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Brandi G
Can mental retardation get worse?

Austin C
yea it chould be you

Mental retardation actually means that a person has an IQ score of 70 or below. IQ scores are supposed to be static - they don't change. It was previously thought that people lose mental ability as they grow older, but current research shows that people who are intellectually active do not lose mental capacity. Even someone with an IQ below 70 can have intellectual stimulation throughout his/her life. As long as life is new and interesting, and there are no specific mental disorders, we can all keep our mental abilities sharp.

depending on the case, if it seems to you or to someone you know that has it maybe they need change meds.

YES. Just look at how people voted.

Average Joe
Of course it can. I have a friend who is mentally challenged. He is 50 years old and I have known him since he was 20. He has never gotten past a 3rd grade level of understanding. There have been many times in his life where he exhibited a learning level above an 8 year old boy but not by much. The last ten years his level of understanding has decreased. I believe, even though I can not prove it, that his level of understanding has some to do with age and some to do with emotional stress. He has always lived with his parents who are now in their 70's. Eventually they will pass. He has enough understanding to know what that means and he has enough understanding to know they are getting closer to dying every day. But what he lacks is the emotional state an adult would have when someone close to them dies. When one of his parents does pass, he will go through the same emotional turmoil that a child would go through. Understanding they are gone but not fully understanding why.

It depends of course on many factors however. If your friend is mentally retarded to the point of not understanding much at all it would be very hard to tell if it's getting worse. With one that may have a mild form of retardation it would be apparent if he or she got worse. I am saying it CAN happen. It doesn't always happen but it can.

i hope not

I'm not sure,I don't really think so though, but I know it can get better... :]]]
Hope that helps!! :]]]

I don't believe so, unless they receive an additional brain injury or have a disease. Most experts (not all, but most I've read) say IQ it is usually pretty constant throughout life. But it is a controversial subject and it is possible that it does change.

If you get married it does.

Yes there are disabilities that cause the child/adult to lose anything they may have learned. Children can go from a healthy smart 8 year old to an infant.

well, everything in life gets worse as time progresses.
once you reach 50. you will only feel worse. in every respect.
nothing in life ever improves as you age.except maybe acceptance and just giving in to it all.

lil pit cat 71
i dont think so at least not without some sort of tramatic or physical event

Uh huh yep.tko

sanmi .
Yes my friend had that problem and because he was not taken care of (like talked to and stuff) it worsened so yes it can get worse.

yes look at Bush LOL

Sometimes yes, sometimes not. It depends on what caused it in the first place.

Dr. Ruth Less
I wouldn't say worse but as a person ages into adulthood it can be noticed more. For example a child who is 5 but has a mental age of 3 you can't really tell much difference but as that child grows to 15 his/her mind will probably be that of a 9 year old and it escalated that way.

Generally a person's level stays the same as whatever they were diagnosed with. However, such things as cognitive abilities (memory, retention, learning, etc) can deteriorate with age or illness, which seems to make the Retardation worse, but isn't actually the case.

Betty Boop
You better believe it. Without help and guidance the person will simply turn into a vegetable.

David G
This would depend a little on the source of the mental retardation. If there is an ongoing organic brain disorder, then clearly cognitive function could continue to decline.

On the other hand, most of the people we think of when you say "mentally retarded" have fairly static conditions. In these people, their mental retardation may become more of an issue as they get older, for instance when a child reaches adulthood, but their underlying condition is not necessarily any "worse".

Yes. But, it doesnt always. It depends on the food you eat, what you do, how you treat it, and all that. Stay away from things that have MSG, that is the biggest ingredient. That causes mental retardation to get worse quicker then anything. A low or no MSG diet helps.

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