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Cardiophobia <3
Can a person go mentally crazy if they stay in their house and never come out?

Lisa A
I think it's really insensitive to publically say mentally crazy. That makes me angry. But yes, it happens pretty frequently. Most often with people that SUFFER from a anxiety disorder.


Sure thing.

abbott lousse
No because people whop are also depressed never leave the house but this is not at all true. Because it depends on the individual. Some people like to go out, and others like to stay in it is all your choice.

There are people who have a genuine fear of going out of their home but that does not mean they will go 'mentally crazy', they might be quite happy as they are, not much of a life I know. If you know of someone like that , be kind to them and offer your support. Perhaps they may need help and are not sure where to get it.

the medical term for that is agoraphobia. there is no such thing as crazy. there are however many types of mental illness. they are dieases that people acquire from abuse or their genes. they are diseases just as diabetes, osteoarthritis, HIV, Herpes, Cancer, Pancreatitis, and on and on. Diseases, got it? THERE is NO crazy!

Heard this the other day, it is pretty cool if you think about it: neurotics build castles in the sky
psycotics live in them

Sure, it's called, "Cabin Fever".

Eventually, yes.

yes, you would go stir crazy

"Stir-crazy" right?

Depends on their personality. Some people do not put the same value on seeing anything but their own environment. Seems like a person should go somewhere in about half a year or something of staying at home so they remember what they are missing..... a lot of traffic. Long periods of indoors are how you can turn young but only if you don't sleep by, say, a computer or a cellular phone right next to a bed. My answer is, yes, they can go crazy.

There are several web sites describing real cases of children that have been confined for years . Search the term feral children.

Hannah Radar
If they stay in their house and never go out, it is likely that they are already depressed (however, there are eccentric people who simply just don't want to go out).

I stay home a lot when it is very hot or very cold. It does bother me when that lasts for more than a day or two. I know that I need some walking exercise--and don't like when I can't do this due to bad weather conditions.

No, not all people go crazy if they never go out--some people enjoy the peace and quiet--and the privacy.

i think they are mentally crazy already when they do that

haha yes right before they die

Sure...they might develop agoraphobia and never want to come out.

joey k
What other kind of crazy is there?

it depend a social butterfly might go crazy at the thought of being locked up by them self, but others might enjoy the experience. i know i would be happy if i never had to leave the house and go to stupid work and put up with annoying people all day. i dont think i am crazy.. who the hell determines what is or isnt crazy anyway - maybe going into the world putting your life at risk with all the outside chaos is crazy and not staying in your safe snug house!!!

Somebody who stays in their house and never comes out is "mentally crazy."

Human beings are social animals by nature. They are built to interact with one another. If a person denies him/herself human contact they can slip into several different types of psychosis. These types of mental illnesses can and will feed off of one another, one problem will bleed into another, so to speak

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