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 Of course its depression! Most of your answers are so samey, try harder, stop saying see a doctor?
I am seeing a doctor.
It is depression.
Im 28
I might be getting divorced soon
Im facing a jail sentence
I might become homeless
Im not eating i feel so worthless

 How do i cope with wanting to die???
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I am so lonely I want to die?
I am tired of all of this crap called life. I no longer have family around and I am alone. I have never really had any friends, and I mean never. I was always wandering around alone as a kid. My father is in prison and my mother is a drug addict. My brothers don't talk to me because I want nothing to do with our parents. My wife is never around. She is a work-a-holic. Probably to get away from me. I don't know what to do anymore. The only thing that comes to mind is to take a bunch of my tranquilizers and go to sleep for good. The good thing for me is that I haven't done it yet. I have already been held against my will in a mental hospital twice. I went in for help and basically they will keep you there as a prisoner until you tell them you are no longer thinking of killing yourself. The people in there scare me. You don't get any privacy and you share a room. Lucky for me I get the most disturbed people to share a room with me. HELP ME!!!!!
Additional Details
I wanted to clarify that I am on medications. Now thats a lot of fun. I have been on all sorts of medications for the last 3 years and the only thing I have gotten from it is an addiction to tranquilizers. ( It's an addiction that they created by having me take addictive meds 3 times a day and I can't go off of it without supervision ) So I have a stockpile of it since they give me so much.

Baby, you need JESUS. Call on him!

i'm lonely too, and the only advice i can offer is to read the bible and pray to God about it.

I would really suggest anti-depression medication. I dont really believe in medication personally, but I think for some people it works! Have you talked to a counselor? If you have health insurance, go on their website and look up local psychiatrists in your area and make an appointment! Bad things happen but life is always worth living. Nobody can make this life worthwhile but yourself. Invest in yourself and get some help!

Darren S
dont get yourself to down.ive taken overdoses in the past,after all these yearsive now started taking anti depressants and they really do help.Try to look at the postives,look at me im an alien from another planet.

You need to really seek some help. Maybe if you have a hobby that you like or maybe take some classes that interest you that will be a great way to meet new people. Maybe join a group that does charity work that way you can help people and meet friends within the group. Know that death is permanent and there is no coming back so please don't do something drastic. It may seem bad now but things can make a drastic change in minuetes. If you ever need to talk or need a friend you can email me @ onlyoneshea@yaoo.com and I will try to help you through this rough patch.

You need to work on your negativity. If you want to have friends, you must be approachable. Just don't think of yourself as unworthy, or unloveable. A smile will brighten up your day and someone else's. You have to give in order to receive. You never had a loving giving family to learn from. You can find a support group in your area. You were just a little kid, and must have seen some terrible things with that type of parenting. You will be a stronger loving wonderful man if you want to, but only you can do it. Please give it a try. You won't be sorry!! I promise.

Do you have a job?Do you get out of the house daily?What does your wife do at home?What do you guys do together? I would seek a doctor's help,get some antidepressents,you have slipped further in your depression and need meds,as you know it is a lifetime thing, you will always need some help. Take care.

Hmm... I see there is a part of you not quite finished with life, because you've asked this question. I really don't believe in depression medication, however many time exceptions are made.
In your case I don't believe you want to die you're simply suffering from a sever case of loneliness and in normal cases I tell you to speak to a friend so if there are no alternatives a pet may do you some good. If that doesn't appeal to you try taking up a hobby. Sounds like you've got far too much time on your hands and that can increase your loneliness. Find something you enjoy and try to keep yourself busy. Good luck my friend.

1st and foremost.. give yourself a hug.. taking your own life is not the answer.. please PLEASE don't do it...2nd a mental hospital is not the answer.. seek out someone to talk to a clergy.. look in the phone book for the local chapter of mental illness they should have a help talk line... find a therapy talk group.. do anything that helps you make you feel good about yourself.. and i am so sure you have more good qualities than you give yourself credit for.. sit your wife down and talk to her.. make her see how you feel about her working so much.. if she loves you she will compromise and be home more.. let her know that you really need her support right now.. trust me.. i know what I'm talking about.. I've been there and something stopped me from ending it.. and my life has done an about face.. life still isn't perfect.. but i can live with it.. i hope this helps you in some way!!! but please please please dont take the pills!!!!

