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Pallas â„¢
I'm Thinking About Overdosing?
on sleeping pills if I don't get this college plus loan situated. I have to have a cosigner b.c my mom has bad credit & I hope my uncle will pass as good credit as well. *Grr* I have to do eveything on my own. My college is way out of town b.c I hate where I'm at a great deal so I'm trying every effort to make this happen. My dads an alcoholic whose always putting me down & my mom is really passive whose not familiar w/ this kind of stuff.

*cries* I'm fine w/o a father figure, but I just NEED to get away from my town due to all the drama. I don't even feel like having a social life b.c I'm very uncomfortable w/ where I live. I don't fit in & always in an awkward situation.

So if all this doesn't work out as planned, then I'll feel like theres egg all over my face b.c I told everyone about where I'm going & such... *sighs* I've tried overdosing once before at 13 w/ anxiety meds, but I guess I built a high tolerance w/ it that it failed.

Any suggestions?

You suffer from the deadly sin of Pride.

What it is? Pride is excessive concern with yourself. It interferes with the your ability to care about anyone but yourself.

You are not righteous ---instead you are self-righteous.

It is the sin from which all others arise. Your attitude is a case in point. If you go so far as to commit suicide because of your pride you will be damned to hell where you will spend eternity being broken on the wheel. That is the proscribed punishment for the sin of Pride. Think about that.

You are too immature to go to college and everyone but you knows it. If you hate everyone so much more to a new place and get a job.

Kerem T
Hang in there, suecide isnt the way to go. What ur facing today is nothing comapred to eternety in hell. Follow the light.

SORRY u are a very selfish person who doesnt have problems compaired to people in the world how can u be thinking of such a stupid thing.Life is one big tester and everything u go through should make u stronger. u need to talk to some of ur friends. If things are not ok where u live then move away start ur life somewhere else dont finish it there. I moved away from home at 17 now24 an i never looked back . Im not saying it in a bad way u are not the only person in the world to have an alco father but thats nothing to do with u u got to make ur own life now ur not a baby anymore. Good luck with watevver u decide.

Ok, I'm going to tell you what I think. First off, If you really feel your life is not worth living anymore, just kill your self off. Seriously. Just don't leave a big mess that your family is going to have to clean up. Just think of everthing you are going to be missing out on, Children, Marriage? Your family and friends. You probably think that you didn't have a choice to live, so you have a choice to die. wrong. You have friends and family that you are going to hurt in the process. They love you and I'm absolutely positive that they are going to get you help if you need it. You don't have to see a shrink or a psychologist/psychiatrist, you can go to your FAMILY doctor and get antidepressants/antipsychotics... Second, You do know your going to become another statistic, right? Now your just going to become just anther number. You need to leave an impression on the world before your time is up, and suicide is not the way. Third, you'll be wasting our tax dollars. I don't want my money, my taxes, that I pay, to go for a damn autopsy just to prove that you commited suicide. It's not just the autopsy, you'll have to get the police involved so they can investigate and prove once again, that you committed suicide. Thats a waste of my tax dollars. They have other stuff to do, like finding killers and rapists, I'd rather have my damn tax money go to something like that then be wasted on a useless investigation, crime scene clean up and a damn autopsy. Fourth, why in the hell would you even consider asking what someone thinks on a damn website? For god sake, if you want a damn oppinion go to the mental health clinic or ask a trusted friend or co-worker. Truthfully, not everybody cares that you are going to kill yourself. They are just telling you to call suicide hotlines just so they can get thier 2 damn points. You just wasted five points for nothing, because in all reality, no body on this damn website cares, they can't call you and talk you out of if, it's pointless. So you have to choose, just quit and kill your self, off, becomming another damn number or just living. Think about it. Your just hurting you and your family/friends.

adam r
Way to go!! That's the answer!! When life goes bad and you don't like it, an overdose will solve the problem!! You sound way too smart for college.

Hate to be blunt - this is called "life". It's what hits you when you have to take responsibility for yourself. If your loan screws up, get a job, save up and move somewhere new. Don't just think about ducking out of existence because everything seems so crappy - there are thousands of people all over the world in a much worse situation than you.

