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Do antidepressants change your personality? do they suppress healthy emotions?
ever since i started taking them i cant seem to "fall in love". i know it sounds stupid but i feel so ambivalent and it's driving me crazy. i also don't feel really happy anymore. sure i don't get depressed as often, but i feel so hollow and flat, like dead...
Additional Details
i am on zoloft 50 mg in morning and 100 lamictal / lamictin at night.

yes, i was on them for 2 years and those years i felt like a freggin zombie...

Yes they can , sounds like you need to go back to your doctor and change your medication.

Your dosage is too high. That is normal also, but not to that extent.
Consult your DR to lower your dose, or change to another antidepressant.


I am on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs so I know what you are going through. Depending on how long you have been on the meds, you may feel that way. I did in the beginning. I was very tired a lot and just plain lethargic at times. Once I got used to them that went away though and I am feeling much better.
I would talk to your doctor and tell them how you are feeling. Anti-depressants are a game of hit and miss untill you find the one that works best for you. I am on lexapro like one of the other people, and it works for me, but not well enough. I may have to go on something else because my depression is being helped, but I still get those really bad funks at times. MY anti anxiety works pretty well, and I think that I may be okay with that one, but we will see.
They should not supress healthy emotions. Your brain is learning a whole new way of thinking. It is finally learning to be happy, and as my couselor told me, when you feel bad, now you know it because you know what it is like to feel good.
Feel free to email me and talk with me directly if you have any questions, or just need to chat about life and things. Good luck!!

rxqueen♥ †
You could need therapy to go along with the medication.Or you just could of not met the right person!

they can change ur personalty that y im glad i dont have to take them b/c they deff. change ya n i dunno if it is a good thing
have a great day

Well I have taken the meds before and they do change some of your behavior and sleeping patterns but I dont think that it can change your emotions. I honestly think that the reason your experiencing this is because you have to much going on your life to be focusing on falling in love, but I think once your life comes to a point your comfortable with yourself and sorroundings you will be able to fall in love.

First of all it would be good to know how long you've been taking them. Sometimes it takes a while for your chemicals to adjust.

Second, the feeling of "Falling in love" is largely chemical. There is a great article in National Geographic Explorer that explains how for the first year or so you are running around on these chemicals made by the brain to make people feel so good about love. It isn't really real...it's there so the human race will not go extinct. After about two years the real emotions are there without any help from mother nature.

That being said, real love is about looking past people's mistakes and being willing to sacrifice. It's sounds hard because it is. Getting married is fun...staying married can be fun but it's also work. So don't get worried about that crazy love feeling. It's more important to feel stable and live your life and be with someone you can build a life with, have kids with, sit on the front porch in rocking chairs fifty years from now with.

Good luck!

I had that same reaction the couple of times I tried them. I felt like I really wasn't "alive" anymore and it increased my impulse to cut.

I've gotten tremendously better results from a change in diet and exercise regimen.

Check out (http://www.reducingstress.net ) there is a lot of great content, information articles, expert advice and links on the subject there.

Joe B
They are horrible, try Marijuana.

im on anit-depressants and it doesnt change my attitude, i think it depends on which one you take, ask your doctor if there is anything else that might make it different. Also some anti-depressants make you worse rather than better, so definetely ask your doctor.

Which antidepressant are you on? How long have you been on it? Have you tried others?

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