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 Hi, just wanted to ask if there is a treatment mental illnesses.?

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Can you commit suicide using over the counter sleeping pills?

yup...good luck

Advantis YM1
I think that if you really want to die, you can commit suicide with just about anything on your desk or in your purse. It's cooler if you also make it look like a murder, but that's painful to simulate this, and you just want to die without pain because you want to get away from the pain in the world, and dying in pain just misses the point, right? (or does it?). Now imagine that after you die, you'll live your moment of death over and over again to feel how cool that is :) My 2 cents.

Wayne y
Yes, definitely. I know there is a saying about health, everything is good in moderation.....once you go past moderation there can be other effects

I think you need to drink alot of alcohol, and take a bunch of those pills, and you will die painlessly in your sleep.................oh yeah, don't commit suicide

drunken master
if your going to do that film it and put it on the net..and give me the prophets
but why would you do that

Why would you want to know?

why do u want to know, i hope u r not doin somethin fishy

Bladerunner (Dave)
If you do not know the answer to this i am glad.

there is always something out there worth living for

Suicide is a permenant solution to a tempory problem. if your having probelms help IS out there, do yourself a favour seek the help which you deserve.

i don't know about sleeping pills, but most overdoses can kill you. don't commit suicide, though! your life is precious and you only get 100 years!

Why,do you want me to?It wouldn't really be suicide then.would it?

some years ago i have tried it with largactil. it was painfull not soft like as its told.

Way do u want 2 kill yourself.It dosent matter who than hurt u,jus think about the ppl in yo life that love u.Dont throw yo life away 4 something that someone his done r said 2 hurt u,because GOD put u here,an u should not go untill yo time is up.U need 2 forgive the 1s that hurt u cause u r holdin all this in,an they r sleepin it night.Life is a wonderful thing dont let it go 2 waste.

No, but why would you want to know? I am worried about you. Seek professional help.

Committing suicide is not like in the movies... you don't take sleeping pills and quietly fall asleep. the body convulses, you vomit... it's ugly, it's messy and in some states illegal. Anyone thinking of suicide should consider what exactly is involved... who is it really going to hurt? all those who's lives you've touched.. all those people who love you - they may not say it... but they do and it'll hurt them.

depends. you take enough of any variety of pills. mix with alcohol. and if you dont die, youll no longer want to die.

why do girls try to themselves with pills? they usually fail, end up in a mental hospital because the parents can never figure out why their perfect child would want to commit suicide. then they get off of the mental hospital everyone acts weird around them. and everything becomes worse then it already was.

Not unless you swallow an insanely large amount. If you are brave enough to withstand the excrusiating pain of tearing up your stomach and the hallucinations you may have the next day - my hat is off to you. Anybody serious about wanting to die should use a much stronger kind of pill. Hopefully youre not considering suicide - Tomorrow might be a better day.

You probably couldn't take enough to kill yourself, but most over the counter sleep aids have ingredients in them that can really screw up your liver. When I worked in a hospital, we saw lots of people coming in trying to kill themselves with OTC stuff, and they just ended up getting their stomachs pumped and then dealing with liver problems for the rest of their lives. You would be waaaaaay worse off then you are now. Not to mention the fact that they can have you commited against your will if they think you're a danger to yourself. Call your local mental health agency and tell them you've been having suicidal thoughts. They can help you while letting you still be in control But don't put your family through the hell of your trying to kill yourself.

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