Make an appointment to talk to a psychiatrist, clearly you can see there is a problem and if you came here then obviously you are open for suggestions and are looking for help. Only a psychiatrist will be able to tell you what's the best treatment for you... It's normal for people to become depressed every once in a while but when you start thinking about suicide then it becomes a serious issue. The Dr. may give you some anti-depressants (which i have taken in the past and work wonderfully) or if he feels you should be checked in for while in a mental institution for further evaluation then go ahead and get the help. Good Luck!

first of all listen to Terry Jacks - Seasons in the sun
then decide

I've been there but do you relay think death is the way?? I've been in a mental hospital too. I know it's no fun. you need help talk to a D.R. talk to youer wife.Maybe some therapy. I relay don't think death is the way to go.things will get better for you but you do need help......

Have you thought about doing some charity work in your spare time?

DJ Inphinity
Make new friends. When you and your wife have time, go out to a club or something. You can die of loneliness ya know, so the only thing to do is....well, don't be lonely. Friends aren't going to come to you. The world is your oyster.

you dont' need to kill yourself.... you need to find yourself!!! do some soul searching!!! what is something you have ALWAYS wanted to do.... well do it!!! and love every second of it.... go to a bar or comedy club one night.... just randomly talk to some people..... you will make friends! just find who you are

Peppa J
The person who suggested you do something to help others had a point. I had some huge losses in my life, and I began to wonder if this world was the place for me. As soon as I started volunteering I felt so much better. So, while I understand how dark life can appear, I also know that there is light too, and it begins with helping others. There are a lot of volunteer centers online that are in great need of people to sign up. There is a lot to live for, but you have to put yourself out there and discover for yourself.

I know that you think things will never change but give it a chance and try to make it change yourself. When I was a teen ager, I had no friends too. I never talked to my parents and I kept myself isolated. I tried to commit suicide too but God brought me back and now I am married to a wonderful man and have two beautiful children and many dear friends. What did I do? I changed myself. I was kinder to others. I did things for other people and in return I received help. Killing yourself is not the answer and there is change just around the bend.
You are a special person and you have alot to offer others and others have alot to offer you. Take it one day at a time and think of things you can do to bring yourself out of your depression.

Best thoughts for you

♥ Yaz ♥
If you feel that depressed and are thinking about killing yourself, maybe you should go to a doctor to see if there is any way they can help you whether by meds or by therapy or both. It is scary at first, but with some time, you can lead a very happy and productive life. I am terribly sorry to hear about your family, which is why I think therapy would be good. You have had trauma after trauma, and you owe it to yourself to be a healthy and strong minded person. Do it for yourself and do it for your wife. If she married you than she obviously loved you at some point. It is hard to love somebody if you don't love yourself though. Not all therapy sessions are scary, you should get a list a try different people out. I promise the results are worth the trouble!!!!

i think you should talk to your wife,about this

Damn, bro. Sounds like you have had a tough life. I feel ya. I'm not saying i've had it as hard as you though.
Kill yourself? No. Man, you need to calm down. You have obviously been thru some ****...but you need to put the past behind you. YOU are the only person that can change your life. Its gotta be up to YOU. Set goals man..and work towards them. Keep focused on your goals and you need to stay away from peeps that try to bring you down or say that your goals are unobtainable.

ummm,,, is it to late to answer?

kidding, first of all don't take life to seriously.... life is a gift.

2nd, the past does not equal the future.... just caues you had bad times dosen't mean things won't get better... but YOU, have to turn it around.... YOU have to take action....

Stop moping around, and GO get a job, or GO to the library and learn a jobcarear.... GO to the gym and work out to keep your body in shape.... GO and find a woman who wants to be with you.....

GO have fun with your life.... your goal should be to enjoy life everyday,,,, that's my goal....

Try it !!

awww. i'm so sorry for your loneliness. i know you feel hopeless, but there are people who care about you!! I think your situation with the people around you is making this worse because they don't have show any feelings that they may have for you. i think if you start something new, like go join a group that share similiar interest that you had, it might be a good environment for you. I really hope you feel better. i've been in the dumps before and i know how shitty that feels. So i really hope that you will come to see the light in the world, and realized that there are non-crazy people who actually cares about you.

hey buddy sounds like u need 2 talk....

email me @ p34nu7bu773rj3lly7im3

thats also my MSN

Things in life won't always go the way you want them too, but don't take your life for it! Remember, weeping only endureth for a night because joy comes in the morning!

Call the local Habitat for Humanity ,,,then take a hammer and help someone else.

Nothing will make you feel better about yourself than helping someone else.

Stop feeling sorry and get to work.

And if HFH is not available, find someplace that DOES need you.

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