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i do not that i think its ok its just there is no way out. nothing to look foward to. nothing to be happy about. nothing else to do. and when your wasted you dont have to think.
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I am feeling sad and alone. Anyone have any words of encouragement?
Thanks in advance.

serene peak
Prayer helps. Doing something you enjoy. And maybe seeking new friends. Ask God to lead you, you'll be amazed!

Your Never alone God is with you!!!!!!!!

sweet luv
Go volunteer at a school or at a nursing home, they really appreciate it, and it will make you feel swell.

you are never alone honey you have your family and god with you at all times never feel sad be happy you are alive and can see and have alot of people that love you.

Life changes every single day one day your doing something the next It changes. We live in A bizarre world, I my get depress my self. I think about the past and the world changing Maybe your sad because your alone, But As longest you have your heath , even if one is ugly and smell, The heath is always very important because you might not feel any sickness , but once it hits one your screwed ,hey its life, Hey there people with no arms and prefer to be in your shoes right now . that what I think when I get depress

When you come to the edge of all the light you know,
and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown,
faith is knowing one of two things will happen:
There will be something solid to stand on,
or you will be taught how to fly.
Barbara J. Winter

cheer up, baby......

Dwight D J
join groups of other people with similar interests; soon you'll feel like part of a group, whether you're alone or not...there's a huge difference between being alone and being lonely

Me, too, if that helps.

Be with your feelings and don't judge yourself for having them. Feel them now, and then let them go as soon as you can. Imagine as you lie in bed tonight filling your body with a bright light, and let it shine throughout your whole being. Feel this new Energy in you and wake up invigorated in a new state of mind.
Remember as others have said, you are not ever alone. Ask God (or the higher energy you believe in) for help and guidance.
Many blessings. :)

Your past does not determine your future. Things do not have to stay the way they are. Your future can be far better than your past.

In the words of the great Wilson Phillips - "Don't you know things can change / Things'll go your way / If you hold on for one more day"

I think most of us have been there. When i was depressed I would look out the window and wonder how everybody could go on about their day when I could see nothing worth getting up for. I thought I would never feel any different. But nothing stays the same. Now I can't believe I was that person. But I do often wonder if there is someone else out there now doing the same thing and I wish I could help them. Time does help. Never, never give up. I will be thinking of you.

John, there could be many reasons for your feelings. First I want to say that you are not alone when you can reach out to complete strangers and have caring responses. But that doesn't solve everything!

If this is a new feeling, maybe you really are sad for a particular reason. Are you literally alone? If so can you find new ways to surround yourself with positive people? If you don't know many people, there are many opportunities if you are brave enough to make that first step. I think it helps to first meet people in a group setting rather than find one person to be close to. You might try a health club, dance lessons, a church group, taking a class, and finding social gatherings that are similar to your age, interest and marital status. (Sorry, I can't give great ideas without knowing more about you). But there must be some place that you can meet people.

On the other hand, if this sadness continues or has been there for a long time, there probably is a deeper cause that should be looked into. There is no reason to be sad and alone when there is professional help. If it is a sign of depression, a doctor or mental health center can help you. Sometimes group therapy is helpful too.

I encourage you to reach out as you have started here... and go in all directions to share your feelings to seek friendship. If that fails, try professional help.

Blessings to you.

Chris A
It will pass - it always does. Sadness is like a storm, hovering above you, hiding the beauty of the sky - but it is not permanent, nor is it the normal state of things.

To quote a song, "your eyes must do some rainin' if you're ever gonna grow"

yes, my mother always said " this to shall pass" and it always does.. just hang in there

God loves you and he will never leave you. you should pray. GOD LOVEs all of us. no patter who you are what you've done God still loves. i will pray for you so you wont be sad.

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