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I'm so angry at life. It seems like the nicer I am, the more people walk all over me. Why?

You are bad at picking friends.

Tam Tam
No one can "walk on you" without your permission.
Quit laying down like a door mat and perhaps people will stop treating you like one.

Shelly t
because your nice. You have to show them the other side of you. you can be nice but say hey wait just a minute I am not your maid, or debit card.

A man goes to a shop, picks up a beautiful cup and says "my god this cup is so beautiful" and suddenly the cup starts talking to the man. The cup starts saying "O man, I am beautiful right now, but what was the state of my being before the pot-maker made me a beautiful pot?

Before I was sheer mud and the pot-maker pulled me out of the mud from the mother earth and I felt why that pot-maker is so cruel, he has separated me from mother earth. I felt a tremendous pain. And the pot-maker said, "Just wait." Then he put me and churned me, when I was churned I felt so giddy, so painful, so stressful, I asked the pot-maker "Why are you so cruel?" the pot-maker said, "Just wait." Then he put me into a oven and heated me up, I felt completely burnt. There was tremendous pain and I asked the pot-maker "Why are you so cruel?" and the pot-maker said, "Just wait."

Then he poured hot paint on me and I felt the fume and the pain, I again asked the pot-maker "Why are you so cruel?" and the pot-maker said, "Just wait." Then again he put me into an oven and heated it to make me more strong, I felt life is so painful hence pleaded the pot-maker and the pot-maker said, "Just wait." And after that the pot-maker took me to the mirror and said, "Now look at yourself". And surprisingly I found myself so beautiful.

When god gives us lot of trouble, it appears god is very cruel but we need patience and we have to wait. When bad things happen to good people, they become better and not bitter.

So all difficulties are part of a cosmic design to make us really beautiful. We need patience, we need understanding, we need the commitment to go through in a very calm and wise way. So all difficulties are not to tumble us but to humble us.

With this understanding, let us not be against difficulty. Understand difficulty is a part of a purifying process. A purifying process at present which we cannot understand and hence we need faith and we need trust.

Let us understand how to handle stress with this background. You can be affected by stress from two angles. There is an internal stress and there is an external stress. Nobody can avoid stress; one has to only manage stress. Managing stress can be internal and also external.

The internal stress is; your thoughts can create stress, your values can create stress, and your beliefs can create stress, meaning thereby your stress is coming from your mind more from the outer world. Many people suffer not from heart attack - they suffer from thought-attack.

For example, when somebody says you are an idiot, we get so hurt, we get so victimised. My boss has called me an idiot and I am feeling tremendous pain. Now where does this stress come from? If my boss has called me an idiot, I have to ask myself "am I an idiot"?

If I am an idiot nothing to be upset about; and if I am not an idiot, then also nothing to be upset about! It is the perception of the boss. But why do we suffer from that stress? I suffer not because my boss has called me an idiot but because of the thought-attack.

I may say the boss has called me an idiot; therefore I am suffering? It is true that the words are unpleasant. But what hurts is the interpretation of the unpleasant word. The thought in me interprets. That is pain and therefore it becomes pain. Much of our stress is our mind interpreting it as pain. So we suffer from thought-attack more than heart attack.

Your'e spending too much time on answers or chat rooms

suvival of the fittest.....if you cant survive youll DIE.... truth fully the most people you can trust are youre 3 bff's

well i had the same problem you see if your nice people say shes nice so if i do this she'll just go and forgive me because she is nice like that so try being nice but still say this is me and if you lie or walk all over me i'm not going to forgive you like that ok

i hope i help

I don't know I have the same problem. Maybe others view us as weak. Whatever the reason it is not right.

Being nice is good. You have to be nice to ever have any good friends who will be nice to you back... clearly you are hanging around the wrong people! Be nice, but seriously... trust nobody unless they prove they're nice too. You're probably not only nice, but also far too trusting.

o jeez..r u in middle school or high school..we have a thing in middle school..if your to nice there is a extremely bigg chance you will get steped on..because u r more vunorable..girls in middle school are cats with claws..u need to scratch back!! the boys are like puppys..you have to tech them....you can not be always nice..


write an email to me to get more help...:)

Heart of fire
I always tell my friend not to mistake my kindness as a weakness. If someone would take on my niceness and use it for there selfish gain, then that person just lost a friend.

