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Can suicide hotline trace your phone number?
I know from past experience that suicide hotlines can trace your home phone number. it's happened before with result being the cops showing up while I was still on the phone. my question is if you use a cell phone can they still get your address. i wasn't at home when i made the call, i'm in no way a danger to myself or others but i just got so frustrated that i hung up.
maybe i'm just being paranoid but i really want to make sure that the cops/paramedics aren't going to show up. the address for my cell phone bill is my aunts house (which is across the street) and i really don't need any more drama in my life. granted calling in the first place probably wasn't the best idea but i just needed someone to tell me that things are going to get better, that this isn't the end, that i haven't permanmently crippled myself.
Additional Details
it's not that i'm suicidial, exactly. by that i mean i have no plans of taking my life. i'm just really having a hard time right now. i'm only 28 years old and i'm sorry but that's still fairly young. there is no reason that i should be able to get out and run or kick a ball around. i worked really hard to earn a degree in recreation but now i'm starting to wonder if i'm going to be able to do what i worked so hard toward doing.
i don't really have anyone around here that i can talk to about this. i don't see the counselor until wed. i just tired and frustrated and want it to be done with.
i just want to know that i'll be able to do the things that i used to do. i feel like i'm losing part of who i am and that's not an easy thing to deal with. sorry if i offended anyone with my question. no one has shown up thus far so i'm guessing no one is going to

O_O You people have no idea about the real value of life. You think it's yours to take because it's "YOURS" grow up!

if they do show up, just tell 'em they are idiots, and to be gone. or you could make it more polite. tell 'em it was a misunderstanding.

The reason for the hotline are for people that are in dire need of being talked out suicide. I know you say that you are not suicidal, if that is really truly the case, then don't call a hotline and hold up the line for those who really are wanting things to end. I suggest you find a school councelor or someone who can give you a positive outlook. Things always get better over time. For people who are suicidal they see death as the only alternative. So just watch how you use the hotline.

Ok, I just read your additional details since you just seconds ago added them. It does sound like you truly need a good confidant to talk to. Have you found anyone online you can talk to? Another thing I would do the next time you see your counselor, ask them if they could set you up with a group in your area that you could consult perhaps weekly. You may find some people in that group who are feeling the same way you are. Online is ok to find people to talk to and vent, but face to face is powerful.

I would see if you could not get a chat going with ladyofathousandfaces. She seems to know what you are feeling better then anyone. She may even be able to give you help since you both are experiencing this. Others who truly truly understand is a start dear. You all could even start a yahoo chat room and group for those who are feeling despaired. All the best to you all.

Good thing i never called that number.

get your cell phone. there should be a setting on it under security which allows you to set it as "restircted" which means the number wont be able to be seen or called or anything. most therapists use that for calling thier clients and stuff. i hope things work out ofk

andrea H

milk fur♥
everyone else has said it but I may aswell join in.... yes

i am sure that this is unethical for them to do so. they are supposed to respect the caller's anonymity. however there is exceptions to everything i suppose. since i dont know what your reason for calling was and since i dont know what discussionyou held, i cannt say why they did this. however if they were able to trace u then that means they can and that means perhaps they may be able o trace a cell phone too..not too sure.


yes, they can. Caller ID.

of course they can dont be so silly they can do anything they rae linked with the cops just in case of a problem

emo elmo
hmmmmm if u need soem1 to talk to try a thearpist use sucide hot line for an emergency only

Mere Exposure
It is possible when it is a cell phone that they would use E-911 service and GPS to trace your location, at least from a technical side of it, I have no idea on policy. Turn your phone off.

Blues Man
All cell phones have a GPS in them , unless U have a dinosaur.. Yes thy will be able 2 pinpoint exactly where U R. What ever Ur thinking it'd not worth bro. I've been there. If U need 2 talk contact me & I'll give U my number. If you need someone to talk too. Hope this answers Ur question & HELPS.

Crystal H
I don't think they can trace your cell phone. And no offence, on the other, I wish I had some helping words, but I'm almost in your shape right now!

yes, cell phones now can be tracked. I hung up after getting impatient of not getting through. The police came, to make sure I was ok.

It was explained that often times, someone in trouble will do that, and they will not take a chance that something could be wrong.
As they say, better to be safe then sorry.

Please whatever you do do not take your own life. I know things can get so bad that it seems like the only way, but it will get better, but you have to work at it yourself. You have to help it along as well, it isn't going to fall into your lap. I don't have any idea about your call being traced, but I just wanted to let you know that you will come out of whatever you are going through. My mother used to tell me "Don't quit 5minutes before the miracle", just something to think about.
Remember God loves you, put your trust in Him.

dude dont do it
u may think ur life is worthless, but its not.
if u hate ur current life just quit that, but do not quit altogether.
one person like u can change so much in the world, in volunteer organizations
u can do so much to change the world still,
if u decide to take ur life, the least u can do is donate ur organs to other ppl. There are millions of ppl in the world waiting today for vital organs that they need to survive and they want to live so bad
just dont do it man, dont do it for ur mom, ur aunt, and anyone that has ever loved u
idk u but pls dont do it man
just think about it

Yes if you are on the line long enough they can get the phone no. or after you hang up they can get the phone no from the phone company, and then they can get an address. Now calling them was right if you needed to talk , but what really worries me is what you said at the end of your question, is that you just wanted to make sure you had not crippled yourself for life. Now to me if i was on a crisis line, that would really put a flag up , you should not of hung up on them, but reasured them that you were ok, and all you wanted was to be reasured yourself, then that might of dropped the red flag. I don't really know where u live and it could be different in your area, but they are getting so they can get any information on you that they want now adays. So if you are not in danger, then what was it that you had to make sure did not cripple you for life. You must of done something to yourself, and then made the call to make sure you would be ok. so if you have done something to yourself that could of crippled you, or even worried you enough to call them in the first place then maybe you really do need to talk with a professional, casue i really would not want to hear that you had done something to yourself, and i am pretty darn sure the person you talked to is pretty darn worried now, so go ahead and give them a call back, if it is just to let them know you are ok. but be honest if you really do need some help well let them get it for you, you can ask to talk to a threapist, and they can give you promision to drive yourself to meet them where the police would of taken you. I know i have been though this more then once with me, and other people i know. It is better to be safe then sorry .
please call them back and explain to them what was going on, and why you hung up, they are pretty understanding, and if you do need help, please let them know, and have them have a therapist call you back instant of having you picked up, you do have that right to talk with a therapist by phone, when you call the crisis line. You can contract with them too to stay safe, and that should be honored.

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