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Anna J
Do you ever hear voices or see things that others don"t?
Please no sarcasm. I am really serious.

I have this nagging itch that told me not to answer this question, but I'm stubborn.

Seriously? No.

yes!! it is normal don't worry OK?
some people think its weird some people don't believe but want to
but Ur physic if you learn from some one who is very spirt-chal
then u will learn you have a 3d eye(not a real eye ball) but it is between Ur eye-brows and it shows u ghost and spirts
if you do not like this spirt that if FOLLOWING you then say in Ur MIND "go away right now!" and it should leave

you can all so look online for Riki masters
:) learn from them
don't let people tell you other wise

p.s the world riki sounds like rake-y

DBZ fan

sometimes i see colors and like giant specs of dust zoom by, i use to see demons

Yes, I do see and hear things others don't. But they aren't mean or hateful, or scary things. They are all loving and guiding. If they aren't loving and guiding then there might be something wrong. Or you might be psychic.

yes I do. Sometimes I hear my friend is calling me,but they are not there.it just our imagery that comes from our mind. Maybe we are really thinking about something, dizzy? or stress.

You may have some psychic abilities that need to be explored. What do these voices say? If they are bad, then you may have some mental problems. I know some people that hear and see things that I don't but they are good voices and usually not scary to pay attention to. Again, we all have some degree of psychic abilities, just not a lot of people take stock of it. We only use something like 5% of our brain, what does the rest of it do?????

Lisa A

Susie S
While I am a spiritual person and not wholly convinced that ghosts do not exist, I am very skeptical that it is a psychic experience. Schizophrenia develops (typically) in the late teens and early 20's. If you fall in this age range and are experiencing hallucinations, seeing images or people (when others claim they do not exist) might necessitate a visit to a psychologist. Please keep in mind that these hallucinations etc. have to be disturbing enough to your lifestyle and cause you distress. The occasional "huh?" or "what?" when nothing was there isn't anything to worry about. However, if they are consistently reoccurring, it is time to see a psychologist.
The first session you have with your therapist will be just a general background assessment. This will help them understand what might be contributing to your problem. After they've got a better picture of what's going on, they'll begin talking more in detail about the problem. After you and your therapist have really pinpointed the problem, the psychologist may ask if you'd feel comfortable trying a low dose medication and see if it helps reduce the hallucinations or voices.

no, that would be hallucinating, you should see your doctor asap.

wil petal
I think this very much depends on your other behaviour, and exactly what your seeing and hearing, are you seeing shapes and mistaking them for other things or can you look straight at them and they remain and other people cant see them. I think you need to talk to you doctor about it, they should be able to do a full assessment, i know its hard but trust them, they can help you and you are better of with hat help to manage any illness (if you have) than to not, its a scary place when you question your sanity, and it can be very isolating to keep it your self and not seek help. G'luck and i hope you sort it out soon.

Sarah H
yes i do! the walls move i see streaks of light.balls of light.the sealing moves.i hear crowds of people.i hear the TV talking to me,this girl talks to me,the walls look like they are getting closer.it just depends on where i am at i see and hear a LOTT of things that are not there.i have schizophrenia.it's always good to learn new things about people.that's what you want to do am assuming!

Yes, but they are all "normal". Are you seeing ghosts, or things as though you are psychic? Or is it more like schizophrenia? If you are really paranoid and seeing things or hearing voices frequently, there could be a problem. Otherwise you might be psychic, or just very senstitive.

yes, it's called psychosis. you may be bipolar with delusions or schizophrenic. get some info. but if it doesnt bother you, hell, you have a right to be crazy, ya no? there is a stereotype that experiencing hallucinations is BAD and that people must be locked up asap. they're just jealous.

I hear voices...My med doc says they are psychotic symptoms of my Bipolar 2 disorder.
I take serequel for this.

Hearing voices is a serious mental issue, you need to seek help immediately, I don't know what you see but the voices can be quieted with medication

It is called schizophrenia which is a medical disease.

no honey, but make an appt to see a psychiatrist. they can tell you what to do.

I do every now and then. I am labled as Bi-polar (Level 1) w/ Psycotic Features and I have a Paranoid Personality Disorder. I see shadows that aren't really there And sometimes I see something run across the floor. I don't hear voices tho...Except one time and it souded like a couple kids talking in a tunnel and the voices were far away. They said " Aren't you going to call your Mom?" These things only happen when I am extremly manic tho.

milk fur♥
Yes I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at about age 14, it runs in both sides of my family and have had it all my life. Even as a child I would experience hallucinations which truly scared me such as a witch puppet I had (not a cute one with a Broom and hat an old shriveled hag who wore rags) would wake me up in the night banging from the inside of my cupboard threatening to kill me amongst other things.
I still get frequent hallucinations visual and auditory, most are easy for me to understand they are not real (such as large black monsters that roam around) but other's are hard to spot like day to day people others claim weren't there.

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