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 Suggestions on overcoming depression?
I go through depressive stages more often than usual. The kind that cripples you, body and mind. Any suggestions on how to deal with it without having to take a happy pill everyday?...

 I cant take it anymore i feel so depressed i feel like doing somethink stupid like cutting?
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 Natural ways to combat depression?
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 I sometimes think that people can read my mind. Is this normal?
There are certain people who I think can read my mind and it makes me scared. Is it normal?

also, i'd appreciate it if I'd get more answers to this question

 I need help, I can't control myself! Please help.?
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 Whats wrong with me?
i feel hollow inside i go from happy to sad, angry to calm at the drop of a hat i have tried stupid things like overdosing (didn't work luckily) i used to smile so much now all i do is walk ...

 I've just thrown my Sky remote control at the wall and I'm well fuct off. I'm ready to explode...

Additional Details
someone talk me down or i'm gonna flip my fooking ...

 If you had to be either really stupid or really ugly, which would it be?
Give a reason, if you want....

 I will commit suicide next week?
ny dad is dead, mum is dying, my job has no future and dirty to work in, every relationship i have fails as i have 2 nice of a heart!
please tell me the best way to suicide painless!...

 Why is life so f***ing crap?
life is rubbish but I keep on living it for some strange reason.Iam suacidal and have been for 8 months,my parents are divorced,I am in thearipy,My boyfriend dumped me.Iam a good person that gets bad ...

 Stalker!!!! I need to know .............?
I think i may have a problem, i tend to stalk people without knowing i am doing it. you see even when i am just out say at the library i will discover things baout people that i have never met before ...

 I very tierd but cannot sleep any help on how sleep?
been awake 2 day i very tierd but when i lay in bed i no sleep just lay for ages with eyes open canot keep closed or go ...

 What phobia do you have?
Acrophobia (fear of heights), Agoraphobia (fear of a place or event where escape is impossible or when help is unavailable.), Algophobia (fear of pain), Androphobia (fear of males), Aquaphobia (fear ...

 Hi i self harm alot i do it when i am very angry or upset with things i will cut is there anyone that selfharm

 What does it mean to be 'committed' into a hospital?
how does the court of law get involved?...

 Do you really think that you can out come depression on your own?

Are there any antidepressants you an buy over the counter at a chemist/pharmacy or do they all have to be prescribed by a Doctor/GP???...

 Can't believe I'm actually asking about this...?
Yep, I feel dumb for asking about this; I just don't really believe in depression. (I know people will say it's real and I just have to go to the doc). Anyway, there have been SO MANY ...

 Its not fricken fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
i have 3 beautiful children,a boyfriend tht loves me very much..a nice apartment with nice things...in the past year, i cant work,cant drive,i have panic attacks,go to the hospital for the wierdest ...

 What do I say to my bf to bring about a positive change; he is bi-polar and an alcoholic?
He don't want to take his meds because he says he doesn't like the way it makes him feel. It takes away from his joking exciting attitude. I belive he drinks to self-medicate himself. When ...

How is 146 for an IQ??
How good is that?

Arianna S
It is supposed to be pretty close to genius level (150, I believe), but on average, people on the west and eastern coasts tend to be around 140 anyway, with people in the middle of the country being more toward 130.

I think it is 46 more than mine which sometimes seems like, one hundred forty-six subtract forty-six, carry the four, 90.

IQ is just for common sense. your score is good since most ppl get about 100

Manapa Bhojanadhikari for Metta
100 is average 150 is in the top 2% i think but IQ changes i scored 135 on one test but when i done test the nation I scored 75

John & Shona C
r u pleased with it?
how do u feel about being a 146?

jolly good old girl/boy

That is very and you do seem very pleased with yourself.

Login RL
very bad if you have to repeat your questions ...

Who cares, just because you can answer a lot of technical or scientific questions in a certain amount of time does not mean a thing to me, my brother is a member of MENSA, but that does not make him a better person and he hasn't got a clue how to fix any thing around the house. If you are clever or intelligent then use it to help yourself and others if possible, just having a gift is not enough you have to know what to do with it.

Tom C
UInderstand you could test out at 200 and still act stupid. Like asking questions like this.

Very high, if measured on the R B Cattel Scale.
It will almost get you into Mensa.. a group with extremely high IQ members only.
146 is in the top 4%, that is higher than 24 out of 25 people.
You didn't say if you had that IQ, or maybe it is just an open question.
If it is you, perhaps you may like to study the type of IQ questions, and attempt to get into Mensa... it's a world wide organisation.
Being so close, you need 148... who knows what is possible?
Good luck.

you are a genius!!! lol

People used to say anything over 140 was "Genius". Or maybe it was 130. Nobody talks about that sort of classification any longer. I'm sure you already realize you're smarter than anybody you know. (However, not smarter than I am.)

its very good , My Brother has a 151..how i don't know cos he's as thick as sh it..!!

Excellent.Having found it out,what do you propose to do with it?

Your IQ is well above the national average. To see how you stack up check; http://www.sq.4mg.com/NationIQ.htm
Good luck

man of kent
Well above average but it depends on which test was used to measure it. Percentile point is a better method of comparison.

not bad

Dazed and Confused
That's ok it's the same as mine and i'm nearly out the range.
i''m probably younger than u but it's what our minds are capable of not what they can do.
i learned that very early in life because my family and friends thought i had a.d.d.'
then i took a iq test a couple of days a go and i was 146.

p.s. i didn't learn my vowels till 4th grade!!

I had mine tested many years ago at school - it was 162, they all got very excited and I was encouraged to join Mensa. I've done a few online tests and it comes out high. I am reasonably intelligent but in no way a genius, I'm just very good at logic and word puzzles, I can't say it's furthered my career in any way.

Will smells
Only half as good as my doggy sorry. He writes mystery novels.

If that is based on a standard Stanford-Benet scale that is in the range of gifted persons. Much higher than the average IQs of the US considered to 98-100 and UK at 100.

There are other IQ scales in which your IQ could have a different meaning.

On the Stanford-Binet scale traditionally 160 has been consider the point of genius. The IQ is not necessarily your level of knowledge, but instead your ability to analyse and learn.

I was very happy with my IQ at 159 and pleased when my first wife had a 142. Then my current wife took an IQ test and scored a 164 and made me angry. So I guess IQ does not denote maturity either, :-)

You have a lot of potential.

The big question is how are you going to use it????

You have the ability, and you know that. Good things are now expected from you. The college admissions staff will also know that when you apply. You will need the grades to back it up.

Ask me how I know? On second thought don't.

There will always be people smarter and dumber than you are, good luck.

Elliot Ness
If you had a 146 IQ you would already know the answer to that question.

Definitely not yours for asking the same question 3 times.

Very good - but do remember it is not a guide to intelligence or mental welbeing. Yes I know it can be used as a guide and to help but basically it tells you what the brain is capable off not how well it has been taught

My IQ is 148, courtesy of testcafe.com, and I am told the average is anywhere from 80 - 120. 146 is in the gifted range, not genius but definately smart. BTW...I really don't think my IQ is 148. My counselor in 4th grade made me take a real IQ test because I played fill-in-the-dots on my ISTEP exam and they thought I was....ummm....slow. I ended up scoring a 132 and I'm told that your IQ doesn't change much as you mature.

They also judge different areas on your IQ test. I have the unique ability to spot patterns and work out problems in my head but I am way below average on remembering things I see. I have to read information over and over again before I can remember it. I have ADD to blame for that. haha

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