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Can depression make you feel like you don't love someone anymore?
I think I may be depressed, have the signs....can it make you feel like you no longer love someone? Help
Additional Details
Thanks all, I have actually seen a pyschotherapist once and probably will continue to. I don't know if I am depressed, I know a lot of the symptons fit. It's either that or I don't love my Wife anymore, but would that make me not like anything at all, which is how I feel. Cheers

yes, depression can effect your emotions, it can also give you a feeling of not loving yourself, which may cause you to not love another person, because you cannot be happy with anyone else until your happy with yourself. Also, it may give you a sense of being tired and not wanting to do anything with anyone other then sleep or lay around, which can also make you lose intrest in someone, if i were you i would go talk to a doctor or a therapist to help before things get worse, i too was a victim to depression and i let it go too long and ruin alot of the things i had.

Yes, it can. But that doesn't mean that you still don't love them. If you truly believe that you are depressed, you should go to see a doctor about it. Maybe talk to someone about it. It will be okay, you just need to hang in there.

yes, yes it can. i feel like that way a lot sometimes. like i don't love my wife and kids any more. but i love them more than anything in the world.
i don't recommend medication because i just come off mine after 8 years and i feel a lot better and more in control of my thoughts. the medication ruined me. i used to be skinny and fit. now i'm fat and realy unhealthy.
try to do things that make you happy and keep busy.
if the person your pushing away really loves you they will understand, but you have to tell them your thoughts or they will just think your an a*shole.
i really wish you all the best.

Yes it can. The depressed state can depress all good emotions while magnifying the bad ones.

Seek help. Not online.

Katrina K
Yes that can happen. You can check out the signs and symptoms of depression.
You take care of yourself. And if you think the situation is not in your hands any more than you should get some professional help.

definately....cuz it will make you feel like nothing matters, not even your loved ones.....

Yes, you can become so consumed in your own problems or just become so numb and disconnected that youre brain becomes totally apathetic as a defense mechanism to "protect" itself from further pain......Im guessing you cant just stop actually loving this person deep down, rather, you probably just feel bad for honestly not really caring anymore, right? Tell this person what youre going through and be honest and tell them about your limitations...get counseling, a hobby, or force yourself into distraction...Ive been there. --Im sorry, I get all Dr. Phil at this time of the night--err--morning (insomnia!)

Fancy That
absolutly. Losing the ability to find pleasure in things (or people) you used to enjoy is a classic symptom.

Do yourself a favor and seek professional counseling.

It sure can and does. The brain is a complex gland. It can convince you that you hate anyone and everyone. Why not visit your Dr. and get some medication to help you? There is no reason to feel like this hun. GL

Yes, dedpression causes you to retreat into you own shell, sometimes making you believe that you dont deserve to love or e loved. It may also be that since depression is addicting, the person would (unconsciously) want to rule out any form of happiness in his/her life.

why don't you look for some help now it might be the early signs/ i hope you get better

David Parker
Simply - yes it can.

But you need to talk to a therapist to get the best help.

Depression needs to be treated properly.

In my opinion, yes. Feelings of depression can mislead you. It's best to get it over with before deciding on matters of the heart. It's a tough decision. Just hang on 'til the clouds should Clear Away.

Best of luck!


Straight Cat
Yes, and you just have to ask yourself this question.....is the person you feel like you don't love the trigger for your depression? Because maybe this person is toxic to you. Look up some websites regarding toxic relationships.

Yes it can! I have struggled with depression for years- and I really do not care about anybody. I really question my love for my husband. When the fog lifts, and it will, I realize- depression- depresses all your moods- esp. ability to feel love you know is there. It is very scary, talk to your doctor. If you are suffering from depression- they will tell you not to make any life changing events for 6 months- I sure am glad I listened to their advise!!!! Best to You!!!

yes. Depression affects all parts of your life- and that includes whatever part of your life you spend with your significant other. You may feel apathetic about your relationship, or pessimistic about your future, but as these "findings" are based on an emotional state (depression) they may not be founded.

I know it's tough. Hang in there.

Bruce Almighty!!!!

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