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 Do people die from eating disorders?
Or do they die of complications that are a result of the eating disorder?
By this I mean that eating disorders are linked to a variety of health problems including heart problems.
So when a ...

 How do you get your girlfriend to chill the f**k out?
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 What do I say when I go see a counsellor for the first time?
I have been very depressed since June, and over the past couple of weeks it has just gotten to an extreme point that I cannot handle.

Tommorow I am going to find my universitys counsellor, ...

 Legally, do I have to return the rings?
We had big misunderstanding about our living arrangements before we married,he went back to his home state.2 mos. later I visited him and plans were made, however when I got back to my home state,he ...

 I need 100 people to answer this question, I am doing a survey......?
How happy are you on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest,
are you happily married and
where are you from??...

 What will happen if i tell my doctor I'm suicidally depressed?
i self harm, and can't stop thinking about killing myself, and i'm scared i will try to do it, although i think i know it is a cry for help.
Additional Details
what happens, as ...

 I don't know what to do anymore
since i was young, the smallest things have made me cry, and i feel like there's no point. i try and hide it from people, but every single day i struggle to even bother making an effort with ...

 I have an addiction to Taco Bell. How should I deal with it?
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 Am i really hearing voices??
when im trying to sleep and halfway there (body asleep but mind is still awake)i hear voice
dont know what there telling me but i know they are there
at first i thought it was the tv but i ...

 Am i depressed at 13?
i feel like my world is falling away. im 14 next year and im scared i wont make it to my 15th birthday. i cant think of any major reason i feel like this, i just know that everything is getting too ...

 I just got my first Traffic Ticket. I don't know how I should feel. How should I react to this?
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 I'm almost scared to ask this one?
I've cheated on my wife a few times and told on myself. Now here's the tricky part. I told on myself because I love her and she deserved to know. And I know that "If I love her I ...

 Should I fear death?

 Do you think I have OCD.?
I have taken many quizzes on the interent that tell me that I have it but I don't think that I do, well I dont' want to have it. This is what I do that might cause me to have OCD:


 POLL: Who can stress you out sometimes in your life?
Thank you....

 I Cant Take this anymore?
I am battling huge depression. I hate living. I have barely any friends. I have never had a girlfriend and never heard of anyone liking me. I mentally cant go to school and i mentally cant go to ...

 The way my dad eats REALLY annoys me?
its like hes incapable of closing his mouth when he eats. and he makes these slurping noises is well which is so disgusting. i know it sounds stupid but it can actually stress me out....

 I am having a bad couple of days with my depression please say something to help cheer me up?
sorry to put it like this
had day off sick today
really really really dont want to go back downwards on that slippery slope again
please dont laugh at me
probably just feeling low ...

 Why do I just wanna yell at somebody, pick up a fight, or cry?!!!?
I got up this morning and I'm in the worst mood. I already got in a stupid fight with 2 of my friends. I called my ex-boyfriend and totally gave him attitude over the phone. I really missed him ...

 My husband lied to me about something simple, now i cant help but think he lies to me about things that......?
Were important! When I asked he denied and said i was crazy! I am checking his cell phone, bank statements, i try to get on his online banking how far is too far! I keep thinking I am going to find ...

How deep should I cut my wrists in order to die quickly?
Please answer in cm's....I don't want it to take more than 10 minutes....

why not just cut it all the way off? wouldnt that be easier? jk jk

But seriuosly your probally pmsing and in a bad mood, how about going to the doctor and asking him for happy pills? Thats what I did and I feel a whole lot better. :D
lus who wants to get all the gross blood everywhere. yuck. Dx

Hope I helped. :]

Michael N
I dont even think its possible to die like that...

*sunshine susy*
please dot kill yourself. that makes me very sad. find a happy place in your mind. its alright. please. you deserve to live. say it out loud. yell it at the top of your lungs. "I LOVE MYSELF AND I DESERVE TO LIVE! IM OK!" please dont. i know that your a wonderful person. please. im begging you. find some friends. anything. dont kill yourelf.

Don't do it!!! Don't give up!!! You have your whole life ahead of you, don't blow it. If you have a Bible, open it up. If you don't, pray. I promise, you'll get an answer. Maybe not tonight, but God always has a plan,and he loves everyone, especially you, no matter what you've done.

No why the hell would you do that???

Lynette S
dont be stupid


dude, wtf jus go shoot yhurself.. if yhur that DEPRESSSED , or wants 2 suicide,, call suicide center >:o

Life is a gift. Call for help NOW

♥Cali Girl♥
I'm pretty sure you don't want to kill yourself, you just want the pain to go away!just call a suicide hotline!!

Amy V
omg go call a suicide prevention center NOW.

emos -_-
why don't you just stab yourself in the heart? you'll die faster than you would cutting your wrists
i don't see why these pathetic emo f.u.cks don't think of that.

btw, if you do decide to cut yourself and have enough time, take pics and email them to me

It M
LOL, everyone here is going on rampages about psychologists and suicide hotlines. I'm going to answer the question.

Its very hard to die from cutting your wrists alone. You would need to have the strength of a Marine and lay in a bathtub with the water running in order for you to pass out from blood loss. (and you would probably drown first) Also, cut vertically (not horizontally). Personaly I don't think the cutting counts unless you see fat.

Cut it deep enough so that you almost can sever the hand off ie leave it dangling. Sure to die in no time....

Please get help. There is nothing that you can't over come. You need help. Call a doctor or hotline now.

bout 3 cm..worked 4 me!!

Just Me

Snake eater
wow how about stop whining, oh my god what are you depressed about that could cause you to end your life?

Don't even joke about this. If you can post here you can call 911

Call the suicide hotline or talk with your parents, your family would be the most affected by your death.

Stephanie S
okay. like. seriously. get with it, we all have **** we have to face!! find another way to deal with it and quit being like my ex boyfriend. i cried when he told me something about killing himself. please, i no it may be hard to do find another way, but u will!

slice your juggular if you want a nice shower of blood before you die.

some 17 year old kid
dude thats a stupid question because if u wanted to kill urself u wouldnt ask how deep u would jst cut as deep as posible and ur just a little emo kid who wants attention so grow up and do something like get a job and stop being RE-TAR-TED.......

I'd say around 4 cm. Now, remember: across the street if you want attention, but down the street if you want to go somewhere. Have you ever read "The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath? You'll want to look it up for reference.

p.s.: Cutting means that life wins. Don't be a loser.

Fire By Night
why would you want to do that??
I tried to kill myself before last year.. but you know even though things seem impossible now they will get better. and there are people who care about you. hang in there it does eventually get better. Life's worth it

stop seeking attention.

Just under the skin about the depth of your thumbnail if you make a lateral cut from elbow to wrist. Make sure you get the artery. If you cut across the wrist, you may not bleed out before clotting occurs. But cutting your wrists will not allow you to die quickly and it stings like nothing you've ever felt before.

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