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How can you keep yourself, fom wanting to kill yourself?

Meat Mountain
get all emo-styled-out and go to a emo or goth club and cut yourself. you'll meet a lot of new freinds and probably rather be depressed then just die.. i mean, I have way too much stuff to do to kill myself, even being totally depressed is more worth my time

♥shellaye♥ untamed
ive been like this for a long time and even until now, idk WHY there's so much of these in me.. but i tell u the best thing to do is to get some help or be with friends..

if no ones' around, i would just cry and cry LOUDLY somewhere else until somebody would hear so instead of thinking to kill myself i'd feel more embrassed instead.

in the middle of nowhere, in the beach at times or at the top of something and i tied my foot not my neck, so that i wont fall or jump off..

or if i really get desperate but lazy to go somewhere else i just go near a stove and turned it on, you'll feel how much it'l hurt so u'd stopped all ur dramas and would just sleep instead.

have pictures around your room of dead, wrecked, chopped people who died in a disgusting way, cause in that way, i'd feel really scared of being dead and ugly so at least u wouldn't kill myself.

idk, im stupid, that's me.
but now it's less, cause im praying.
u should meet big J too, His the best. :)

get help

miss kitty
know that whatever is wrong now will be gone, forgotten or not as important farther down the road.

you can overcome that with the urge to beat the snot out of someone else

Get some help, set some new goals in life, make a life plan, talk to people with the same issue. You may message me if you ever need. x

I have to get some humor or else I will go crazy just thinking about that "what if..." syndrome .

Just think of things you really want to do that you couldn't do if you ended your life.

Think about all the positive things about yourself(past...present...future). Believe me, I may not know you, but your life is just waiting for you to conquer any demons you may have or had and achieve YOUR goals.

Think about your family and friends and anyone else who may be effected. Don't be selfish...because they love you and they know you love them.

Join a support/recovery group, therapy, join a hobby that interests you and keeps you busy and happy.

Hope that helps a bit. And good luck with your recovery =)

Make a list of things you always wanted to do in life and start doing them. Make a promise to yourself; you will not even think about killing yourself untill you are done with your list. Start with the easy ones and write down your experiences. You will find new meaning for your life on the road! Good luck and have fun!

i often want to end my life claiming it would be easier for every one but to many people would kill themselves if i did but sometimes not even that is not enough to stop me. life is panful. i dont know ur situation but it is even half as bad as mine i could understand y u want to kill yourself.just think about it. it would take away your pain but only add to your family and friends. if you ever need some1 2 talk 2 just email me.

Paddy L
Thi poem

Whoever you are as you read this,
Whatever your trouble or grief,
I want you to know and to heed this:
The day draweth near with relief.

No sorrow, no woe is unending,
Though heaven seems voiceless and dumb:
So sure as your cry is ascending,
So surely an answer will come.

Whatever temptation is near you,
Whose eyes on this simple verse fall:
Remember good angels will hear you,
And help you to stand, if you call.

Though stunned with despair I beseech you,
whatever your losses, your need,
Believe you were born to succeed.

You are stronger, I tell you, this minute,
Than any unfortunate fate!
And the coveted prize- you can win it:
While life lasts 'tis never too late!

Spend all that time you spend dwelling on the morose learning how to get yourself back in balance thru proper nutrition & exercise. Set goals & work towards them. Learn new things. You'll soon be too busy too entertain the negative. You are nutritionally unbalanced. Eat better. The information is everywhere if you will just open your eyes.


Erk that's kind of a deep subkject... I'd say the easiest path is therapy or depression mediction. Or if you don't REALLY want to kill yourself your just having suicidal thogutghs you could just be dramatic or...normal heh. But it's never a good sign so you should probably talk to someone. Good luck :)

I wish I had love.
It always hurts my heart to hear a beautiful girl wnats to kill herself ,but I am in the same shoes.The best thing I could think of is killing myself.

Dewey D
You need medical help. Find it, and don't kill yourself.

Writing is the best for me

talk to a school counclor or a teacher or even your parents, maybe you just need some one to talk to to

andrea s
Everyone gets depressed at sometime. Try to write down your feelings or tell someone you can really trust. Think about what the future holds. Once you hit rock bottom you can only go back up.

whoa s.h.i.t! Don't kill yourself!! If you have enough to post this, then you have enough to not kill yourself!!! You're thinking of a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Call the freakn suicide hotline.

Christina Songlee
You talk to God and you live in every day like it's a holiday. It's cause to celebrate - you woke up this morning, didn't you? God gave you the legs and feet to walk this morning, didn't He? You walked all the way to the computer and was able to type, weren't you? That is cause to celebrate! There are so many people who can't walk, don't have a computer, can't type, let alone have fingers, and didn't even wake up this morning. Be thankful for everything, through everything. All problems come for good to mold you and shape you into what you are to be. And remember, God is the cure to all depression and sadness. He is the only way out of it. I know how it feels to want to just die. But there is hope. If you want Jesus, he is right there, waiting for you to come to Him. He is a healer and will heal your heart and make it whole. You might be saying, "Jesus?" But it's true. Try everything else in the world, and see what works best - Jesus or a mental hospital?

God bless,
With Christian Love,
Christina Songlee


and for the immediate time - remember that many people love you, and will be devastated if you suicide. Call up a friend or relative to stay with you while you are having a hard time. Pet your cat or dog - they would miss you too.

If you have a plan worked out, then you have to go to the ER of a hospital right now. Don't call 911 unless you are already injured/poisoned (or you will be embarrassed by the police at your house). Get the yellow pages out and find the nearest hospital with mental health facilities, and get yourself there. If you are too emotional to drive, have a friend come over right now and take yo there.

by going to the doctor and getting help also by calling a friend and talking things out. by talking to rabi, priest or minister and seeing things out. the damage you will do if you carry it through is unbelieveable and putting others that have guilt and they will never again beable to live right that is what would be on your conscience. take care.

call the suicide hotline
listen to music
the best thing thats always helped me
is doing something with friends
do something you enjoy with some close true friends

You can't keep yourself from WANTING to,you just have to keep yourself from doing it.
Focus on the good.
Also,when I get really depressed-I take naps.Then I wake upand it's a new start.

Julie T
One of the things that is highly effective is obviously therapy. One of the main things they will do with you is write a contract that you will (hopefully) choose to sign saying you will not harm yourself.
It's good you recognize this in yourself (if that is the case) or another person...
You CANNOT do this alone. You need help, there are specialists for this, and have helped many people.

Ace boon coon
seek counseling, but dont kill yourself

Specialist Done Wrong
Talk about what's going on with you, why you don't want to live through whatever trouble is facing you. Find someone who listens well and cares to talk to. It doesn't matter who.

Take a break. Goof off for a little while and then get back to your work or your studies. Be around those that you love and love you back, or good funny friends, and laugh. You deserve to smile and laugh, anytime, no matter what.

If there's no one you know to talk to there, call a help line.

my lady buy a water gun

Most people who want to kill themselves are just trying to scream out for help. Treat the problem that is causing their issues and they won't be suicidal anymore.

But those who are genuinely suicidal, there is no stopping them. They are sane and generally not depressed - they just want to die.

I seriously doubt you are one of those who really wants to die. Ask for help. It's the best thing you can do.

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