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Can you admit yourself to a psychiatric hospital?
I was just wondering

Grease Lightning
Yes, but a truly crazy person probably wouldn't realize he needed that kind of help.

karen v
yes I could if I felt like I needed to go.

yes you can,
have you ever seen patch adams,
he does

Yes, otherwise the world would be run by insane people.....er, wait.

But seriously, if a person as a potential mental issue they can admit themselves into a psychiatric hospital.

John B
you must be mad to want to go there

JP the Answer Pimp
Um, yeah of course you can!

do you need to go? i was just wondering,

Theoretically .....yes.... but I do not know nobody that admits to have psychiatric problems... and this is a problem....

There's a certain point at the progress of the illness that you admit to be examined by a psychiatric and this is good because it can represent the cure... but after this point, brains start a no good storm ....

From Brazil, I wish the best 2007 you wish to you and your family

ma snoden
yes just ring up!

Yes! Do you really want to?
If you need to, do it.
Be prepared for consequences though!

Yes, and I think you can sign yourself out if you volunteered to.

Absolutely. I think that self-admitted patients get the most out of psychiatric treatment, because they actually want to recover from whatever mental problems they're experiencing, and they can be honest with themselves about needing a change.

Of course, all of this is dependent on whether or not you have money to pour into the hospital's bank-account, or decent health insurance coverage.

yes you can but dont do it unless you have no other option

of course, thats how most people get there....the remaining few are admited by legal means

yes you can admit yourself to some psychiatric facilities. More often than not though most places do require that your doctor admit you.

Of course. Every hospital has a mental health unit thats better than a psychiatric hostpital.. You can go and let them know you need to be admitted.

If you feel that you are a danger to yourself or others you should go to a hospital ER. The doctor there will decide if you need to be admitted to a psychiatric unit.

No one can just walk up to a psychiatric unit or hospital and be admitted just because they want to be. A person has to be admitted to any hospital unit by a medical doctor because the doctor thinks it is necessary.

In the same way, no one can just go to a hospital and say, "I want you to amputate my arm", and expect them to do that just because you say you want them to. A doctor has to decide that it is necessary to do that.

If you feel that you may need psychiatric help, don't wait until you feel that you need to be hospitalized. Make an appointment to see a psychiatrist to get help so that it doesn't get that bad.

Please, though, if you ever think that you need to be admitted to a psych unit, go to the hospital ER and have the doctor there see you.

yes you can. but before doing so, i would find out more about why you (or whoever) would want to do so. what they do is usually keep you on watch for a day or so to see what is going on. if you want to find out more, just call a psychiatric hospital and they will give you all the info and the best answer!!

Yes you certainly can. When you check yourself in voluntarily you can also check yourself out. If someone has you committed you lose that ability. If you think you need to go, better to do it on your own.

yup you can, and actually if you do admit yourself you can check out at any time. whereas if somebody else checks you in you have to wait until doctors release you.

I think so, my boss did it a while back, though he could have had his parents do it and just left that part out of the story.

And if you think you need it it's probably a good idea and nothing to be ashamed of

Black Rainbow
Yes, you can admit yourself. only if you are not under 18 i think, other wise someone else would have to admit you. But they would probably do tests on the person to see if they really had problems or were just making it up.

I believe so... if you're suicidal (a danger to yourself)

Yes. Voluntary admissions! Although the hospital does have the right and the responsibility to evaluate you and to determine whether they will accept your admission. Generally, these days the criteria for voluntary admit have to do with danger to self or others. If you go in and are just looking to see if you can hang out a while, you'll have to prove to the hospital that you're a worthy candidate of their resources and bed space.

However, you can also request admission to a private psychiatric facility, in which case, the standard of admission would be less that danger to self or others.

Yes, if you are an adult. They will ask you a lot of questions and probably conduct some psych tests to determine if you really need to be hospitalized or not, though. If you are a minor, you cannot self-admit to a hospital.

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