for help.

there are many negative things in the world....ifeel that way 2!but there positive things too!and anyone can contribute into making our world better...im thinking to become a volunteer in charity work....i know it will be tiring but im sure that the feeling will be great!

Don't feel so down. There's no need to put the burden of the world on your shoulders because you'll only feel worse. Pick up a new hobby or sport to occupy your time. However if you feel you wish to contribute to the well-being of the world in general, you can volunteer at various charity organisations like SPCA to support their movement. Or, you can set aside a small amount of your money every month to donate to a charitable fund of your choice.

Every little bit counts, no matter how small.

Hope it helps! ;o)

i feel the same way but deep inside, i really don't wanna die, as in at all.

"There is so much negative things going on in the world, I get tired of hearing it all the time."
- you're tired? then why not do something??? volunteer!!! be a cop, be a psychologist, a politician...

"I don't feel my existence does anything to make a difference."
- what do you usually do anyway? your existence makes a difference, just look at your purchasing habits, it helps the economy.

"I feel that people like Oprah and Bill Gates and some singers/entertainers make a difference in peoples lives, either with giving a ton of cash to charity, or helping people/humanity out in some way."
- you have made a difference in people's lives, you made friends happy, you made your parents feel fulfilled, list goes on.

"I don't know what my purpose is and feel worthless in general."
- know what, i haven't graduated yet, i feel like a powerless individual with a very slim chance of getting hired since i don't have my diploma yet. still, i know that i have worth. if inanimate objects have worth, then why wouldn't i? though this may sound shallow to you, one of the ways I contribute is through answering questions here at Yahoo! Answers. =) it's simple, it's quick, and you reach a lot of people. go to other forums, too. they need your help.

When I am feeling like life is bad, I try and go out and do something good. I don't complain about the problems in the world, because I know in general things are pretty good. Many countries and regions after years of conflict have put it behind them. Yes some conflict goes on, but the USA hasn't tried to invade Canada since the war of 1812...so that is saying something.

I also agree with you, purpose is one of the most valuable things we can have in life. Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world, is also the happiest (they did a survey). In poor countries, the dirt poor people are always smiling. Their purpose is to get enough food to eat, get married have children. This is a big challenge for them.

When we get rich we find it hard to have purpose. We have too much choice. People worry about how cool their mobile phone is, or their hair style. The buy houses, cars, go on pointless holidays and find themselves unhappy and don't know why.

My advice is keep it simple. Doing a good job is enough for me. Helping a friend makes me feel good. Learning something new is important for me.

That is all I need to be happy. But I am too simple and a little bit stupid.

when was the last time you did something good for someone with the motive being not to get caught? do that 3 times a day and watch if things don,t change. good luck ( you cant do things with yourself getting anything out of it like praise or payback) .easy to say hard to do . keep us posted.

You probably need to get another perspective on what negative is. I volunteered at a homeless shelter for a year, and I saw enough people with REAL problems that I sure felt thankful for what I had. As far as making a difference by giving a lot of money, you'd be surprised how much of a difference you can make with little or no money, just a little time and consideration.

wise old sage
You don't have to be famous or rich to make a difference
in the world, you just need to find a purpose that suits you
it may be as simple as making one person happy.
try starting small, you probably think it take power,money,or
fame to acomplish much so the task appears overwhelming
real change come's from Idea's and any one can think and if
you change how people think you can change the world.

Sounds like you have two problems. One you feel like you have no purpose in life and two, you feel so low you want to commit suicide. First off, there is so much you could do to make a difference. For example, you could go out today to a supermarket and offer to help load up an elderly woman's car with her bags of groceries. You could also donate some of your time to help out local charity or church or compliment people that you see about something. Also, about your negative feelings, that sounds like a combination of spiritual, mental, and physical (chemical imbalances). You might wish to try some dietary supplements that help improve your mood (such as what they might sell at GNC) or if it is really bad go to the doctor and tell him. He might need to temporarily put you on anti-depressants. Be sure to pray and read your Bible for this will give you the oppurtunities to grow more spiritually and give you more ideas to help humanity. Hope you feel better soon!

Don't feel this way! Just think of some of these thins you could do:
-stop watching television for a week, see if you feel better;
-pray every morning and evening like you mean it;
-eat vegetables and chocolate;
-walk, dance, do yoga, run, fitness, whatever phisical effort you,like;
-write about the good things that happened during the day every evening and don't minimise anything;
-smile to people you meet, because they'll smile you back and that feels soooo good;
-pray for others, even if you don't know anything but their names;
-help others even with the most insignificant thing;
-don't listen to depressing music;
-if you have a hard time sleeping, even after praying, think about this : immagine that God is a person and that both of you are standing in a huge white space, and He is behind you. Then try to immagine you letting go, relax and fall. He will catch you, He always does.
I am sure that there are a lot of things that can be done, but, for the moment, this is all I can think of.
P.S.:If you feel like, you can contact me by e-mail and we could talk about this.

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