I think that overdosing because things do not go your way is childish. That is not the answer. Sometimes things do not work out as planned. You got to just keep trying in the right direction. Not do yourself in. Good luck to you.

please don't let yourself down!
there's a reason why you have been dealt a more challenging life situation...it's because you are strong enough!
once you go to college, graduate, and work you'll learn that there are always challenges in life to overcome...and every single event will make you a better & stronger woman!
your suicide attempt is a cry for help...so get help! talk to school counselors about your situation, but do not let go of your dreams ever. you are worth it!

june july
this is not what you want to hear but it is not the end of the world if you don't get in but you do need to talk to someone about these feelings the Samaritans are very Good and would probably point in the right direction but running away and depending on one lifeline out is not the answer you try keeping a private diary to help you deal with everything that is going on in your head. good luck and take care

The Last Scion
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Suicide will not get you into that college, it will not stop your dad's drinking, nor will it increase your mom's credit score. It will end your life and destroy the lives of everyone who loves you. Try FASFA....a Federal Application for Student Financial Aid. The government can help you get into school. You can also try to get financial aid from the school itself. You have options.

Oh dear, don't do that. I'm listening to you & I understand your anger, hate, revenge of lifes little problem. It's O.K to let your felings go crazy. Be positive.

Susan S
I'm sorry you're having all this trouble. You sound like you're a real fighter. I sympathize withg you- I'm also a college student trying to get financial aid. But luckily I have support (my husband). Sounds like you could use some support. Your Uncle, or another relative or friend. . .? I know when you feel bad, it seems like things will never be better. I've felt that way MANY times, and I thought about killing myself many times.
But I learned something along the way (I'm 46). No matter how bad I felt, I got through it eventually. Usually sooner rather than later! I still to this day remind myself of this fact.
So, remember:
You can do it.
Most important: You will not feel this bad forever. You WILL feel better.
Lastly, if you can look for some counseling in your area. That can be a tremendous help. Good luck, hang in there!

overdosing is not the answer.... most of the time it doesn't kill you...you get your stomach pumped and then filled with charcoal which makes you vomit for days and gives you pure black diarrhea for days...

there is not a pretty and easy way to kill one's self......

they are all painful ways to go.. you don't want to put yourself through that.....

You are stronger than you think and have a lot of resources you may not be aware of at school. Talk to your adviser and talk about your concerns. They help you. Suicide is no answer but a termination of your dreams. You gotta believe in yourself and go for it.

I know what you mean. I swore to myself that if things did not look up I would take my own life. I cannot stand my home life and current environment. So, I too am escaping to college.

You will go to college and get your loan. If you are meant to go then you will find a way.

But if you cannot go to college, have an adventure for a while! Be like Huck Finn. Be a roamer. The most important thing is your happpiness. If you are unhappy where you are, then you must find a way to escape. You have nothing to lose.

Hey, I told everybody that I was going to be retired by age 30, and damn if that didn't work out!

Egg washes off your face -- do you want to be the one to wash it off, and forget about what other people think, or would you rather a mortician wash it off?

There's more laughs around the next bend, buy you gotta get around that bend to see the funny stuff that will make you laugh! In fact, I'll bet if, after you round that bend, if you look back on this time, you'll have a good laugh, and say "Whew, that was close!".

Good luck and keep on keepin' on!

Smug Monkey
don't let other's opinions or your fears of them force you to take your own life.

You are better than that.

Maya Angelou says "Change your attitude or change your situation".

I say you sound like a caring and kind individual who looks to please. And that is someone I'd like to know when she could get her stuff together.
We all have down times.
Don't give up on yourself now.
You've got something good coming if that loan doesn't.

There's a better place than where you are...it's just not easy to get there.
Hang in there, doll.

I work in a hospital in the Intensive Care Unit. I admit many overdoses. Their stomachs have to be pumped. They are usually put on ventilators and fed through a tube. Not a very pretty sight.

It's very difficult to overdose on this type of medications-they have a built in 'vomit' molecule. The only thing you might do is ruin your liver and heads up you only have one of those.

I can relate with the college loan stuff--it's SO confusing! Hang in there, it's okay to have a co-signer, it doesn't change anything about the loan except that if you don't pay it off, your co-signer has to.

I also have a crappy alcoholic dad and it's just something we've been dealt and have to deal with.

If you need to get away, do it! Take a break, take vacation, see if a friend will go camping with you for a weekend, just escape for a bit. Taking medicine is not the right answer--the loans stuff will get figured out and you will get out of your town. Have you considered transferring schools? It's surprisingly easy if that's an option for you. I did that and it was a really good choice.

Please don't kill yourself. Life is stressful and it will be forever, but you can make the best of it and have some really good times. A lot of people feel this way and if you're really struggling, there are free counselors at most schools that will help you out--it's like venting to someone for an hour, it's amazing! Try to stay positive and do something for yourself!

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