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How do I know what I really want in my life ?
How do I know what I really want in my life ? How do I know what really makes me happy ?

Please advice ? I am 27 year old male .

you sound like me...23 year old female and i still dont know what i want in my life or how i will ever find it...

Wow, this is a big question for someone who hasn't had the pleasure of meeting you. I read somewhere that WHY we do something ultimately determines WHAT we do. You won't find lasting meaning in accumulating wealth material things. Volunteer somewhere, focus on something bigger than youself. Get "off self" and get "on purpose". It will help you to be satisfied and fulfilled where you are now in life while figuring out where you want to be.

More important than anything else, though, I want you to realize that there is essentially a void in each of us that only a personal relationship with God can fill. He loves you more than life and is just waiting patiently for you to invite Him in.

How can we answer a question like this? I mean who but YOU and the people around you know you best? I will tell you that happiness comes from within. If your internal conditions--ie: your mind/heart--are relatively in a content, spiritual place then your external--ie: where you live/work/play/etc. won't matter. If you are looking for thing's outside yourself--ie: your question--then you will never find them. The road to freedom and enlightenment is being honest with yourself. Try simple breathing meditation..Look to yourself for the answers, because only you know what is best for you...

if you ask the Creator God to direct your life, He will give you dreams and goals that will make you happy. Then He will help you fulfill them. He will do it because He made you and loves you.If you know that your relationship with Him is right and your wrong deeds are forgiven( they all can be) you will be happy.

you are spinning.
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first discipline yourself to sit in a full lotus & think of nothing. do it enough so it doesnt bother u. do it enough so u dont have to try to still your mind & bear the miserable position of the lotus. if u can be this [not acheive this] u will not be looking for answers from strangers.
pleasures are addictive & distort the simple happiness that is within us.

trust me u will no when u find a guy or if u have find a guy it will hit u like a ton of bricks

You will find what you are looking for when you stop thinking about it and you!! Anything outside of your self will not give you the happiness you are looking for.

i think humans have that sense of knowing things they really want for their life if not .................

If youre 27 and still have no clue what you want out of life, you might benefit from seeing a counselor. If you don't automatically find happiness in life, then perhaps you're suffering from a low level of depression.

You've got to look hard within yourself. Deal with your feelings, even if they're unpleasnt. Recognize that you might have disassociative tendencies.

I don't know if this applies to you, but you have to avoid escapist activities (binge drinking, drugs, TV, constant sleeping, etc). They help you forget your lack of happiness but long term they make the problem worse.

No one
I would tell you to pray. Ask God where you are.

Happiness is a choice. You must make that choice. only you
can do it. You sound a little lost. Do you know the Lord? He
can help you with this. Read the book of John in the New Testament & give Him your heart. He will guide you and never
leave or forsake you.

Your still young - maybe you had a rough childhood - it can mess
up your life. How are you doing emotionally? Do you have a
strong support system? Maybe some counseling will help and
also some meds. Don't be too stressed out over this - many
people are in the same boat you are.

We all don't have answers. Find yourself. Discover the wonder
of who you are. See what makes you happy and go with it.
What are your hobbies? what do you do for a living? maybe a
job change is in order? Under alot of stress lately? What event
in your life triggered this episode?

It's ok to ask questions. Hope this helps....

just me
What do you like to do in your spare time? Are you good at any one thing? If you are can you make a living doing it?

I was good at memorizing trivial facts, so I became a teacher, perfect fit! A teacher has to know lots of stuff. Good luck. Keep your head up! Life usually becomes more certain in your 30's.

you know

Pie Man
someone will tell you

You'll eventually find out!

you have to find inner peace in your heart and soul. have you tried things like yoga or meditation? dont go by what tour friends are doing be your own person dont push it and what ever your hearts desires will come to you

Dee Dee
I am 38, and still don't know what I want. But I know what I have. I thank God everyday for blessing me with 2 beautiful children after such a horrific life. I never had plans, never had dreams, I just wanted to make it through the day. I did, and I will make it to tomorrow to answer another question. Good luck with your quest!!

well first of all you have to stop and look around you and see what u have done and accomplished.
then you look to acheive something a goal or a higher purpose
and then think of the the good things things that make u happy dont think of right now think ahead

Not trying to be funny. Why don't you turn around and see what you have in your life now. If you like what you see and proud of what you have, then you don't need nothing else. If you don't like what you see. Make a change. I can't tell you what you want out of your life. Only you knows this. I can only tell you what I want.

God, you sound just like me a year ago... and just like me only a year older right now.

The only advice I can give you is to try something different until you find some things you like. Then figure out how to make money off of them... hasn't worked for me yet though.

♥ Sham... ♥
Listen 2 ur heart it will help u... Just listen 2 it...


Brian V
Unfortunately, you have to decide for yourself what you really want in life. Try all kinds of different things. If you enjoy it great, if not, forget about it. Also don't forget that your likes can change over time so always be willing to change.

How are we supposed to advise you on this? We don't know you.

There's different things that different people want.

Happiness is upto the person, they have to see on their own what makes them happy.

Most people in their 20s would settle for a good job and a steady relationship, in my opinion.

Mindy Jo
No one can answer that because the answer is in you. Journalling is a wonderful means of self discovery.

First of all think of all the things you want in life. Then make another list of everything you want in one week. Then every thing you want in a month. Then everything you want in 6 months, a year, five year and 10 years. By organizing them and putting a time frame on them, you will be able to determine if you really want something for your life. As you accomplish them, you mark them off and add new ones. You modify it all thru life.

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