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I am homeless living in my car, i have not slept for 30 hours, and nearly out of money but i have savings...?
i am extremely depressed, i get paranoid when i think of the future and the past, as well as angry....... i am in another city other then my home, i have driven across canada and back and put over 12,000 kilometers on my car in one month cause i am so confused.....

i can't seem to be happy anywhere, does anyone have any advice they can give me?

go to a homeless shelter. Seek help, its the only way.

Keel Over
Why are you wasting your time on here then?? Go get a job or an education...

Derek Derrickson
start writing songs...and buy a guitar...

if u have room for advice you have room for growth and my advice is that u grow up

Put a backpack on and start walking. Or get a bike and start riding. Life is a journey not a destination.

get off the computer and get a job

if you live in your car how are you on here

Kris H
Maybe go back to your hometown and stay with any family you may have there....Just to get back on your feet. Sometimes its good to go back where you grew up. Good luck to you.

#1 bossman
it's really offensive to those of us who actually have been homeless and lived in our cars...( a '71 VW at that ) that you even have an internet connection if you claim to be homeless....if you have savings it's nobody's fault but your own that you're homeless.

think back to your childhood at some of the things you wanted to do and pick one.....how many people in this life do you REALLY think are happy or satisfied with their situations?

i pulled myself up from being homeless to getting a degree and being very successful in ym career....with a six figure salary and all that entails....but i'm still not completely happy....there are things that could be better....and almost anyone can say that regardless of their income level or station in life....quit whining, find out what you want to do with your life, make a plan and make it happen.....unless you get up off your ptiy pot and do something about it, nothing will change. hardest lesson to learn and hardest to follow....but you've got to...or languish there in your car until the inevitab;e end.

u drove 12000 km and ask on yahoo answers for help??

just keep your head up. i look at it as, there are people going threw far worst. long as u are walking and breathing, be greatful for that. just hope for a better day. u stay strong.there are people out here on drugs so tough that they lost everythhing from family yo self meaning in life. just keep your head up and wait for your day to come, and just shine

David H
"i get paranoid when i think of the future and the past, as well as angry...."

You need to live for the now. You say you have savings. Go to a motel, get a shower and some sleep. Wake up in the morning and start out fresh. If you are home sick, visit home. If not see if you can find some work. Work will make you happy. Think positively about yourself. Dude, you drove across Canada. That kicks a$$. I've never driven across the US. You'll make it. The future is never as bad as it seems.

I'm lost in Canada too, except I haven't left this shitty town.

Try not to go to Nova Scotia. I would suggest somewhere in Northern Ontario, that's where I wish I was. Or Montreal.

I'm not sure what you're asking

Start a new live somewhere else, probably a small rural area best suitable.

get a job and move on..with this beutifull life!!!

Carl W
seek out a shelter and get counseling.

GO home... Im sure you have some family to turn to.. Call someone up and when you get home considering checking in to a hospital.. or getting some help from a therapist and pyschiatrist... Thats no way to live your life.. and if you keep up with it you might not have much of a life left...good luck.. dont be afraid to ask for help

Emotional and Spiritual Crisis can happen in any of us.
Being as you are far from home, that makes for an even more vulnerable and uncertain concerning situation for you.

One thing is certain, you need some kind of help from somebody, and you need it right away.

Might I suggest that you seek help by asking the police where you might go. It may be to a church, someone may supply you with a meal or 2 and a safe place to catch some sleep.
If you are requesting medical or mental health assistance, they may be able to direct you. Sometimes (in the US) Social Services (welfare) offices can be of assistance with either meal, gas, or a bus ticket home.

As soon as is reasonable, do see a counselor, a Dr. or a minister to talk about your situation, and your paranoia.

If you are depressed it's probably time to talk to someone who can help you. A doctor may want to put you on some medication to help your depression. After you are feeling better mentally, you should find a job and move into a place to live; that way you don't have to stay in your car anymore.

Feeling Mutual
>>I am homeless living in my car.
Get an apartment.

>>I have not slept for 30 hours.

>>nearly out of money but i have savings...?
then you are not out of money at all!

>>I am extremely depressed!
Think happy thoughts!

>>I get paranoid when i think of the future and the past, as well as angry
Don't think of the past or future

>>I am in another city other then my home
Hey, you are living in your car, you can drive to your home city!

>>Ii have driven across canada and back and put over 12,000 kilometers on my car in one month cause i am so confused.....
Like Forest Gump, but you were smart enough to drive instead of run!!

>>I can't seem to be happy anywhere, does anyone have any advice they can give me?

You are responsible for the condition you are in. Only you can do something about it.

firstly, go see a doctor. Secondly, try to get some sleep so that you can think logically. Try to get back to your home city where you may have relatives or somebody who knows and can help you. Alternatively go to a homeless home. good luck xx

Stephen G
Check your oil .................................

Come to alaska!
Its gorgeous. . . friendly people.
Lotsa free places to stay, our minimum wage is higher than most other places so you can work get money get yourself a little cabin. Where you can sort our your problems in peace.
Plus where the hell else are you gonna go? =P

I'm guessing you have a laptop.

Hey, everyone has hard times. I think you need to start your life over. You probably have some friends you can stay with; you can't stay in your car forever. And you need to sleep, too. My advice. . stay in a hotel for a night (you have savings, right?) then head back to your hometown. I know how you feel about being angry, sad, depressed, but I think you need to find a bit of peace of mind. Plus you can't be running your car to death, too.

Best of luck to you. Life has a lot of frustrations.

21 and fun...
Go home, and get some help from people who care about u hun... good luck

Dom B
maybe you need to do something that is rewarding to you.
try volunteer work. canada has a great program where you can travel with a purpose (see sources).

ask yourself what it is you are looking for.

Razor Sharp
Park the car (which seems to have it's own internet connection) and check into a psychiatric facility.

Hopefully Helpful
Perhaps you could go inpatient on a psych. unit.
While you are in there the social worker could help you set up a plan so when you are discharged, you will begin to have a support system. You could begin taking medication for the depression. These medications can help you think more clearly. Please reach out for help. Go to the ER and tell them you are very, very depressed and do not feel safe.
By saying this you probably would be admitted to a psych. hospital. This could be a good first step. Good Luck and stay safe.

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