People can only walk all over you if you allow them to. Being nice does not mean allowing people to treat you however they want to treat you. Being nice is being polite, respectful and staying in a positive attitude. But if people are giving you trouble and not responding in the same respectful manner, there is no reason why you should be forced to allow these people to do so.

Stand up tall, stay strong and show your true self. If these people can't accept you for who they are, then that is their problem and they should handle it in a mature way rather than just trying to crush you.

Stay away from people like this. Remain only around people who are confident and will only encourage you, rather than criticize you and put you down. These people will have a positive effect on you and give you a sense of confidence for yourself.

maybe you need new people in your life. im nice, and people dont walk over me because 1, i dont let them and 2, because the people i am nice to are generally nice people.

so find people who have the same interests as you, and who treat others humanely and kindly. they wont use you, i promise.

I completely feel you on this one...and to be honest I do not know the answer. Some people on this Earth just don't happen to have any consideration for others and just act upon what makes them happy. I guess the only thing you can do is get a lil tougher and expect the worse from other people.

*路.路麓炉`路.路* jay *路.路麓炉`路.路*
I totally understand you! You just have to stand your ground and not bend over backwards, so to speak. do whats right for you

I woodnt,i love nice people.People like competition,if you are nice and easy,well your last.

You answered your own question. The nicer you are..............Stand strong, stand tough, and stand proud. If they do not like you then f em. It's as easy as 123

Life is life, it's how you handle it that drives you nuts. Learn to say no. I'll tell you how. I have a 15 ft reticulating python snake, I am going away for a month can you keep her???? Set limits. You are trying to please too many people and not yourself. Find out why you do this and it will work itself out.

One thing you have to know first about life is that not everyone is like you, things you like they may not like also you always have to think about yourself first, because there are a lot of people that will walk over you because you give them the chance to they don't care about your feeling. Always know this...CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS DON'T LET THEM CHOOSE YOU. Sometimes it okay to be mean, I tried and be nice and people did take that opportunity to walk over me.

Because you are out numbered. The majority of people use nice people like you for their benefit. Their attitude is always, "What's in it for me". Most people will take advantage of your kindness with no remorse what so ever. Don't be angry at life. Just hang with people as nice as you. And be on guard for the users. It took me years to learn how to spot them and still to this day I will run into a few that takes advantage of me. Once you find some one has done this to you, drop their friendship. If you don't they will continue to use you. Just stay the sweet person you are and don't let the majority get you down. Just be thankful you are not like them. You are better. Much better.

b/c there are lot's of mad uneducated people out there taking advantage of someone like yourself.The world used to be more respectful before than it is now, it's sad.Don't take anything you hear personally (or at least try not to let some idiot's words affect you), let them be miserable, and you be yourself, ignore them.

i have the same problem my friend

michael r
I understand your anger, I am a very nice, caring, sensitive, intuitive, compassionate person and people walk all over me because of it, I don't know why some people are just mean, I feel under appreciated and I feel like I am being taken advantage of, people don't treat me with the respect that I deserve, but I am learning to stand up for myself, people cant treat you that way, don't let people walk all over you, express your feelings out in the open and let them know how your feeling, I hope this helps, stay strong and stand up for your self, lots of love.

Daughter of a Coma Guy
Some people, especially insecure, love walking over nice and caring people. Usually if you are nice people will try to take advantage of you in any way they can. It is fine to be nice to people and to be warm and caring, but never and I mean never let people walk over you like a rug. Don't be afraid to stand up and tell someone no...believe me you'll fill so much better once you do. Always remember you are a human and you have an opinion too!

Been there.
Still there, less though.
You could use a little assertiveness training.
When Jesus told people to turn the other cheek, look what they did to him.
Does that mean you should never be nice?
NO, but it means if you don't want to be sacrificed, you need to stnad up for yourself sometimes.
Good luck, Love!

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