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Patricia M
I don't want to take medication for depression, any ideas?
I have a phobia about taking pills.

I am in agreement with you. The big drug companies just want to get everyone addicted to their drugs so they will make lots of money. I think you should try a new hobby or go on a vacation to a poor country to see how good you have it


Good for you for not wanting to take pills.

You made the right decision!
Just see what pills can do to you!!!!

Grand pa
best to talk with the doctor. I was taught hypnosis by my doctor It worked for me.. Also I highly recomend The Power Of positive thinking it was a great help Change your thinking change your life Dr peale wrote several books .. remember its sickness get help soon

Talking therapy works better than any pills, just takes longer. Try asking your doctor if you can see a cousellor or therapist, that way you will get to the route cause of your depression, and when you unserstand it you will be able to deal with it more easily.

All pills or just ones from scheming drug companies? I take natural st. johns wart once in awhile. It was used by a drug company in one test to prove how useless natural cures were compared to their expensive pills. Unfortunately for them it worked much better than the prescription. Carefully wording tried to hide it, but was seen through by many. Other than that, just force yourself to do something you usually wouldn't do (that isn't illegal). The fears we get depressed about sometimes aren't all that bad really.

Try taking part in a sport that u enjoy. Exercise releases Melatonin which are happy hormones and so make you feel better. Hope this helps! :)

it depends how severe your depression is and what advice your gp has given you. my uncle had depression and it made him a lot better with the medication, but everyones different. have a word with some homeopathists and other natural remedy practitioners so you are clued up on all the other options out there. then take that to your gp and you can have a discussion about what best suits you. hope this helps.

You dont need pills those things they make you even more depressed or will make you addicted so you are okay not to take them im not any doctor but i can tell you my opinion go outside sit by a tree watch the birds flying in the sky fresh air helps when I am depressed I go outside and relax i turn my phone off and dont let any one have any contact with me so I can have a day offf relaxation and everybody needs time with them self. here is my opinion

If you have phobias and other mental conditions (depression, for one) -- then perhaps psychotherapy is the answer for you. Have you actually been diagnosed with clinical depression, or are you just really sad and "blue?"

If that is the case, there are many ways to shake the blues. Finding hobbies, friends and activities to get yourself away from current situations are good ways to start. Seeking spiritual paths, meditation and Reiki are some alternative methods that have worked for others. (In fact, a lot of health insurance plans and hospitals are starting t offer holistic medicines and treatment options for patients!)

One thing to remember, though, is that there are all kinds of different therapists, and one kind of therapy may be better suited for you than another. Cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, play therapy, psychotherapy, and about 6 others come to mind, and they are all intensely different, based on your needs. The trick is to find the right kind for you, before you have a mental breakdown!

The thing is, you have started to try to find a way to deal with it, not just accepted depression as a way of life. You have options, and that is a really positive first step!

Here is a link to a pretty good website that breaks down a few of the types of therapy and what may help you based on your needs.


Good luck!

Well you need to deal with the feelings you are having! Try using a journal as an outlet for that. You would be suprised at what comes out when your not thinking just writting. Seeing some sort of counsiler would work too. You have to be able to express yourself hough
Good Luck!!!

I really don't know what to tell you about your phobia(i have some too) But, has your dr. ever got you into talk therapy 1st.?? Maybe, you could try yhat before taking pill's for it & I suffer depression & anxiety-remerone has helped me alot! I've been put on EVERYTHING on the book's & 30mgs. of this has helped me-Maybe, check out talk therapy then see what happen's??

Dr Frank
First would be to avoid self diagnosis, particularly in depression. The word means very different things to different people. Before considering what you do about your currently undiagnosed condition, get a confirmed diagnosis from a doctor. Many patients who are troubled do not need and will not benefit from pharmacological intervention anyway. They may need either counselling or psychotherapy.

Medication is not a good idea, unless for only a short while to get you over a sticky patch, because it will block what is causing it. Have you thought of the talking therapies? No medication required, and eventually you will talk about what you have covered up. The relationship with the therapist will be very worthwhile and a jumping board for others, and it will be a fascinating journey. email me if you would like more details.

Alex C
If you don't want to take pills, mention to your doctor that you don't want to take them and state the reasons (side effects). Believe me. If you give a long list of side-effects that you face, your doctor will stop the medication. I guarantee this.

Here are some ways to help you RELIEVE DEPRESSION.

TALK - Remember, talking helps you ease out your feelings and let you feel more comfortable and happy in the end. (I'm available at contactpracticallyanytime@gmail.com)

THINK POSITIVELY - Thinking positively helps you maintain a healthy mental and physical life. It helps you be happy and have good relationships with others.

Go talk to your doc about getting therapy.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be great for people with depression.. its all about changing the way you view things and how you react to them.

In an ideal world- people would receive therapy anyway before anyone tried medication.

Medication can be a big help though- I suffer terribly with it (even been hospitalised many times) and since starting on a mood leveller I no longer experience such dark downs..

Is it just the pills? You can get liquid versions of some.

I have the perfect solution to your question, but it requires a little work on your part as does anything that is worth something!! You have to watch a movie called "the secret"!! It will provide some answers directly related to your question here. Its phenominal!! Please please please give it a try. What do you have to lose?
God Bless~~

thats fine, the evidence base now advises self help materials and short term psychological interventions such as those delivered by primary care mental health teams, for the self help stuff look up www.livinglifetothefull.com and www.glasgowsteps.com

but it will certainly help you. Most doctors prescribe a very low dose. Think about it. You don't realize how much better you will feel.

Try getting a light box. Depression is worst when there is no natural daylight. My friend said this worked brilliantly for her. And I know that the recent spell of beautiful weather has lifted my spirits no end. Also try getting out for a walk, go to the seaside, the sea definately lifts me too.

St John's Wort is now made in tewabag form - it's really good and works like a charm.
Keep yourself healthy, eat healthy and get enough sleep, avoid stressors until you feel better.
Good luck.

i take meds for depression. without the medication. id be very depressed. or you can go to therispt.

watch this. It would cure anyone of depression


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